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Fashion week month was not the kindest to my skin…

Let me rephrase: I was not extra kind to my skin during fashion month. One bite into my first baguette and I could feel it starting to turn on me. The combination of not always eating the best foods mixed with some late nights and a few early morning backstage call times (not to mention that I could only select of few of my favorite products to pack with me) meant my skin was a bit angry.

It was dry, it was oily, I had spots popping up everywhere (thank you to my MAC concealer for helping me out with those). I couldn’t wait to get home and give my face some serious TLC. I love Paris, but I think I love my beauty product arsenal a little bit more…

I had a paper chain counting down the hours until I was reunited with my Eve Lom cleanser (it’s the one that Alice told us about. I was intrigued, tried it and my life will never be the same). It was the first thing I put on my face when I got home and I felt instantly better.

Next step? My Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (This is my newest beauty obsession. I call it my pre-date mask. Not that I’m going on a ton of dates (ha!), but when I do, it’s my secret weapon for being more Gisele like). The mask makes your skin extra-glowy and helps to clear up spots.

And finally, my One Love Organics serum (I told you about it before, it’s a permanent part of my skin care army).

After these three glorious steps, I was starting to feel and look like myself again. Oh, I also caught up on Scandal, so now I’m feeling 100% back to normal.

What are your go to products when your skin needs a little extra love?


Add yours
  • En voyage notre peau change tout le temps. Je ne sais pas pourquoi! Ca me fait la même chose. Le stress, la fatigue, les changements d’habitude. Je n’ai pas de secrets pour contrer cette malédiction!

  • i’m looking for a great serum: i think i’ll try ur fav! :)

  • I really love the “Get SpOILed” natural product line – of course, as I created it.

    The facial essence (which is a mist) is beautifully refreshing and hydrating & the face oil (which incorporates several soothing essential oils) works well for dehydration (but also on all skin types).

    New: First Class Natural Skin Care – an all-inclusive Flight Package of 4 products great for travel.

  • for my skincare regimen it’s all about hydration, from the inside out and the outside in. it all starts with making sure i drink enough water every day. and topically i’m all about olive oil. i slather it on every night and every morning and pretty much any time i can get away with it. at night i amp it up with a little bit of vitamin e oil around my eyes and forehead and finish it off with some unscented shea butter from b.butter brooklyn around my eyes for that extra hydration where i need it most. et voilà a healthy, hydrated glow on the regular!


  • I love bioderma creoline – so soothing and just right – you can’t buy in uk so I always stock up on it when I’m in France!

  • a priori, les methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben et autre isobutylparaben que contiennent le démaquillant Eve Lom sont bien plus nocifs pour la peau qu’un morceau de baguette, non?!

  • la baguette? pas sain? WTF?!

  • After months of dry-greasy-pimples (and again), I finally went back to Dr Hauschka products. Seriously, everything went back to normal within three days, I barely have any scars from the zits I had at the end of last week. I decided to use less products (I tried using a complete, and I mean complete regimens from Kiehl’s which unfortunately didn’t work for me), but more efficient ones. So I now wash my face at night with the Origins foaming face wash, and use Dr Hauschka’s Rose Cream Light and Normalizing Day Oil. Seriously, it’s like magic – in two days I probably won’t need to wear foundation anymore!

  • Love Eve’s cleanser! Have to be careful with it because it contains mineral oil though…

    Here is my review of it:

  • Errr…I would stay away from the Eve Lom for good skin. It’s primarily mineral oil which will start to clog your pores after long-term use and not to mention all of the parabens- yikes! You definitely need a toner/mist product in your routine (non-alcohol though). Tata Harper makes a lovely one though the scent is a bit strong and also Yuli Skincare makes lovely ones.

  • Weleda skin food is the business when you need extra nourishment. I don’t get break outs any more but dead sea mud mask works beautifully on my teenage son.

  • despinaki October, 8 2013, 2:25 / Reply

    wow, so many parabens…for skin rehab i drink plenty of water, spend few days eating raw food and prepare freshly squeezed juices. I also make home-made masks – using organic olive oil, jojoba oil, honey, lemon. try, it works:) and i fully agree with Oli on the baguette.

  • I try to exfoliate at least once a week and usually use Origins and Lush skincare. If my skin isn’t looking so great I try to not overdo it and use a ton of products but instead wear very minimal makeup for a week or so and just let my skin breathe while drinking lots of water. That usually helps!

  • Welcome back Alex!
    Pour le sourire… sur le pot de ton cleanser Eve Lom, as tu vu la traduction en français ? “Traitement de nettoyage” ! Super glamour
    Bon courage, et patience

  • After nearly 50 years of auditioning, casting, rehearsing and folding after the” first night” of complicated (24 daily steps to glowing skin!), expensive (rare, exotic or disgusting anatomical by-products of who-knows-what!), super secret (made by only 3 celibate holy men in an ancient Eastern ritual every third full moon), and sometimes ridiculous ( involving 3 goats, an unpronounceable wind instrument, and precisely 857 Sea Urchin spines) skin care regimes, I’ve finally found my perfect combo:

    Organic Coconut Oil for removing eye makeup – local health food store
    Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser – Sephora
    Perlabella Encapsulated Serums – Amazon
    Kanjac Charcoal Facial Sponge – Amazon

    May your journey be far, far quicker and more fruitful than mine was. :)

  • I could not go without my Sothys cleanser & toner! Their Micro-Gel Peeling Mask is also a skincare staple of mine. Xx

    Kate | M O D E T T E

  • I like to use oats for cleansing, Caudalie radiance serum, and Dr. Jart’s Firming Sleeping Mask.

