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Simple But Sentimental

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Simple But Sentimental

When it comes to jewelry, most of us in the Studio like to keep it simple… unique and fun, but still light and easy.

Garance has been wearing mix and match earrings for years, Brie also likes irregular earrings (one stud and one long), and Neada takes the sentimental option with one from her grandmother…and then whatever else she feels like that day. We’re all fans of the statement earring, too.

We’ve grown attached to the jewelry that we wear on rotation (would we even be the same without these pieces??), as it’s the one part of our outfit that doesn’t need to be changed every day. It’s easy to become devoted to just a few options, and then sometimes we come across something that we could easily add to our jewlery box.

These studs are so fun with the holidays approaching… how cool is the texture (kind of looks like grass!)? And the colored stone with the dainty silver to frame it is just so pretty!!

Do you wear the same jewelry all the time?? How do you wear yours in a unique way?

Earrings by Melissa Joy Manning.


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  • Love these earrings! I have pretty small ear lobes so I usually end up wearing studs like this. Such a festive pair for the holidays! Thanks for sharing <3

  • These are amazing…I love them!
    XOX, Gap.

  • i have something better: similar ear rings only with smooth pale grey concrete! :)

  • they’re beautiful

    giveaway on my blog!

  • It looks very interesting ,i would have love to see it on, to understand the proposition …that’s the only way to be sure it’s really nice on …
    Yael Guetta

  • Couldn’t find the jewelry I liked anywhere.. so I started making my own :)

  • I have to make myself go into my jewellery box and select pieces to wear on rotation or I would be wearing my gold bangle for years on end. Recently I have been dreaming about silver Tiffany T bracelet I tried on when buying a birthday present for my niece (the one Freja is wearing on the Tiffany ad). If Santa gets the (not so subtle) hints, that’s one piece I will be wearing day after day after day…

  • I wear the same things again and again. My grandfather’s watch and my grandmother’s tiny necklace with a charm that belonged to my mother. You can’t even see that I’m wearing them, but they are there. I carry my family with me every day ;) But sometimes I go all crazy and I want to look like a JCrew person and I wear a crazy statement necklace. (But really crazy, the ones that weight a lot!) By the way, those earrings are wonderful!

  • I wasn’t jewels really except my wedding ring till i create my own cuffs, earrings, rings light and colourful. I wear different every day according to my look/mood.

  • Je porte toujours une petite clef en argent de Tiffany (je trouve ça beau comme symbole, une clef) et j’ai offert la même à mon homme. Moi je la porte avec une petite boule en or jaune de DoDo qui faisait partie d’un bracelet, sur une chaîne en or vintage. Je ne l’enlève jamais.

  • I have a two holes in one ear, and one in the other so at times I wear one very simple, plain silver stud in the second hole. I’m partial to silver jewelry and I prefer bracelets and cuffs. I wont wear blingy stuff, and like to keep the accessories very minimal, I want an overall, uniform polished look. Dangly earrings really irritate my ears and the side of my neck which is unfortunate because I have a cute pixie cut that would go well with a cool pair of hoops! Usually, I will wear cuffs or bracelets on both wrists, and nothing else, or one edgy statement necklace or choker and nothing else. Wearing matching jewelry is junky to me, and too much jewelry looks tacky. I like the idea, artistry and craftsmanship of fine jewelry and precious stones and all that glitzy stuff, but I won’t be caught dead in it. Ever.

  • I definitely wear the same jewelry everyday. It’s a part of my routine although every now and then I like to change it up!

  • I love wearing my grandmother’s jewelry. She was way ahead of her time, and I inherited a small but incredible selection of unique but still very wearable pieces that look modern even today. She had very little money throughout her life, but carefully bought only things she loved, and here I am wearing them when I really want to impress, 75 years later!

  • Je ne quitte jamais mes b.o en diamants… Un basic aussi bien avec une tenue chic que décontractée

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