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The Curler

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The Curler

“We were in the Beauty Department and she held up this Shu Uemura eyelash curler and said ‘What is this?'” – The Devil Wears Prada

Eyelash curlers have earned their spot as a classic beauty tool (while continuing to mystify men…Erik just sent me the photo for this post and had it saved upside down). It’s right up there with tweezers and bobby pins on the essentials list. I don’t know many people that don’t have one in their arsenal.

Now I have to admit, I rarely use mine. It’s mostly because I forget, but also because I’m a little bit intimidated by the curler. The inner monologue that begins as soon as I pick one up goes something like this: Is it on the right part of my lashes? Am I holding it down for too long? Not long enough? Did I press too hard? Oh my god, are my eyelashes going to fall out now?! Shoot, do I do this before or after my mascara? Crap, I did it after and now it’s all dirty! Do they look too bent? Should I try it again? Wait, what time is it…

Hello, my name is Alex and I’m a beauty editor with a fear of eyelash curlers.



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  • nazspy April, 9 2014, 1:07 / Reply

    Pourquoi de l’aide ?
    Cela ne sert à rien. A-t-on besoin de recourber ses cils outre mesure ?
    Les cils ont pour but de protéger les yeux, il ne sert donc à rien de les recourber…..sauf si on veut ressembler à une sorcière de profil !
    Tu avais bien compris Alex puisque tu ne t’en sers pas.

  • i have one: i have barely ever used it… :)

  • Perso j’utilise le mien tout les jours, car j’ai des cils tout droits, pas courbés du tout!
    Du coup l’utilisation du recourbe-cils m’ouvre totalement le regard et me fait des yeux plus grands.
    Voilà pourquoi certaines personnes, oui, ont besoin de recourber leurs cils.

  • This post is deeply relieving to me. Haven’t dared to use one in my life! :O
    xoxo Alex

  • Maggie April, 9 2014, 1:31 / Reply

    I get you Alex.
    I´ve taken several makeup seminars, I´ve invested a couple of salaries in my MAC collection, but i deeply fear the eyelash curler. I KNOW of its importance, and how it changes my weak and gloomy eyelashes, but i´m terrified to press my eye. Terrified!

  • Je n’en ai pas moi…

  • Wow. Well put. I used mine today and that… unfortunately.. was exactly what went through my head.

  • The eyelash curler is a game changer for me! I have long lashes but this makes their direction uniform and it’s so much easier to apply mascara. Do one eye and look at the difference…amazing!

  • elaine April, 9 2014, 1:47 / Reply

    I can’t say I’m an expert, but I’m Asian & have short lashes that totally disappear normally, so I just use the eyelash curler willy nilly! I usually pump it along every part of the lash (pre-mascara, naturally).

  • I don’t think it’s that complicated! Curl lashes before mascara… make sure there all in there, press, hold for bit, done! It makes such a difference for my lashes, I never apply mascara without it.

  • I’m a big beauty junkie and I still don’t own the curler! I just don’t seem to believe that this could give such a volume to your lashes. Shush, non believer :D!!! I better give them a try! :)


  • Cette phrase est carrément culte, j’y pense à chaque fois que j’utilise le mien ahah! Recourbe-cils que j’ai d’ailleurs acheté à Primark pour.. 1€ et qui est, étonnamment, très bien!

  • Que personne ne juge, je te comprends. Depuis que je me suis pincée l paupière et éraflé la cornée avec cet instrument satanique, je me contente du mascara, parce que je tiens plus à ma vue qu’à mon look. Ceci dit, j’imagine qu’il existe des femmes plus adroites que moi (soit ça, soit la terre entière est peuplée de bras cassés).

  • I use my eyelash curler every day, and it makes such a difference. However, I do have this fear that I’ll sneeze while I’m using it and pull out all of my eyelashes! I read somewhere to place the curler near the base of your eyelashes and press and then pull it a little closer to the tips of the lashes and press again. Works well!

  • This sounds so familiar! I always seem to use it wrong, get weird curves into my eyelashes and honestly I just see those things as torturing devices ;) I;m afraid of them too! xx

  • Hahaha :-D same, same over here, although I never tried the “after mascara” thing but I just simply keep forgetting! Thanks for the reminder Alex, ah yes I have this magic tool in my bathroom! This and concealer actually help to look half awake after a sleepless night….. but that’s the point, when I’m tired…. I keep forgetting ;-) xxx

  • Why use a tool when you have fingers? Especially your index fingers slightly dipped in some quality argan oil :) try using your index fingers like you use your mascara.. Start from the roots, curl them wait for a few seconds, repeat 2-3 times
    There you have perfectly curled lashes, all natural

  • Sandy Schaefer April, 9 2014, 3:49 / Reply

    never felt one was necessary- use my fingers. much less Clockwork Orangy. :)

  • Margot April, 9 2014, 4:02 / Reply

    I really wish I didn’t have to use it every day. It’s the most annoying part of my routine, but my long dark lashes are stick straight, so without curling they are invisible and I look sickish.

  • Ah tiens, c’est vrai, j’ai un recourbe cils…

  • Katherine April, 9 2014, 5:16 / Reply

    I use my eyelash curler everyday and can even go without mascara. The secret is to be very careful and not try to rush this step.

  • Lynette April, 9 2014, 5:19 / Reply

    This is the best one. No contest. I use mine every single day. Worth every penny. My mom always used one and I can’t remember not using one. Ha!