  • linda rodin face oil…..olio lusso….THE BEST….glam glow mask…..and of course clarisonic with fresh soy face cleaner……xoxo

  • I swear by Yuli skincare. It has made a huge difference on my skin. The ME Skin Fuel oil and Pure mask are the best.

  • La Bella Figura has some wonderful products. Their Daily Elements Defense is wonderful (especially in a big city) and their new Modern Radiance Concentrate has transformed my skin. Also in love with May Lindstrom’s skin care line. Bonus points…all natural beauty products!

  • cassandra October, 8 2013, 8:51 / Reply

    So simple yet so effective, raw organic honey.

  • I find lack of sleep plus raging hormones and a stressful week causes me to break out – especially when im too tired to wash my face properly and sleep with the morning’s makeup! (gasp horror). To help me get combination skin back on track I use Paula’s Choice BHA lotion – I use it before my evening moisturiser and by morning my skin is so much softer and calmer…lots of moisture, water helps me too!

  • Un bon masque de miel bio 15-20 minutes, rien de tel pour avoir un teint lumineux… et puis le matin un jour sur deux nettoyage au rhassoul, ensuite une lotion hydratante et une crème hydratante légère pour finir, du simple, efficace et pas cher… et le soir huile jojoba + aloe vera pour une peau douce et rayonnante au matin.

  • I always go for a good cleanser and some REN masks after. Of course Kiehl’s can’t be missing – they Midnight Recovery Serum does wonders on my skin.


  • Oh mon dieu, skin rehab avec tous ces parabens et mineral oil…j’aurais l’impression de me mettre de l’huile de vidange sur le visage avec ce nettoyant!

  • Alex for the sake of your skin stop it with all the chemicals!
    The Eve Lom is mainly composed of Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Alcohol, PEGs (petrol if you will) and not to mention TONS of parabens (Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben). Mineral oil penetrates the surface ‘protective’ layer of the skin and on the long-term destroys it – some damage is irreversible so avoid it while you’re young! This is not to scare you but to inform you trust me.
    Instead, replace your venti latte with green tea or matcha for a week, run outside and massage raw organic honey on your skin 15min and read a book in bed – now THATS skin rehab. I am French and baffled by the amount of chemicals girls here put on their skin, I mean, 50 years ago those didn’t exist and look: our grandparents have good skin! and probably less sensitive too. xxx

  • Bernadette October, 9 2013, 10:46 / Reply

    I swear by Dermalogica’s Clensing gel & toner formula. And their “daily microfoliant” is the best! I use it two or three times a week.

  • I swear by the rawest organic honey and that’s the only thing I’ve been putting on my face for the past year. Once a day, I slather it on and keep it on for anywhere between 2-30 minutes and my skin is balanced, soft, and clear. And on that same note, I’ve stopped using shampoo and instead use Dr Bronner’s on my hair and body and follow it up with a little almond oil both in my hair and on my body. Give up the chemicals!

  • Hi Alex!

    “It was dry, it was oily, I had spots popping up everywhere”… I have experienced it! There was a period when my skin was in great unbalance and it was a nightmare. A horrid horrid horrid experience (self confidence low. big time). But when I learned to treat my skin and found the stuff it loves, my skin settled amazingly quickly and is now better than ever. Pampering a plump, hydrated face is such a joy and makes make-up so much fun. When you don’t have anything to hide (but the minor menstrual spots I always get) but merely focus on making yourself more beautiful!

    Basically, my learnings were not far from those of Garance in this great (as always!) post: (note: her dermatologist in Paris seems lovely! I’d try get a time with her next time you’re in Paris, if your skin backfires on you again while you are there). She prescribed Garance a simple regimen and a cream for extremely dry skin when her problem was shine (!). Why? Because her skin was so stripped of moisture, that it produced too much sebum to compensate.

    This can also lead to spots as sebum gets clogged and also due to skin being worn-out, it is more exposed to bacteria. But those are not spots-spots, not acne-spots. They are not the effect of some hormonal imbalance or acne-bacteria (and not caused by the baguette :)) but because of the way you are treating your skin. Most often because your skin is stripped, worn out, its barrier weakened from using the wrong products. If Garance would have used products for oily skin in that case, it would just have worsen the situation because really what her skin needed was hydration.

    Hrm… I am writing a book! Ill get to the point. Basically, moisture and hydration is absolute priority (doesnt need to be oil-based. I never use oil-based because it clogs my skin (one of the temptations I fell for prior to my break-out, seeing such ravings about oils everywhere). I love Dermalogica Active moist, which is light and my skin soaks it up real nicely. I pat it on (always patting on products, letting my skin absorb them).

