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The Del Val #85

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Kenya is buried under our discarded garments (“out of sight, out of mind” for nearly all of us on in affluent countries). Here’s one person’s idea to try and make a difference amongst the heaps.

How she’s made us read her magazines for years. Words of truth from someone with experience.

One of our favorite annual festivals is back and we can’t wait for this particular performance.

A wonderful story of perseverance for anyone who creates. A big congratulations to him!

They’ve had this feature for awhile, but we feel like not many people know about it, and it’s still an excellent resource if you’re needing to “mood board” for any reason.

And if you need to do anything regarding design and Shakespeare, which you might with over 5000 productions of his work performed each year, look no further.

Ugh, “mid-century” and “cool” are a tired pairing of words, but there are reasons everyone still does it, and his designs are one of them.

And while on the subject of cool, this guy has had a keen sense of it for years, and is specific with his short points. On a separate note, how primitive do the designs of these Blogspots look today.


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  • can’t wait to read these

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  • Oh, Keersmaeker’s piece is amazing.

  • …come to think of it — have you noticed how even such areas as modern dance are sooo in step with fashion — in that very piece that your refer to in the post (Partita 2) Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and her partner are dancing in sneakers (Nike sneakers I think). Sneakers are everywhere — even on stage :)

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