  • Dear Alex,

    Watch this, you don’t even need to speak french to understand ;-)

  • Leticia April, 9 2014, 8:27 / Reply

    Why don’t you try tweezerman super curl eyelash curler, its super easy, fits the eye perfectly, and curl the lashes beautifully.

  • Lash Crueler doesn’t voluminous your lashes, it just cruel your lashes and that opens up your eyes.

    These are the steps i follow when I cruel my lashes.
    1. Raise your eyes brow, that make your upper lid skin to pulls up and you won’t pinch it. Plus bring your lash closer to gather and you will get all of them in.
    2. Place your crueler as close as possible to the roots of your lash, and pinch.
    3. Then release it and move your crueler farther from your lid and toward the tip of your lash, pinch again, and move a bit farther, till you reach the tip of your lash
    This way you will give a nice arch to your lash.
    4. Then Mascara – never mascara first, always after you cruel it

    Tip. if you warm your crueler a bit before you use it, your lash cruel faster and it stays all day.your will have
    Tip. Wear one coat of mascara, then apply a bit of baby powder (i use my face power instead) to ur lashes and then apply mascara again. This make your lash thicker.

    Usually the outer corner left without getting cruel, and nowadays there are different shape of crueler that can use for the end or the inner part of your lash.

    p.s Pardon my English, if you see grammatical errors

  • I’m almost 40, started using a curler a few months ago. Game changer. You don’t have hold it that long. 1-2-3-4-5. That’s it.

  • jelenaeva April, 10 2014, 2:27 / Reply

    i use my eyelash curler every day and it never fails to give the oomph to my super straight lashes. here’s the tip: before you apply it, heat it with blowdryer for few seconds (be careful NOT to overheat it as it may be too hot for thin skin around the eyes) – check with your fingers if it’s too hot.

  • I couldn’t possible live without one of this. i’ve been using eyelash curlers since I’m 13. My eyelashes are not curled at all, so is using it or having no eyes for the day. There are a lot of techniques, but it also depends on the curler, they are all a bit different. The only advice that is mandatory is always use it before puting on your mascara, otherwise your eyelashes will brake and start to fall. If you think you have to curl your eyelashes a little bit more after mascara, do it as gentle as possible. And that’s it. xx

  • tylaure April, 10 2014, 4:01 / Reply

    Je n’en ai pas, je ne sais pas si j’en ai besoin ou pas… Même le jour de mon mariage, j’ai pas voulu utiliser cet objet … Que j’ai découvert un jour au Wellesley College en regardant des jeunes américaines se faire une beauté dans le bus pour Harvard: le choc: le recourbe cil, les fards à paupières, le mascara ultra recourbant, et du gloss du gloss et du blush… et là je me suis dis: Ok je fais pas le poids… et puis mince, je suis française!

  • Complètement indispensable ! Bon des fois j’ai peur carrément de me faire sortir l’oeil :-) mais je l’utilise tous les jours, même le dimanche pour ouvrir le regard et sans mettre forcement de mascara après.
    Baci, Ali

  • J’ai le même depuis très très longtemps, c’est devenu un geste naturel, mes cils sont très longs ça m’aide à les dompter et quand je mets des lunettes, je ne suis pas obligée de les porter sur le bout du nez (sinon ça touche les verre, y a rien de plus désagréable!)
    Surtout pas après avoir mis du mascara, ça casse le cil et il ne m’est arrivée qu’une fois de me pincer la paupière.. j’ai pleuré un petit coup :) et depuis je maîtrise l’art du recourbe cil. je ne pince pas trop fort et pas plus de 5 secondes..j’imagine que ça dépends des cils. xo

  • I’m 37 years old and never ever have any eyelash curler. I think my eyelashes are perfectly beautiful with just some mascara.

  • Used my eyelash curler always until a friend of mine did’t see that the soft part fell off. Instead of curling the lashes it cut all of her lashes. Never touched one ever since. Luckilly I have thick and naturally curled lashes myself.

  • I just recently started using a curler and now it’s an essential part of my make-up routine. I have short lashes so it really makes a big difference and is a must for when I wear mascara! Currently use Shu Uemura, but thinking about trying out different curlers to see if another brand will be a better/natural fit for my eye shape.

    Josephina of Josephina Collection

  • I used to never use one because it always, invariably, pinched some part of my eye while crimping a section of lashes the wrong way. They never seemed to fit! Then I found the Shu Uemura S Curler, and life is but a lash curling dream! It takes a little longer, because you have to work in smaller sections, but you can customize it to your own eye, and I love that. The tip I learned is to pump the curler a few times, not squeeze and hold. And voila! No more fear!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Katerina April, 10 2014, 11:13 / Reply

    Yep, I’m scared of mine too. At least I’m not a beauty editor :)…

  • Hi! That’s hilarious! I am a professional makeup artist and I have to say sometimes my clients get the funniest faces when I pull out the eyelash curler! Some look downright terrified! It does kind of look like an instrument of torture and honestly I wish there was an easier way of getting that eye opening bend in the lashes….but for now I have to say it really works!

  • I have it and I never use it, I find quite useless since I don’t see any difference after using it…

  • Doesn’t repeated use pull out some of your eyelashes? I always have that problem. I have much better luck with the heated curler from Sephora:

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