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The Girls Are Back!

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The Girls Are Back!

***Warning! Spoiler alert!***

The Girls of HBO are back.

I’ve been waiting for this since… well, since last season ended. When we left them, the characters’ lives were in a typical mess — and so many questions were left unanswered.

Last night, I watched the first episode of Season 4. If you didn’t watch it, then I might spoil it for you… their lives are just as insane and even more questions are now to be answered (argh!). Hannah and the whole crew are just as unsatisfied as ever, but that’s kind of what’s had me hooked to this show for so long. Life is weird and who ever feels satisfied? And that’s what you get from Girls: a harsh dose of reality (and some pretty hilarious moments, let’s admit it).

Maybe they should follow Garance’s new 2015 motto: “raise the bar and lower your expectations” ? ;)

Did you watch the season premiere too? I want to know what you thought of it! There must be others out there as hooked as I am…


Add yours
  • THANK YOU for the spoiler alert warning. Watching this episode tonight and I’m so PUMPED for this season!


  • Me me! I am as obsessed! I just watched it and ah i hate Hannah most times but so often i feel her man! Oh poor Adam I grieve for that big ol’ teddy bear. What stuck with me most is the lines of the song at the end (GIRLS soundtrack NEVER fails!!) ‘There’s a giant leading me to God knows where’ because that’s what it feels like, this enormous dream of hers is taking hold of her and leading her off into the horizon into the unknown, it’s scary and big like a giant but what can she do but follow the leading of her passion you know?

    Ah I can’t wait for the next episode already!

  • Ah, me too! totally hooked! Before the season 4 date came close, i watched the videos on youtube – the comments and explanations by Lena ‘behind the episodes’. (I have to admit I watched old episodes a lot, too!) I have not watched the new episode yet and i so look forward to it. Lizelle, you are so right about the soundtrack! I admire the characters, they are all the best, i cannot even pick one or two! Ray is totally awesome, with his intellectual cynicism, Laird, – so unique and attractive. Shosh, i especially love her home environment, her cleanliness and order and her addiction to rules and things she reads in books, the characters at Hannah’s magazine – all of them are so great! I love Hannah’s face when Desi starts singing and telling stories at Adam’s party! :))))) Marnie and Jessa are so different and they portray complex personalities, which i totally love. Adam has so many precious qualities! His acting is brilliant.

    I watched the extended version of ‘what to expect from season 4’ video like hundred times! :)))

    Emilia, thanks for opening the topic! :) ‘Girls’ forever! :)

  • I agree with you Tina that it’s hard to pick just one character as a favorite, or one I relate to most. I think we can see ourselves in all of them, which is perhaps a little alarming considering their extreme personalities, but it’s why I love the show so much.

  • I did and I loved it! I can’t wait to read Lena’s book after my exams. Girls are just so alive and imperfect that it’s really hard to not love them! Greeting from Poland!

  • Ben justement, lors de la toute première saison, j’ai trouvé ça ultra juste et hilarant, mais j’ai complètement décroché. Je ne comprends plus l’engouement autour de cette série, et cette insatisfaction permanente est juste lourde à la fin… Enfin ce n’est que mon avis, mais Lena Dunham n’est pas aussi géniale que ce que tout le monde dit !


  • I love this image, it’s on billboards all over LA. Classical photography done with an amazing sense of design. I cant wait to see the new season!

  • Je viens de voir le nouvel épisode et après plus de 3 saisons, je ne sais toujours pas quoi penser de cette série !
    Aucun des personnages n’est un minimum attachants, les 4 personnages féminins principaux sont assez horribles (je ne pense même pas pouvoir leur trouver une qualité à chacune !) et les personnages masculins ne sont pas tellement mieux, à part peut-être Ray et Adam maintenant.
    Malgré tout, je continue à regarder pour la qualité d’écriture principalement, mais je suis loin de trouver cette série aussi géniale que ce qu’on peut lire un peu partout.

  • Complètement d’accord avec toi Charlotte !

  • Alexandra January, 13 2015, 2:42 / Reply

    I can’t stand this show! As a young woman I can relate to feeling unsatisfied and anxious, but they are way too self-destructive and narcissistic. I don’t know any group of young women who whine and complain and mess up their lives this much!

  • Yeah, but who wants to watch a show where all the characters are composed and have their sh*t together! Although it can be over the top, it’s fun to watch and to see some of my past blunders as an incredibly naive 20-something mirrored in theirs.

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