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The Del Val #57

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Rihanna sings. Two brand new songs. Nothing else to say for her legion of fans.

Rock & Roll and LA’s Sunset Strip have a colorful past together and this collection of billboards proves it.

And there would be no Rihanna nor rock & roll like we know it without roadies. The unsung heroes of the whole business of entertaining the masses.

Neon. We’re all familiar with it of course but when’s the last time you thought about its construction? Daily in the case of this small family business.

Look good while working out. Working out makes you look good. Stella McCartney and Adidas celebrate 10 years together. Bravo to them for being such trendsetters.

Airport codes. Some make immediate sense as abbreviations for the city or airport. Others not so much. I know we’ve wondered when booking a ticket and you probably have as well. This explains a bunch of them.

Ah the allure of modeling and what some girls will endure while chasing their dreams.

New York would have looked much different had these developers and architects gotten their way.


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  • Chouette article! Adidas & Stella font vrmnt un bon boulot!


  • bavarian_blue March, 21 2015, 9:40 / Reply

    Never reflected, that neon signs are are kind of hand craft – thanks so much for sharing that clip.
    Ever knew, that stella & adidas collaboration will not be a one season affair – love their collections.
    Got the travel bug by looking at the airports all around the world – super gimmick.

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