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Stress Eater

Some people, when they’re stressed, don’t eat.

That’s not me. I’m the antithesis of that. I get stressed and somehow a packet of chips and a bar of chocolate miraculously appears in my hand, and is then inhaled almost immediately. It’s almost like it calms me, subdues me even momentarily. Or continuously, depending on how much food I have to keep me going haha.

Any other stress eaters out there? Or people who don’t eat when they’re stressed? It’s kind of crazy, the polarizing way our bodies respond to it… I actually find the only thing that stops me from eating is heartbreak – the worst thing to go through!


Add yours
  • I am guilty of eating under stress. I’m learning to walk things out. It’s helped immensely!

  • I can’t when I’m stressed — I hate it


  • Ahhh, the fashion season and all the stress….I know what you mean.
    As for eating – a lose my appetite when in love…one of the best reasons ;)

    Looking forward to seeing your FW stories, Garance! xx


  • Chacun exprime son stress de manières différentes, mon appétit ne varie pratiquement jamais, il est toujours très bon! En revanche c’est ma peau qui déguste…



  • Je vois tout à fait de quoi tu parles !Dans mon cas c’est le stress et les chagrins d’amour, c’est comme si mon estomac se verrouillait

  • Siggy ;-) September, 7 2015, 5:22 / Reply

    Mais complètement! Pour beaucoup, on angoisse, on stresse, on se remplit, comme le bébé qui cherche le réconfort de la mère. Mais passé 25 ans, on ne grandit pas d’1 centimètre par biberon: on grandit d’1cm de tour de taille par CARRÉ de chocolat!!! Au secours (… maman!).
    Quand le chagrin d’amour est là, on doit se résigner au manque, c’est la perte de l’amoureux mais aussi … du poids! Au secours (… papa!) :-)

  • Je suis EXACTEMENT pareille. Sous le stress j’ai l’impression que mon estomac devient un puit sans fond… A ces moments là, je serais capable de dévorer un cheval tout entier, souvent en fin de journée vers 17-18H… (d’ailleurs, je cherche toujours des idées de collations saines…) Et de même, la seule chose au monde capable de me couper l’appétit c’est un gros chagrin d’amour…

  • I eat when I’m stressed and loose weight in the same time. Is not that bad if it stops on 50 kilos.

  • I am the no eating kind of person when stressed out, I eat a lot when I have a lot of free time on my hand.
    There are days I totally forgot to eat sometimes, which is horrible thing to do.


  • I am totally a stress eater. Such a bad habit. I try hard not to. . . sometimes I succeed. Sometimes, not so much.

    It doesn’t help that when I am stressed, my metabolism is slowed by the cortisol in my bloodstream….How quickly a few pounds can creep on.

  • I’m a terrible stress/comfort eater, have been eating solidly the past few months, and am now faced with Spring/Summer coming up. I also noticed it’s affected my mood/energy levels in a negative way, which fuels the cycle, eek!

  • I’m a bit of both – I often forget to eat when I’m stressed, and when I finally realize why I feel so run down, I turn to the hidden stash of Cheez-Its in my pantry.

    Also, I rember being completely unable to eat after a breakup. When my mother came to visit, she hilariously called it the Trauma Trim diet (the antithesis of Date Weight, which is what you put on when you’re first seeing someone).

  • The last line – I am on that page!! I eat mindlessly when I’m stressed out about everyday things but I remember every time I broke up with a boyfriend, boom, my appetite went out the window. I always thought it was the strangest thing!

  • Light stress- eating, snacking for comfort.
    Super stress (breakups, family tragedy, epic sh*t)- can’t eat at all.

  • MERCI ! Enfin quelqu’un qui fait tout le contraire comme moi :)

    En cas de gros stress au boulot, j’ai terriblement besoin de me lever tous les 1/4 d’heure vérifier s’il n’y a pas un petit casse-croûte succulent qui se cache dans les placards. Ce sentiment de “puit sans fond” je le connais bien.. Comme un besoin de se remplir pour se donner de la consistance !

  • Pareil hélas…. des remèdes??

  • Hi Neada! You are only a stress eater? Lucky you! I am a boredom eater, happy eater, sad eater, nervous eater, today is Wednesday eater… I’m the kind of person that always finds a reason to eat/treat! :D

  • Victoria 85 September, 8 2015, 5:28 / Reply

    For me it depends on the situation i’m stressed about. If it was for my exams or waiting for results for these exams (anything about school or university) i grabbed something to bite. If it’s something bigger, family problems, or disease i could never eat, you just don’t feel comfort for food during these kind of times.

  • Si je suis stressée et/ou mal dans ma peau, malheureuse, je mange mal et trop -> je prends du poids
    Calme, détendue, je mange normalement, la faim se régule toute seule.
    Le fond du problème ? Je suis une grande anxieuse… Je me soigne :-) mais c’est quand même difficile
    Belle journée

  • Ah moi ça dépend : quand je stresse sur une longue période, genre les exams à la fac, j’ai tendance à me lâcher un peu sur la junk food le soir, tout en révisant. Mais le matin même de l’épreuve, ou au cours d’une journée super importante au boulot, impossible d’avaler quoi que ce soit :/


  • Oh I am the worst stress eater, whenever there are big changes in my life like break-ups, changing cities or jobs I always gain weight. I also have a tendency to binge eat when I am lonely… I feel that our eating patterns are based very much on the emotion that we go through in a particular time, not so much the knowledge of what should be healthy. Hope at some point I can get my life to be in the way I want it to and then I could also eat in a more conscious way.


