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Size Me Up

Have you ever had clothes made to measure?

It’s secretly been a dream of mine… a custom made tux mostly! Or shoes! Could you imagine a shoe that was made with the exact specifications of your feet (left and right, because we all know there are differences). Of course it is far beyond my means as my name surprisingly is not Queen Brie Welch II.

However, I was fortunate enough to get to make my very own bespoke shirt while in Paris, with Bruno Rubinski, a shirt maker since 2005. He told me I had to make a classic white shirt, to start – and if you were able to peek inside my closet, I have a small affinity for. So that’s where we started!  I also chose a lovely blue stripe, more masculine. 

Took my measurements, chose a fabric (there are hundreds of different white cottons), and even a location to embroider my initials**… Ahhh the true sign of bespoke clothing! I made the shape of the shirt slightly looser, the sleeves to hit just below the wrist with an exaggerated cuff. 

The funny thing is, you wouldn’t perhaps know when anyone’s clothes were made specifically for them, but it’s almost more the way you feel in them. You know why that hem sits where it does. It’s kind of like opening that indulgent bar of salted chocolate, once you have one piece (the serving size), you can’t help but want more.

**As a side note, I’ve been tailoring my clothes for years! It’s a less expensive route to getting clothes to fit properly and look your best! 


Add yours
  • I dream of getting my clothes fitted for me. I’m extremely petite and it’s impossible for me find clothes that are the right fit


  • Custom clothes, the dream! My aunt knows how to sew and stuff, so I go to her when I need to fix some of my clothes. But some times it turns out that my imagination is not very practical or what I think is a simple fix involves a lot of reworking. As for the shoes, isn’t there a machine that scan the impressions of your feet and you can get your sneakers custom made? I forget the name but I know I heard about it.

  • Okay you seriously need to check out Poppy Barley! They actually make made-to-measure shoes and boots for a reasonable price! They are a Canadian start-up and are so amazing https://poppybarley.com/

  • Thank you so much, Katryna! Means the world to have you spreading the word about Poppy Barley… gratuitous! Much love from Team PB.

  • Said so well, all about how you feel in your clothes, rather than being obvious.


  • Hi Brie!

    I do made-to-measure custom sweaters over at Common Era. No old lady sweaters – legit modern oversized good stuff.

    I think made-to-measure or bespoke is a great model – it’s so classic, and you really do tell the difference.

    If you wanna check it out, that would be awesome!

    -Justine Ariel

  • I sew my own clothes, which is the definition of custom made at an affordable price. I sometimes embroider my initials -especially when i’m really proud of a garment I made. The thing is, every single time i wear a dress or a shirt I made, I get complimented on how well my clothes fit me, or how good I look -obviously, wearing something you made and suits you perfectly is a confidence boost.

  • I second Katryna’s comment about Poppy Barley!

  • Thank you! (- Love the Poppy Barley team!)

  • I’ve actually been tailoring some clothes of mine too ; as I am not born with supermodel’s heights, long dresses are mostly way too long for me. So if possible I ask my seamstress to shorten it or even make a (t)unique out of a dress I like so much ; sometimes you just fall in love with a fabric or style but the standard fit is just not right. The great thing is that people often think I found the best piece a that certain collection and wonder how I always find that ‘other’ piece they’ve never seen in store.


  • I only wore clothing that was tailored for me till I came to America. Tailors are on every street corner in India. I loved picking out the fabric and designing my own clothes. I miss it so so much !

  • oh la la, la problématique des pieds, cela rend l’achat de chaussures vraiment difficile, malheureusement, même si c’est un grand plaisir pour chaque femme.
    mais avoir des vêtements customisés, un vrai luxe :) love it
    xo xo from Paris

  • I’d love to do it, but….
    My weight changes all the time and so do my measurements. I gain wait and loose wait. Not good, but that’s how it is.

    Otherwise I’d totally invest in it! Especially as I don’t have a very classic body shape anyway.

  • Shoes made special for my wide feet would be so perfect.

  • Mathilde October, 24 2015, 4:44 / Reply

    Dans le sud de l’Italie on trouve beaucoup de magasin qui font des chaussures (surtout des sandales et des ballerines) sur mesure! Je m’en suis fait faire une paire à Rome et elles sont vraiment incroyable à porter, et m’ont coûter moins de 200€.

  • You had the letters “BS” sewn on your shirt?!….ermmmm, ok….!

  • Brie, these shirts are beautiful. How expensive are they?

  • Thanks for the recommendations, Katryna + C! Brie – we would love to make you a pair of leather custom shoes. We offer sizes 5 through 12 in three foot widths and, for tall boots, multiple calf widths and boot heights. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail! Have a great week.

  • *Oh goodness, when I say “we”, I mean Poppy Barley – http://poppybarley.com

  • Dubillon October, 31 2015, 8:52 / Reply

    Le prix de cette chemise blanche sur mesure?MERCI.

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