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Thanks, Boys

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Thanks, Boys

In the spirit of menswear, I thought it was worth sharing some of the best style advice I’ve had from the men in my life. I don’t take daily cues from men like Brie does (she can take a mens shirt or slouchy pant and turn it into something else), I’m pretty feminine through and through – BUT here are the lessons I’ve borrowed from the boys, that make my days better…

1. Life is too short for boring socks.
This comes from a male lawyer I know, who would always wear pink or bright yellow socks with a dark suit every day. You know, sometimes it’s the little things…

2. Comfort above every(damn)thing.
I don’t give a damn how cool those heels are, you look stupid half-hobbling down the street. If style is about confidence, you want to feel pretty confident that you won’t fall flat on your face. Your best option is…

3. Sneakers are the ultimate footwear!
So comfortable, so practical, and so many cool style to covet. Done.

4. Don’t get too cozy on the groin.
For guys, serious tightness around this *ahem* area means true discomfort. For women, it means incessant wedgie-picking OR the dreaded camel toe. Nope.

5. High quality pieces that last forever.
Most of the men in my life have incredible coats, good jeans and basic tees. They keep it simple, minimal, and they get it right. Plus a few thrill pieces here and there that give just a little more edge, and, Boy George, there is nothing wrong with that!

Bonus: Look good naked.
This one I learned recently from the one and only Philip Crangi, who mentioned it in his style story. My interpretation is: feel great about yourself with nothing on, no extra layer, and you’ll feel – and look – better in whatever you’re wearing…

What have the men in your life taught you? (In style, or anything else…)(Or is that just a whole can of worms?!)


Add yours
  • I’ve always been a fan of menswear inspired looks — love this post! it’s great to mix feminine with masculine


  • I couldn’t agree more! True sexiness and confidence starts with the foundation. Clothing is just a complement to the naked body.

  • Jennifer July, 20 2015, 8:17 / Reply

    Buy the best quality, it lasts longer and looks better in the long run.
    Stay with th classics. Adding fun and trendy to spice things up but keeping simple and classic can take you anywhere at anytime.
    Blue blazer is a must have. Black blazer too. Great trench.
    My Dad has a “casual uniform” of black turtle neck with a pair of jeans. So simple but he looks break in it.
    I adore the way my Dad dresses and love his style.

  • Chloé Lesueur July, 20 2015, 10:34 / Reply

    Think simple, be comfortable, don’t forget about the details, and the most important: be indifferent whether you are pleasing or not. Also, my man truly believes that there is no such thing as overdressed. I have no trouble agreeing with that :-)

  • Miss Annie July, 21 2015, 12:09 / Reply

    My partner is not into fashion at all. He buys all his gear from Rivers (Aussie company, cheap & cheerful but reasonable quality).

    He looks fine!

    He had to work in a warehouse recently and wore shorts, long sleeve t, button down short sleeved shit and sneakers.. Looked smokin’ hot!

  • Number 2, 3 and 5 are my style motto!! My life completely changed when I bouth the first light blue short from the men section. I have quite a collection now!

  • Prudence Yeo July, 21 2015, 4:24 / Reply

    Great style advice indeed! Like the part about looking good naked, it reflects confidence which is very stylish and modern!


  • MrsMuir July, 21 2015, 7:08 / Reply

    Autres trucs et astuces des mecs ;
    – la journée commence et se termine face au miroir de la salle de bain, mais on n’est pas obligées de se ruer vers son propre reflet dès qu’on l’aperçoit. Pas bon pour l’ego, paradoxalement…
    – se faire plaisir avec son assiette (mais pas en mode no-limit ou en bouffe/doudou)
    – quand il fait chaud, on se déshabille, quand il fait froit, on se rhabille. C’est évident pour certaines seulement…
    – oui à un col ouvert qui dévoile un peu trop, non à l’extrème taille basse qui dévoile presque tout ; il est où l’érotisme dans ce déballage ?
    Allez les filles, à vous ;o)

  • Mariana Inbar July, 21 2015, 7:10 / Reply

    Always, always wear sneakers when travelling.
    I used to go travelling with my husband wearing high heels, midi heels, sandals… Nope. I was dead by mid afternoon.
    After many trips with sore feet and a lot of pain, I gave in and only wear sneakers when going on a trip. Oxford shoes, ballerinas, flat sandals, they pass, but never again heels for walking around all day.

  • I love your interpretation of Philip Crangi’s “look good naked”! I felt like his version was so focused on a toned physique in terms of how it looks to other people, but you interpretation is all about *feeling* good about yourself. And really, that should always be the first rule of style for everyone!

  • My father always taught me the importance of good grooming, followed by the advice to buy less but always higher quality. He was full of great advice including when I went to my high school prom telling me to drink good quality scotch and not the sweet fizzy drinks every one else would be drinking. He was right…I was the only one who did not get sick and ruin my dress!

    Accidental Icon

  • My dad taught me to take care of my shoes. Nothing can ruin a well-put-together outfit more quickly or thoroughly than ratty-looking shoes.

  • Who is the model on the picture?

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