Summer Blooms

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Summer Blooms

Who doesn’t love flowers? They, literally, brighten our days so we are constantly filling the Studio with them. And there’s something even more special about them in the spring and summer.

So we were looking into it, and it turns out that they do a little more than just look good — a study from Harvard shows they increase happiness, provide energy, strengthen problem-solving skills and boost creativity. A lot to give, for such small and precious things.

And even though we are on an endless crusade to find the best way to preserve orchids, and will always love peonies, we looked up some of the best summer blooms. Right now is the perfect time to seek out perennials like daylilies, aster, sunflowers and marigolds…

So time to head to the closest flower market!
What are some of your favorites flowers?


Add yours
  • cinzia July, 2 2015, 3:25 / Reply

    C est une merveille les fleurs! Mes préféré sont les arums, les tulipes et le renoncules ?????

  • bavarian_blue July, 2 2015, 4:11 / Reply

    Totally oldfashioned: I love the english roses: soft color and incredible scent.

  • I love eucalyptus.. although they are not really flowers haha!

  • Sylvie July, 2 2015, 6:59 / Reply

    je suis d’accord. j’adore les fleurs, elles me rendent de bonne humeur!
    mes préférées sont les renoncules et les pivoines :)

  • Jennifer July, 2 2015, 10:57 / Reply

    White roses. Cabbage roses. Lavender roses. I love sending and receiving flowers so lovely filling my home with then or someone else’s.

    Urban Stems in NYC is an amazing service.

  • I love eucalyptus — it’s the best!


  • Marianne July, 3 2015, 7:09 / Reply

    J’adore les fleurs ! Surtout les pivoines mais aussi les renoncules et les roses en terre.
    Je suis tellement d’accord, les fleurs rendent heureux et donnent de l’énergie !
    Je me suis d’ailleurs rendue compte qu’il y a des fleurs sur une photo sur deux sur mon compte instagram : )
    Bon weekend fleuri à tous et toutes !

  • I love peonies (obviously when you run a blog named after them ^^) and carnations. But I never have flower in my apartment. I’ve decided to change that and get a bouquet every month !


  • Lovely photo! Thank you! May we have the link to the Harvard study, and know who made the pink/multi tote on the right, please? Off to buy some flowers….

  • CATHERINE July, 3 2015, 5:06 / Reply

    Buying flowers feels like a luxury with my teacher’s salary, but it’s so worth it!
    I love peonies, arums, freesias and roses, I like lilies too.
    My husband used to buy me some for no reason when we were younger, but he’s dropped the ball on that now…
    I buy them myself now!

  • For everybody in NYC….I’d love to invite you to check out my new company, Stem & Bloom. We do flower subscriptions at affordable prices (starting at $35), picking out the most beautiful, seasonal flowers and curating a different, unique bouquet each week. More info on our website (stemandbloom.com) or check out our Instagram to see some of our flowers! instagram.com/stemandbloom/

  • Could you, please, post a link to the study? Can’t find it or maybe I’m using the wrong keywords :( Would love to read it as apparently 45% of my ig feed consists of flowers ;)

  • Les oeillets des poètes sont les fleurs que j’aime, j’aime arriver chez mon fleuriste et prononcer la phrase “avez-vous des oeillets de poètes?” parce que rien que cette petite phrase adoucie ma journée mais aussi car elles m’accompagnent longtemps sur mon bureau. J’aime aussi les pivoines mais elles fanent trop vite et les coquelicots car ils embellissent nos campagnes.

  • Rinat lamberti May, 8 2016, 2:38 / Reply

    Love roses … they bring happiness , joy ?????????????????????????????

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