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Something New

Hey hey!

We’re trying something a bit new here on Garance Doré.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but you’re now able to shop each image in a story by hovering over and clicking the “Shop Now” icon in the bottom left corner of each image.

Which means that if you love Anna’s off the shoulder black dress from the post last week, you can find that exact one (and others!) right under the image. Just trying to make it all a bit easier because we know you love shopping from the website :) Let us know what you think!


Add yours
  • Great idea! What’s not to like, right! :)

  • Have you checked your stats to see how many actually read this on a computer and are able to hover?

  • Natalie June, 6 2016, 5:43

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your comment. We are mindful of who is viewing our site and from where :) If you’re unable to hover on the images from your device, all of the products are still available to shop at the bottom of the post in the “Shop this Story” widget, which you should be able to view across all devices. I hope this helps! x Natalie

  • I can’t because there is my Pinterest icon !

  • Natalie June, 6 2016, 5:40

    Hi Cordo,

    Try looking in the bottom left corner, that’s where the “Shop Now” button should be. On our end, the Pinterest button is in the top left corner. I hope this helps! x Natalie

  • Love it!

  • Hovering doesn’t work for me, there is nothing on bottom left or right or top right, only the pinterest button on top left…

  • Emily June, 7 2016, 8:49

    Hi MSDMC,
    We don’t have it working on the minis just yet, but you’ll see it on the main posts!
    Thanks! x

  • C’est pas un peu relou d’être tout le temps dans la consommation de masse ???

    consommer, consommer, consommer…..

  • oui c’est super, j’en rêvais ! Par contre c’est pas forcément les mêmes vêtements, par exemple la robe noire est indiquée être Tibi et on va sur une robe The Row, ce n’est pas ce à quoi on s’attendait.

  • I agree with MSDMC. And I am on the main picture, and I am on an iPad.

  • Natalie June, 7 2016, 12:13

    Hi Anne,

    We don’t have the feature working in the minis yet, but you should be able to see it in the main posts! If you’re unable to hover on your iPad, all of the items will still be visible in the “Shop the Story” section at the very bottom of the post. Hope this helps! x Natalie

  • Suzanne June, 7 2016, 2:52 / Reply

    C’est bien. Bonne idée !

  • I’m reading on a laptop, and the links aren’t opening?

  • Natalie June, 7 2016, 4:07

    Hi Emily,

    The “Shop Now” button isn’t visible in this mini post (or any mini posts for that matter…yet!), but you will be able to find them in all main posts moving forward, including the one we linked in this mini that features Anna’s black dress, by hovering over the images. I hope this helps! x Natalie

  • Juliette June, 7 2016, 4:27 / Reply

    Je suis contente que vous en parliez, parce que c’était arrivé un peu en douce… et je suis plutôt mitigé, est-ce que ce n’est pas nous inciter à acheter ? Avez-vous des partenariats avec des sites en ligne ? Est-ce que des posts sur un style ne se transforment pas en publicités ?? Bon de toute façon souvent tout est trop cher pour moi haha..
    Ceci dit j’adore ce blog hein ! ;)

  • Emily June, 7 2016, 5:34

    Hi Juliette,

    Thanks for your comment and for your kind words about the site! Over the years, many of our readers have asked us where they can buy the items we’re sharing in our stories. We decided to start sharing those items and then participate in affiliate marketing to provide that information, and yes, when it’s right, to also generate revenue since we are running a business! The way the affiliates work is that we are only making anything if you do in fact purchase something through the blog–we aren’t paid for clicks. We often include items that are not affiliate-based in our stories because to us, editorial freedom is extremely important, so no, we do not make money on everything we share here. And of course, if you have no interest in shopping through the site that’s fine by us! We’re just hoping to put it out there for the people who want to buy and it helps us to be able to run a beautiful site and studio.
    Happy to answer questions anytime :)

    x Emily, Business Development @ Garance Doré Studio

  • Juliette June, 8 2016, 1:40 / Reply

    Merci pour cette réponse éclairante et sincère !
    Bonne continuation :)

  • Alice R June, 9 2016, 6:10 / Reply

    Bonjour le Studio Dore!

    Je reviens sur le commentaire de Juliette. Cette transparence dans votre reponse est vraiment agreable. Le respect que vous avez pour votre loctorat est remarquable et fais vraiment plaisir.
    J’adore ce blog, que je visite quotidiennement depuis ….2008? Oh dear.Les developments que vous avez fais au cours des annees ont ete interessants et ont aussi evolues avec ma curiosite/age (dernier en date PMF Studio – tres interessants!).

    Nenamoins, j’ai de plus en plus l’impression que les vetements/produits utilises pour creer le contenu du blog sont elitistes. Peut etre explorer du design moins cher, ethique …? Une idee comme ca!

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