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The Crown

Fall is my favorite time for a new TV show. Every year I try to pick a new one to get into and an old one to re-watch from the beginning. It gives me and my boyfriend an excuse to feel better about hibernating at home when it’s cold and dark outside.

So we didn’t waste any time to find our new show on Sunday (with it being Daylight Savings and all…) and I am now addicted to The Crown on Netflix. The new show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (yes, the one that is still reigning today) and is suuuper beautiful! Safe to say I might just like it more than Downton Abbey. Apparently Netflix spent 100 Million Pounds to make the show…pretty crazy but when you look at the locations, sets and costumes it makes sense! Too bad I’m already 3 episodes in after just one sitting—looks like I’ll be needing another new fall show sooner than anticipated!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this year we’re starting The Wire from season one. It’s SO good. Other old show recommendations I’ve watched over past winters include: SATC (obviously, and it was my boyfriends idea to watch it all again!), The Sopranos, The West Wing (favorite!), and True Blood.


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  • Better than Downton? Oof… might have to give it a shot then!

    For another Autumn hibernating show I highly recommend Westworld! It is absolutely a thrilling series, which really makes you forget everything for an hour.

    As for rewatching… I’m currently on The Nanny (it’s on Netflix). So much childhood nostalgia! The clothing, the humour, it surprisingly held up well over two decades I think! Very enjoyable.

  • Hi Suze!
    I’ve been watching Westworld too, but I’m a couple of episodes behind. Hoping to catch up this week! I think you’ll love The Crown–we really enjoyed it.
    x Emily

  • I have GOT to watch The Crown – everyone’s been raving about it. So many shows, so little time! Right now I’m finishing my rewatch of Gilmore Girls in preparation for the Netflix reboot, and we’ve also been watching Veep – needed a quick half hour comedy in our line-up. Congrats to you for snagging a boyfriend who will not only watch SATC but actually suggest rewatching it?! ;)

  • Better than Downton Abbey??? Is that even possible???

  • It’s amazing! Just finished watching the last episode S1 last night, and I cannot wait till it starts again! It’s beautifully lit, gorgeous costumes, history in the making, agonizing decisions, and lots of drama!

  • Une très belle serie The Crown, mais Downton Abbey elle reste magnifique et inoubliable

  • Yeeessss I was thinking that too when watching the show “this might be better than Downton Abbey”, but I was too afraid to say it to my boyfriend next to me who is a huge Downton fan haha

  • I’m not sure I would say better then Downton Abbey but it is very good. I binge watched and now I have to wait I don’t know how long for the next season. Love the whole thing and how good is the casting of young Elizabeth and Margaret as little girls. Excellent show!

  • Sheila in SF November, 25 2016, 7:04 / Reply

    Totally agree the Crown is wondeful. I binged and saw all episodes. Cant wait for next season!

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