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The Bottom Lashes

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The Bottom Lashes

What about your bottom lashes?

I normally don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes. I don’t have a reason, I think I just forget about them, but for the last few weeks, I’ve been on a total bottom lash kick. Sometimes I keep it simple and go with basic black (like today), other times I reserve the bottom set for a color or a little bit of sparkle (navy blue or rose gold).

I don’t really know what sparked my new affection for my bottom lashes (maybe it’s the summer?), whatever the reason, I’m into it.

Are you a bottom lash mascara girl?


Add yours
  • I have also been on a bottom lash kick lately. My problem is that I find the application nearly impossible without messing up! I almost always end up with one raccoon eye on my first try. Any tips?

  • Hi Alex! I love Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara for doing your bottom lashes– the brush is super tiny, makes it so easy (and mess free)! Good luck :)

  • i don’t do my lower lashes: it looks like too much! :)

  • where does one find this rose gold mascara?!

  • Hi Lindsay! I have an old one from Chanel that I love– but I’ll let you know if I find something that is available now!

  • I am a redhead, and I love this one by Ilia. It is more copper than rose gold, but it’s great.

  • I find it ends up smearing under my eyes as the day goes on. Any tips from keeping it on the lashes?

  • Yes! Tube mascaras. I have the same problem – I think it might be because of oily eyelids? The best one I’ve found is by Blinc. You can get it at Sephora. It’s more than a drugstore mascara, but even in the worst summer humidty, it won’t smear.

  • I did it lately, just there is no way for me to do it without messing up :(
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • How funny… I always apply mascara to my bottom lashes! I have to do so very carefully though. As for the rose gold mascara, I use a Chanel one and I put that on both my top and bottom lashes, too! Haha! Maybe I like the excess…

  • I don’t usually apply on my bottom lashes as I think when I apply only on my upper my eyes look bigger and my look not to heavy.

  • Jamais fait avant le mois dernier mais depuis que je me suis rendue compte par hasard que c’était plus joli en photo (???!) je n’arrête plus :-)
    Baci, Ali

  • I am indeed, sometimes with a touch of other color yes – a subtile way to spice things up!


  • Depuis qqs semaines, c’est no make-up sur les cils du bas: j’ai remarqué que ça m’agrandissait les yeux, qui en ont bien besoin!!

  • Definitely. I like the colour and volume added, but lightly wipe off the tips of the lashes so they don’t look so long and like they’re touching my under eye skin.

  • Quelques fois, mais je finis par m’en mettre partout!

  • I love love the beautiful illustration!! :D It should be a poster!

  • The trick to not smearing your bottom lash mascara is to use waterproof. I like the look but if you have dark circles it doesn’t do you any favors.
    I love the idea of a rose gold on the bottom…or just touch the mascara wand to the base of the lower lashes so you get definition but not length.
    love mascara!!


  • I always do mascara on my bottom lashes! I know people complain about it getting smudgy throughout the day, but I actually embrace the slightly smudged up thing- especially if I’m doing a full face (foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lipstick, etc. etc.) I like having one part a bit messy. Thats how I dress too, so I guess I just really like the whole contrast thing.

  • Natashia July, 15 2014, 10:39 / Reply

    I’ve never really done the bottom lashes thing cos mine are quite thick and dark, but on the odd occasion where I’ve tried it (cos, why not) I always forget I have it there and then smudge it. So, no.. I don’t do bottom lashes :)

  • Usually when applying mascara the idea is to get even coverage across the lashes but a neat look that I like for the bottom lashes is to swipe the mascara so that it separates the lashes into sections, creating a Twiggy look.

  • Melisse July, 16 2014, 2:11 / Reply

    Même remarque que STOS et du coup question existentielle : comment faire pour ne pas que ça “bavouille” sous l’oeil ?

  • Love love love my baby mascara from Clinique! It’s really a good product, fool-proof! :)

  • Avec les cils clair c’est obligatoire ! je crois que ça ne m’est jamais arrivé de pas en mettre sur les cils du bas. Mais si j’avais les cils foncés, je pense que ce serait différent

  • MarieG July, 16 2014, 6:45 / Reply

    J’aimerais bien pouvoir maquiller légèrement les cils du bas, j’ai essayé plein de mascaras, waterproofs ou non, le mascara posé en bas fini après deux ou trois heures par lamentablement se déposer sur la paupière du bas -> effet panda dès midi. J’ai donc renoncé. C’est paraît-il dû à la qualité de ma sudation, qui serait très acide. Tout ce qui touche ma peau est susceptible d’être attaqué par ma transpiration. Par exemple, pas de bijoux en argent, je le mange littéralement: non seulement l’argent déteint sur ma peau, mais si je porte le bijou plusieurs semaines, on s’aperçoit qu’il s’aminçit, qu’il perd des grammes. Alors je me contente de l’or et de l’acier :-)

    Pareil avec les fonds de teint, la plupart finissent par virer. Aucun problème avec les BB crèmes qui sont devenues mes meilleures amies.

    Belle journée

  • I am bottom lashes mascara girl – since I got makeup tutorial from Chanel – the visage expert told me how to draw eyebrows and showed me the difference – one eye without eyebrow and bottom lashes and second eye with both eyebrow and bottom lashes with a bit of mascara and the difference was crucial! Since then Im not going out without my eyes completely done. I dont do eye shadows during the day but the mascara on top and bottom lashes and eyebrows brushed with a little crayon strokes is a must.
    Not to mess up under my bottom lashes, I do them after top lashes without additional dipping into mascara. The brush is with some color on it but is not as wet and does not do mess around :-) Maybe this can help.
    Have a great day, ladies!

  • Yes I am :D
    It gives you a definition even When you wear only mascara!

    Xo, Giada
    Glam Observer

  • Je mets toujours un peu de mascara dessus, et j’adore l’effet “comme Twiggy”, les yeux de biche des années 60 :)


  • J’utilise le Guerlain avec le bout en forme de boule, il est génial !

  • L'épingle July, 16 2014, 1:37 / Reply

    Soit je le fais moi-même (si, on peut), soit je terrorise l’esthéticienne pour qu’elle n’oublie pas ceux du bas. Et aussi ceux des coins internes et externes. Tous. Ils font partie de ma personne et de mon expression.

  • I never used mascara on my bottom lashes bc I always got the racoon look fast, but a makeup artist from Makeup For Ever did mine so maybe I will. It does look great! I just need to find a perfect mascara though.

  • Wearing mascara on your bottom lashes is definitely underrated! They make your eye lashes look bigger, your eyes look bigger and you get a cute doll eyed look (i.e Twiggy). My current favorite is by Clinique. It’s the best because it really defines each and every little stubborn lash and doesn’t smear or smug (which is non-negotiable to me).

    Cheers from San Francisco,


  • I put some black mascara on them too!


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