    But because I love caring for my skin and do believe that skin technology today offers a lot (read somewhere that never before has it been easier to maintain a youthful complexion through the use of good products (not meaning botox and such. thats just fake) (if you choose with care. The skincare-jungle can be a labyrinth leading you aaaaall wrong, but there is so much good stuff out there too!)

    I use Nimue cleansing gel and conditioner (toner). Nimue is a brand that many skin therapists here in Stockholm, Sweden swear by. There is not much genuine (like normal people reviews) about it online which made me suspicious, but the therapists use it and it works for me. They contain AHAs which GENTLY exfoliate.

    I also use a peptide serum (by a brand called Agera. Bought it after recommendations from my therapist as I got spots and just stick to it because it feels soothing and soaks up nicely).

    And some sort of barrier cream with spf is super super important when you use “active/potent” skin care, to avoid future pigmentations!

    Soo yea, I am not exactly low-maintenance, but you dont need to be. As long as it works for you.

    Ah. Still writing-a-book:ing!!! Ok. Ill try to point my beliefs down:
    -Moisture and hydration is super important. It plumps and builds up your barrier. But take care to use the right stuff. Id agree with most here, no mineral oils. No oils for me at all. But I am not scared of parabens etc.. its in everything and gotta trust our chemists a little bit. Actually my skinproblem occured when I opted for all natural (i.e. dr hauschka stuff) and now, in retrospect I think it didnt clean enough, didnt exfoliate enough (again GENTLY)… and just that there is much more potent stuff out there!
    -exfoliate with ahas, fruit acids masks, those kinda things… its not harsh and speeds up cell generating for glowing skin.
    -dont jump on any product you find. when your skin is unbalanced, choose with care. Seek help. Go see a good therapist (not a scrubber!!). Also, I think, your skin prospers when you stick to a good regimen.
    -dont over-clean. You should never feel tight or such after washing. But do clean properly, it is important!! But it should feel gentle. By night I use dermalogica precleanse (which is oil-based, but you wash it of) to get of make up and sunscreen. Then follow with my aha cleanser.
    -See a good therapist.

    Ok. Wow. I stop there. Having not tied the story together but hope there is something in this mess. Just lastly: food, fruits, veggies and sufficient water is of course vital. But again, it is not the fault of the baguette. As long as its “real food”, I believe you can eat anything (with moderation). But make sure to also get your daily five colors of course. And also your protein and carbs and all that of course.

  • Astrid again October, 9 2013, 1:11 / Reply

    That was way worse then I thought. longest comment!!! And still , I come with more (this subject is close to my heart :))

    I believe you can have good skin fuss-free, low maintenance. But for great skin (Gisele-like if you like), it does demand kinda high-maintenence care (i.e. cash (but not ridiculous amounts!), time, commitment). Also, tip, for dry winters (like in Stockholm and NYC): buy an air humidifier for your bedroom.

  • I can’t help but wonder what would happen to your skin if you wouldn’t use so many different products. I don’t want to make a nasty comment, but for me, I’ve found my skin looks best when I eat rigth and have enough sleep (which is a challenge in itself) and use just one simple day cream and a very gentle cleanser. The less I seem to do to my skin, the better it looks. Have you ever tried using very little products?

  • lol, you heard your readers Alex, no mineral oils.

  • C’est pas drôle quand on ne se sent pas bien dans sa peau à “cause de sa peau” ;) Moi j’ai connu ce genre d’aléas… mais depuis plusieurs années, le problème est vraiment réglé grâce à ma routine de soin beauté : Le Layering.
    Je ne partage pas pour faire de la promo, c’est surtout par-ce-que que ça “FONCTIONNE” sans dépenser des fortunes en soins. J’ai été du genre a tester tout les soins existants pour lutter contre les imperfections (mon portefeuille sans souvient encore)…. et tout cela est bien derrière moi maintenant !
    Belle journée !

  • Hum hum Alex ton post me fait sourire ! A te lire on ne croirait pas que tu étais à Paris mais au fin fond de la savane à manger des trucs qui filent la tourista. Sais-tu que Paris est une ville aussi civilisée que NY et que la baguette française ne donne pas de boutons si on n’y mets pas du saucisson dedans ? :)
    Bien à toi,

  • +1 KARINE

  • It is the Paris tap water. Whenever I am there my skin gets really oily and sometimes the water is so chalky that I still don’t feel clean after showering because the soaps and shampoo can’t get through. For Paris remember always to pack your “harder” stuff and the rubbing alcohol against breakouts.

  • I’ve tested a lot but most of the creams are filled with “stuff” we are not sure about… One thing I can say , make at home a cream from avocado, lemon and some drops of almond oil and apply it everyday … Let s give nature more credit!

  • For a complete and deep skin cleanse and renewal I swear by a Dead Sea Mud Mask – it’s a deep cleanse, exfoliator and skin tightener all in one, extracting excess oils and toxins. You can see it has great reviews here:

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