Tattoo Balm

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Tattoo Balm

As the girlfriend of a boyfriend who loves getting tattoos, I’ve learned a couple things.

1/ You need “tattoo sheets” because tattoos are open wounds that bleed. So we have a designated set of sheets we use on the bed while his tattoos heal or else EVERY SET OF SHEETS HAS BLOOD STAINS ON IT! (although, for once, not because of me!)

2/ Back to that open wound thing — you need to put a lot of creams on said tattoo to help in the recovery process. Tattoo parlors typically suggest Aquaphor or something similar.

Well, Aquaphor was not going to to cut it for Jun Lee, founder of Eir (a natural skin care line, designed for people with active lifestyles) so she developed a vegan alternative, Tattoo Balm!

Whether you decide to get a “bad tattoo” like the guys here, or the tattoo you’ve been pinning for for years, just wanted to do a quick PSA for those looking for vegan alternatives for the tattoo aftercare.

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  • Now this is the kind of stuff nobody bothers to tell you. So thank you. Though it’s somewhat doubtful that either I, or my husband of 35 years, will ever get a tattoo, its good to know — because you never know :-)

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