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Chances are if you’re reading this you consider yourself a creative type.  And maybe while traveling you’d like to stay in another creative type’s home?  Look no further for what will assist you.

Spotify explains itself. To add our two cents: People tend to forget that in the creative fields a few people make most of the money, a portion manage to make a living, and everyone else does what they do largely as labors of love. It’s been that way for decades and we doubt it will ever be all that different in the future. Regardless, just do your small part and pay if you like consuming something!

Last week we posted about dancers in a ballet institution. This week we feature some on the streets showing people their skills for free.

We frankly don’t know how London can find enough qualified people who possess such extraordinary memory retention to drive its cabs. Peek into what is considered the hardest test in the world.

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the states, which means many people will be spending time in the kitchen. If you’re not in yours all that often these short, instructional videos will help you do things the best and most efficient way. Plus you were just on the NY Times’ site already anyway.

You were just assisted in the kitchen, now let’s look at your walls and how you are hanging artwork on them.

While the internet breaks itself over shiny Kim we’ll take an un-retouched Lara any day.


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