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Sick Again!

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Sick Again!

I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but for the last two years in a row—when I’m only a couple of days into blissful vacation—I’ve come down with something. Last year it was a full blown flu (I blame the outdoor shower at our Airbnb rental with 40 degree temperatures) and this year I got hit with a heavy cold the day after Christmas. I thought I just had bad luck, but after a little more thought (once my head was a little less foggy), I wonder if it’s my body having a reaction to how hard I’m working. Every fall and winter it’s no surprise when co-workers show up to the office with sniffles here and there, and usually I’m lucky not to catch any of that, but maybe once I finally really get to relax, my body stops fighting off all of that yucky stuff and just…well, breaks down. Being flat out for a few days is maybe a blessing and a curse. I certainly got a lot of sleep, and watched a lot of Netflix, but who wants an entire vacation in bed with a runny nose and a sinus headache? Hoping that for 2018 I’ll be able to get ahead of a full blown break down with a little more self-care all year round.


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  • I had the exact same problem for years…. always sick when I stop working for a few days, and even worst on vacation overseas, when my daily diet is not the same. I started taking probiotics 2 weeks before and during my time off work, and haven’t been this sick ever since !

  • Great advice Elodie! I just ordered some new probiotics yesterday, so hopefully that will help! xo Emily

  • My husband gets sick every single time that we take a vacation. I’ve learned to just build a few extra days into our vacation to make up for it. I totally believe it has something to do with finally resting after working so hard.

  • Same here! Well, in fact I always get sick during my holidays. I guess my body says: ok, now I can break down. And it breaks. My doctor has told me to try echinacea, let’s see what happens…
    I hope you are feeling better now!

  • I definitely think that extreme temperatures or changes in temperature (in winter for instance going outside to the freezing cold and then going inside places where the heat is very high) and stress make us more vulnerable to getting sick.
    As Elodie said, probiotics are great for this (and I take them every day regardless of whether I’m sick or not :). I also recommend to eat foods that strengthen the immune system (e.g. mushrooms) and a supplement of echinacea!

  • Et s’il s’agissait juste d’accepter le fait que la maladie est naturelle.
    Aujourd’hui, attraper un rhume est un aveu de faiblesse, un disfonctionnement.

    Cessons de vouloir toujours être performant tout le temps.

  • Et s’il s’agissait juste d’accepter le fait que la maladie est naturelle.
    Aujourd’hui, attraper un rhume est un aveu de faiblesse, un disfonctionnement.
    Cessons de vouloir toujours être tout le temps performant

  • Charlotte January, 6 2018, 12:57 / Reply

    Hi Emily !
    First of all, Happy New Year !
    Always have on you Ravintsara essential oil, and as soon as you get cold and/or tired, let’s apply some inside your wrists and scrub them both together ;-)
    Have a nice day

  • Oh poor you! Hope you feel better soon!

    Hannah | hc.

  • Oh poor you! Sounds pretty annoying :/ My friends get sick every single time, too! Not sure how come. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Hello Emily
    I also love to travel and I am aware of the different bugs or viruses I might get. However, I have been sheltered by Vit C ( few grams daily), vit D3 and probiotics. They are supporting your immunity and make your experience a better one, despite the 40dg shower temperature. Actually the cold temperature is another immunity booster ;)
    Cheers for a healthy and happy NY!

  • The same thing happens to my partner. Sometimes I think our body gets “comfortable” with the environment we create over time, and when that changes, it gets thrown off.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy new year, and hope you are feeling better already!

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