  • Oh definitely! I do the same thing – bonus is when you don’t have meetings the whole day and you just sit at your desk without any chance of moving or getting energy out of movement instead of eating… not good.

    I find that it helps in these situation to – pause a moment – analyze what I’m feeling (FOOOOOOOOD, something, anything -I can’t focus, I need energy) – and accept that feeling. Accept that I know I CAN focus even though I don’t go for the almond jar or whatever. It’s not gonna help me anyway, let’s face it. Then sometimes, I stand up take a walk for a minute, or climb 3 fligths of stairs and it passes. Sometimes it even passes by itself.

    Yogq & meditation start really paying off!

  • I’m kind of both – I barely eat anything up until the I’ve finished whatever is causing the stress, then I basically inhale biscuits, cakes, anything.

  • I am totally the same way- stress eater!

    I am a total health nut- VeganEater, 90% gluten/sugar-free… and as I have changed my diet over the years for a healthier lifestyle (I feel worlds better- truly) I am sure it’s made me a little compulsive/ obsessive about planning my next meal and fearing going without a healthy next meal.

    God forbid I miss lunch… and if its a stress day then I find some healthy multiple snacks… which sounds all good and fine but you really should cap the nuts at a handful a day yah know… too much good fat can still plump you up. Essentially I determined I have a bit of an unhealthy healthy obsession with food. Which can get in the way of just enjoying the moment and life general.

    As my bf pointed out last night, sometimes I eat more then him. But he is the opposite- stress, busy day at work and he actually forgets to eat…this baffles me! Even during my crazy work days when I dont get to eat till 4pm I am thinking inside…. I didnt eat lunch!

    so yes to the question!

    Best way to face this is to make healthy choices in your stress moments and only stock the good foods in your fridge / desk!

  • Jacqueline September, 8 2015, 11:56 / Reply

    I’m definitely the same. However, I also eat when I’m bored, which I think is worse. I’ll admit that I’m not bored often, but when I am, all hell is let loose. Eating seems to be a way to kill time and also helps me to procrastinate. Luckily, I’m a health freak so I tend to gravitate towards fruit and veggies as my snacks.

  • I’ve always been skinny (since 1st grade actually) because I’m the kind of person that worries a lot and put tons of pressure on herself, therefore my brain tells my stomach to stay empty during stressful periods… In fact, my doctor told me it’s even better that you don’t eat if you are nervous or pissed off because it will affect your liver and feel nausea. With time, I have changed and the only periods when I cannot eat are when I have personal problems… For the rest aka professional stressful occasions, I tend to eat to many calories… (I drink Coke and eat pastries, they seem to keep me calm…?!?)


  • For me, it really depends on the type of “stress”. When it is a “feeling-good stress” combined with adrenaline and excitement, I do not feel like eating. But when it is “stress” combined with lack of energy and confidence or depressive mood, I take the most indulgent food I can find and eat too much of it!
    I wish it was the opposite way, because it is a vicious cycle: you are depressed, you eat, you feel heavy, you feel more depressed… And maybe you even eat more because of that haha.
    But sometimes a little bit of chocolate does help during tough times! I think it is good when you manage to put a reasonable limit and reach a good balance.

  • For me, it really depends on the type of “stress”. When it is a “feeling-good stress” combined with adrenaline and excitement, I do not feel like eating. But when it is “stress” combined with lack of energy and confidence or depressive mood, I take the most indulgent food I can find and eat too much of it!
    I wish it was the opposite way, because it is a vicious cycle: you are depressed, you eat, you feel heavy, you feel more depressed… And maybe you even eat more because of that haha.
    But sometimes a little bit of chocolate does help during tough times! I think it is good when you manage to put a reasonable limit and reach a good balance

  • When stressed carbs feel like exactly what I need to fill the black hole of anxiety in my gut. Until I realised it was out of control. I walk a lot, so weight wasn’t a problem. But the constant sugar churn was. So I packed it in. I just said no to eating cake biscuits, bowls of pasts (w just olive oil and salt – heaven). I just said no to sugar as a meal replacement and as therapy. Basically I had to – and I knew that it had to be all or nothing. No deals with the devil.

    I can eat what I want – but it can be ‘gorge’ food. Another slice of toast? Sure, just with peanut butter – NOT nutella. Feeling p*ssed off and want to hit the fridge hard? No problem – can I interest you in a slice of turkey? How about a scrambled egg? Carrot?

    It’s wonderful. It’s impossible to feel deprived and impossible to use food as therapy when eating this way. And I’ve knocked the spare tyre around my waist on the head, while eating better.

    Highly recommend :)

  • I tend to eat really indulgent stuff when I am underslept and/or stressed out. The next day, I might get enough sleep and have a more relaxed day, but my body then craves all the sugar, salt, and fat that I ate the last day. It becomes a hard habit to break, so I try to buy healthy groceries and prepare healthy, interesting recipes as regularly as possible. I walk during part of my lunch break to keep my spirits up and I schedule social time to keep from getting bored.

  • mosaic_world February, 8 2016, 12:57 / Reply

    yesterday I stress ate. I had a chic-fila chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

    today I craved a mcdonalds sausage egg mcmuffin but didn’t get it. I felt a little guilty about junk food from yesterday and it was hot.

    I think it’s ok to indulge yourself for a meal or two. but eventually you have to somehow process or deal with what is making you stressed. maybe not solve it but at least acknowledge what is going on. I think it helps to keep up with your workouts. otherwise, you might end up feeling worse if you stop doing your healthy things.

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