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Speaking from a curvy girl perspective, I used to hate shopping. Every time I had to, all I wanted to do was to curl up in fetal position on the floor because either I wouldn’t find anything or the options that were offered were just downright mediocre. Nowadays, I’ve found my go-to brands that offer clothes that make me feel comfortable and dare I even say, confident.

I’ve always found the concept of vintage so fascinating. Once I started looking at the different shops and exploring a variety of brands, the memory of me curled up in fetal position came right back. Almost none of the popular, well-curated vintage boutiques offered pieces that could work for my body. And, well… let’s just say that I gave up on the idea altogether.

In comes Shop Berriez to save me and my affinity for vintage clothing. The items are curated and hand-picked by Emma Zack, who offers pieces that are bright, fun and empowering. And most importantly, they’ll fit your body and flatter you to a tee. Now, you can revamp your closet with their amazing sets, funky dresses and unique tiny bags. Check out their Instagram to shop all of their goodness!

Written by Samaris Pagán

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  • Helena June, 25 2019, 1:47 / Reply

    What does ‘vintage’ mean nowadays? I’ve read it in various style blogs and I don’t think it’s used properly. Vintage (clothing) is 20+ years old. ‘Vintage’ jeans at the flea market are probably just ‘used.’

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