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Statement Maker

The statement earring is baaaack.

So we kind of predicted this last year (or maybe we just love a good earring), but now fashion week’s weigh in and it’s a yes to ears hanging heavy.

I’m all for a minimalist jewelry look, but the super impractical and beautiful rock earrings at Balmain made me rethink… I already know my strategy would be to put it on right before I walk into a party. It’s kind of like the impractical heel that you can’t resist.

The same sentiment towards statement earrings was echoed at Marni, Missoni and Balenciaga, among others. What do you think, is it too impractical or worth it? I think maybe it’s worth it when the night calls for it…

In photo: Balmain and Marni.


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  • love statement earrings

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  • I love this statement earrings, but how about their weight?
    XOX, Gap.

  • bavarian_blue March, 11 2015, 12:00 / Reply

    Yes, these statment earrings are definitely a special-event- or special-mood-thing!

  • Je préfère toujours les bijoux imposants à ceux plus discrets donc je ne peux que valider!

  • Tatiana March, 11 2015, 2:48 / Reply

    et les boucles d’oreilles fleurs de rosie assouilin!!! MAGNIFIQUE <3

  • Worth it if those rocks don’t stretch out the ear lobes and make them bleed… ouch x

  • Eternalvoyageur March, 11 2015, 5:58 / Reply

    It can work if you have the kind of face that pulls it off, otherwise the earring will be wearing you. I’m thinking that a stronger bone structure and lots of “space” on the face can carry off a huge statement earring as long as the colour and shapoe harmonises with the colours and shapes of the face.

  • Charikleia March, 12 2015, 7:09 / Reply

    Totally love it. Works with summer outfits, works with winter layering. The perfect earing however is a tough task and could easily end up a disaster.

    A big kiss from Greece!

  • A statement earring has always been a hallmark of my personal style. My short hair and statement earrings is always a great combination. One way I have dealt with the ear lobe stretch issue is go on the hunt for vintage statement earrings that clip on to the ear. Another way is to find statement earrings made from materials that are light like aluminum. The Museum of Art and Design in NY has a beautiful gift shop that has art jewelry made in many materials that are definitely statement pieces. Statement earrings can take a very basic, utilitarian look and ramp it up several notches.

    Accidental Icon

  • Oulàlà les boucles de Joan ça doit peser ! Mais j’adore ce genre, surtout parce qu’il ya du minéral. Elles sont super belles !


  • It is like wearing a tiny masterpiece from a beautiful museum. A pair of original, creative, statement earrings can make a simple, minimalist outfit a huge ‘Woow’, I am absolutely in love with them!

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