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Summer Resolutions

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Summer Resolutions

Everyone has an irrational fear. Maybe even two of them. Whether its heights, sharks, public speaking, the dark, etc.

One of my fears has always been swimming in the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the beach and getting my toes in the water, but I never ever go in past my knees. There’s something about the ocean that scares me. Its too large, too unpredictable, and too strong.

So this year I made a summer resolution to conquer this fear, or at the very least force myself face it. I’m signing up for surf lessons to get me out into the water, so not only am I fighting my uneasiness, but I’m also learning a new skill.

Do you have any fears like this? Have you ever faced one and found out that it wasn’t as scary as you thought?

By Nicole, intern at the studio

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  • Many fears, unfortunately :(…driving, working in teams,…(sigh) :)

  • 1. try to get fit (well, fitter…)
    2. try to get a tan before september :)


  • Jennifer May, 24 2016, 5:23 / Reply

    I have similar ocean fears, partly from viewing Jaws too many times.

  • This post is for me!
    I am terrified of the ocean and i live in Greece do you can image!
    I need to follow your lead this year though!


  • Sort of claustrophobic. Bad experience with a red plastic tube slide in grade 8 (it could have been worse, but it was bad enough). Conquered that on a hellish 4th year university trip to Costa Rica when we were on a cave tour and we had to crawl through a tunnel. People behind and in front. I effing did it, didn’t enjoy it and now will be smart enough to avoid stupid situations where I may have to crawl through a tunnel.

  • Margot May, 25 2016, 2:31 / Reply

    Umm… I guess mine would be doing hard exercises that I’m not good at, in public. Like doing push ups and pull ups in the gym with no trainer. I will start working on those this summer, because if I ever want to become good, I need to get out of my comfort zone. Not quite as cool a resolution as yours, but hey, it still counts, right?

  • Although there are no sharks in greek seaside, I don’t like to swim over dark colour waters, which i can not see what is underneath me. So I choose to go swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of Cyclades islands/Greece ;)

  • I’m also afraid of the ocean… I envy those people diving from boats in the middle of the sea. I’m always thinking that if I swim in the ocean I’m going to be eaten by a shark, left alone to die or something in between… I guess I prefer swimming pools!

  • I have a fear of the sea and ocean too! But on January 1st I found myself running straight into the ocean in Florida as I was determined to conquer the fear, let’s do this!! x


  • Oh yeah… I don’t know how to swim but I went scuba diving last year – it was terrifying and so quiet underwater, in the same time. I don’t know if I could do it again, but I’m extremely happy I have this memory. I also went parasailing – a lot safer, since you’re not technically in the water but given the fact that I have a slight fear of heights, I’d say I went out of my comfort zone.


  • I need summer… now! ;)


  • Teresa May, 25 2016, 11:57 / Reply

    I would say there are fears that are rational and would say don’t be so hard on yourself. Being cautious in the ocean is very normal since it could get dangerous easily.

  • I have fears but not this kind, I think… :)

    I love water, any kind. I’d swim anywhere. But I would be afraid to jump into water from a high platform I guess…


  • Hi, I had the exact same fear but I decided to take some surfing lessons. They teach you how to recognise what the different colours and waves mean, to be able to spot currents, etc so once I had a bit more knowledge behind me, my confidence about the ocean went way up. x x

  • So inspiring the way you are going to face your fear!!


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