The Button Down

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The Button Down

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about sweaters here in the Studio (and on the blog), and it’s had me thinking about the perfect shirt to wear with knits.

It’s not easy! Often I’ll be about to walk out the door and then I’ll put on a sweater and my whole outfit looks completely out of whack is suddenly ruined… Everything looks bulky and unflattering, and I’m back to square one (and now I’ve missed my subway).

But I found the shirt. This button down from Apiece Apart is all kinds of perfect for pairing with a sweater (and also happens to look great on its own). It’s longer, so it gives a very chic layering effect and the Nehru collar makes it easy to wear with a turtleneck for when it’s freeeeeeezing

I love it in classic white with a pair of jeans or long skirt and boots.

How do you style a sweater??

Shirt, Apiece Apart.


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  • I’m obsessed with white shirts but wearing them under a knit just makes me feel frumpy. Maybe because I like the overseized man’s variety. I always wear them to important meetings-they make me feel extremely powerful. The one you show is pure perfection!

  • I’m in love with white buttondown…but anytime I put one on…it’s terrible on me…why???
    XOX, Gap.

  • I’m sure it looks fantastic on you! It’s all about finding one that’s the right fit and length :)

  • this is a kind of shirt i would never wear: my shape doesn’t allow it! :)


  • Nothing says “classy” like a simple, crisp button down. Despite the prevalence, a decent button down is difficult to find. :] // ? itsCarmen.com ?

  • Je n’aime pas trop porter un pull par-dessus une chemise a moins qu’il soit tres large (surtout les manches !) J’aime beaucoup la chemise en photo, surtout l’encolure.

  • Another Kate November, 17 2014, 5:32 / Reply

    Hi Neada. Great to have a fellow Aussie in the studio. Maybe you can help me with sorting out the current jargon on shirts – I always thought a button down referred to a shirt with a collar that had button holes on the tips that you could actually “button down” onto the shirt, now it seems to refer to a shirt with buttons (I thought all shirts had those anyway). My solution to the sweater disaster over a shirt is to use a loose fitting chunky sweater, that way you don’t have all that ill fitting creased look around your torso. Balance this with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and your good to go!

  • The shirt pictured is a beautiful button up or button front shirt. A button down shirt has a collar that buttons at the points and the back of the collar. It is a sport shirt is rarely worn with suits.
    This is a very enjoyable blog. Thanks for all the work that goes into it.

  • button downs are my absolute favorite

    giveaway on my blog!


  • in combination with sweaters I’m looking for a shirt, which is smooth and sheer enough to avoid bulges … is wide enough to feel comfortable … has no pockets, because no need to booster bosom … is opaque enough, otherwise need to check the bras shape, material, colour in detail…….smooth, sheer, opaque, oversize, no pockets ??? – I take a tee!

  • (c’est pas très français tout ça, problèmes de traduction…)

  • Ohhhh good call and always a pet peeve in the winter. Think the nehru collar is key! :)


  • Problèmes de traduction en français ? Déjà dans l’annonce du départ d’Alex ce n’était pas très clair…

  • anne jeanne November, 18 2014, 12:18 / Reply

    Classic but not too much, the white shirt has to re-invent each time to be a good button down…
    Somme pins :

  • There’s nothing better than a crisp white button down shirt! I’m still hopeful that I’ll find the perfect one for me!

  • All my sweaters are to the waist, and no lower. So I don’t have the problem. I don’t do long sweaters, unless I am going to wear them open as a coat.

  • I don’t wear anything but a white t shirt underneath them anyhow. Why would I wear a shirt and a sweater? Layering is sort of annoying me latterly. people wear too much stuff. They wrap huge scarves around their back, then they wear five shirts, a dress, and pants underneath…forget it. One top/one bottom. Then add a coat for outside.

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