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Shine Bright

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Shine Bright

…At least on your toes?

Ever since that NY Times article on nail salon in New York came out, I have been avoiding manicures and pedicures like the plague. But that also means I’ve been having more fun trying out new colors and polishes at home (let’s face it – when you’re spending X amount of money on someone else doing it, you tend to stick to the safe colors and more familiar brands).

For the longest time, I’ve resisted shimmer nail polish.
Too 90s. Too 2002. Not matte. Definitely not chic.

But THEN Lisa turned up one day to the Studio with gold, shimmer polish on her toes. Framed by a neutral sandal and dressed head-to-toe in white, it was such a pretty detail. Almost like a pop of gold jewelry. And that had me a little inspired, so I decided to stick to my usual bare finger nails and paint on some of Marc Jacob’s lacquer in Petra…

And, okay, there’s a hint of the early 00s in there, but it’s something a little different – with a dose of nostalgia. Plus, when you’re feeling a little down, it’s nice to just wriggle – and look down at – your twinkle toes!

Do you ever take on a shimmer polish? Or are you devoted to more matte and traditional lacquers (like Brie!)?

Polish, Marc Jacobs.


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  • Oh ils sont beaux ces vernis! Moi j’ose à fond le vernis paillettes! J’adore. Le seul truc qui me fait hésiter quelquefois, c’est qu’il est plus dur à enlever!

  • I started wearing gold shimmer nail polish… I was a matte person too, but really only shades of red nail polish matte only… but gold look nice on my toes :)

  • Ils sont trop canons ces vernis! J’adore le vernis à paillettes


  • Comme toi j’ai tendance à préférer le mat, super chic et efficace. Mais j’avoue avoir un vernis pailleté, un Dior doré, qui est assez sympa.

  • Georgia June, 18 2015, 8:26 / Reply

    So pleased with this post! I find the shimmery colours come in nicer shades than the matte ones, so I reluctantly started buying them. I have a denim blue one (hardly shimmery, more just like a texture) and an amazing gold one. I also have one lilac/silver glitter polish! Makes me feel like I’m 9 years old again :) I think if you keep it minimal and simple with your clothes and jewellery that’s the way to pull it off as an adult. The only thing is it is a bitch to remove shimmery polishes! x

  • Chanel do a wonderful bronze that looks fabulous on tanned toes, I’m also a fan of several OPI dark metallics; great fun!

  • bavarian_blue June, 19 2015, 3:02 / Reply

    I like them for same reasons like you. But shimmering is more tricky than matte avoiding looking cheap when it comes to your head-to-toe-look (and your not a teen or twen any more) .

  • Stella June, 19 2015, 7:24 / Reply

    I’d like to challenge you on completely avoiding nail salons because of that New York Times article… one less person going to a salon means that the workers at that salon will have fewer customers; and seeing that most of the nail salon workers are commissioned, it would leave them worse off than before. Perhaps investigating in the management of a nail salon before conducting business with them would encourage better management practices in salons as the ones with better pay could become more successful. Just food for thought :)

  • Caroline June, 19 2015, 9:14 / Reply

    Comme je reste l’ado californienne à vernis pailleté que je fus à une époque (dans les 90s, quand Urban Decay était la marque la plus cool des US), j’adore tout vernis brillant, pailleté, avec des couches… Surtout sur les orteils.
    Et c’est bien d’avoir tenu compte de l’article du NYT!

  • Lili Kerala June, 19 2015, 11:01 / Reply

    Le “Big Apple Red” d’OPI aux pieds et du nude (parfois légèrement rosé quand je me lâche): conventionnel au possible et prise de risque zéro, mais au moins je suis sûre que ça matche avec toutes mes tenues ;-)

  • That NYT story opened my eyes so much – so sad! I do love the shimmer #90sgirl.

    Warm Regards,

  • Mireille June, 21 2015, 9:30 / Reply

    Salut Neda, j’ai le même mais j’ai de la peine à bien le mettre (même si j’ai bcp d’habitude). T’as fait comment pour que ça devienne bien régulier? Merci et bise,

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