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The Del Val #14

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Focusing on what it takes to become a ballerina.

The original Pantone Color Guide…from 1692!

While everyone is talking about Frieze here in New York we can’t wait for Carl Andre!

Man about town. Bon vivant. You would have liked to have met George Plimpton. Now you can.

Remember, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (in the US). Have a delicious cocktail with yours.

SJP and AW (if you know fashion you know those initials) get together and discuss.

Give yourself time to watch this one: Into the world of Fendi.

Give yourself time to read this one: A history of the celebrity profile.

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  • I always buy the Chanel’s nail polish ballerina. I use it from my first mani. I love it! It’s a super color.
    Love, Gap.

  • i loved the ballerina and the fendi film! :)

  • Talking about SJP and ballet in one post made me think of this great AOL webseries on the NYC ballet I recently watched. Had me hooked. So interesting and beautiful.

  • Marina May, 9 2014, 6:01

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • ivanka May, 10 2014, 3:07 / Reply

    Garance! Thank you for your blog and especially for this article! It is such a big inspiration! You are such a big inspiration! xoxo

  • Je ne sais pas si c’est possible de le faire aux US, mais vous devez écouter le podcast de l’émission Le Grand Bain sur France Inter, avec entre autres Sophie Fontanel (elle est accompagnée de deux autres femmes journalistes du Monde et de Libération) à propos de l’art du portrait. La journaliste de Radio France les appelle 3 femmes puissantes et je crois que c’est vrai! En plus, je crois que comme moi vous êtes fan de Sophie Fontanel :) c’est super intéressant, super drôle et super sincère sur la difficulté du portrait de star

    Merci pour ces listes qui me font rire/que j’attends/qui m’émeuve chaque semaine!


    Clara, fidèle parmi les fidèle

  • J’adore cette rubrique.


  • I watched every video of the ballerina and i’m impressed by how much she has a “Garance thing” in the eye ! That’s really.. distubring! haha

  • The Heather Project ballet sequence is superb. I stopped my training at age eighteen, yet this took me back over thirty years. Class remains the hardest, most rewarding and joyous physical and mental work I have ever undertaken.

    Thanks to all involved.

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