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The New Converse

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The New Converse

In case you were wondering, the new Converse are better.

Ok, so there might be a slight increase in price (nothing crazy, just a bump from $55 to $75), but the new Converse are still some of the most affordable sneakers out there. They’re also undeniably still a classic, and I love how effortless it is to style them with just about anything… I’m wearing them right now with a silk skirt, but paired just as easily pair them with jeans, tailored pants, a dress…

And the new redesign is totally worth it. First, there’s added cushioning that you can feel. If you’ve ever owned the originals, you know that fret can feel a little weary in them after a long day. I’ve been sporting the new ones for long (basically never ending) days this fashion week, and they’ve been the best! Like walking on neat little comfy clouds. Oh, and really great for running between shows in!

Second, I was always frustrated by the tongue of the shoe slipping down. But somehow, for these new ones, Converse developed a new “technology” to prevent that. And yep, it really works.

Finally, the design is just a nice update. There will forever be something cool about the originals (aka the OGs), but I love how simple – and clean – yet bold the new colors are. I opted for the all-whites and, if it’s even possible, it feels like they go with even more than the All Star I.

So, I won’t be going back…
Anyone else got them yet? What do you think of them?!

Chuck Taylor All Star II, Converse.


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  • Well, I think an almost 50 percent bump in price is not nothing. Especially for cheap nonsupportive shoes like Converse. Other than that, they look the same, dont they? No one buys them for comfort unless they have no access to Asics or New Balance.

  • I agree. And the price is even higher in Canada!

  • I love love love sneakers, but really detest converse. They’re just too uniform for me (not that I’m such a stand out though), I think they surpassed their classic status to just a “meh” status, but that might also because of all the knock-offs (and the whole emo scene I associate them with too). And I think they always look so cheap and flimsy and bad for your feet/body. So I’m happy for the people who really love em that there is now a more comfortable version!

  • I love converse and the new ones are pretty cool


  • I don’t have them yet but they are on my list.

  • I like the look of converse they can make any outfit look more laid back and casual but they have nothing on my nike sneakers for comfort x

  • you may like them or not, but a 50% increase is not a “slight” increase , independently of how affordable you think they are.

  • I havent worn them since i turned 30. They are too young. Anyone with me on this ?

    Although I havent gotten myself to donate them as yet. Plan to wear them once in a while to crank up outfits. All White sneakers do wonders to some of my looks.

  • Funny, I was just thinking today about my everyday fall footwear and how I missed having a pair of Jack Purcell’s. Nubuck? Tumbled leather? Lace-up rubber high-tops? Yes, please!

  • Definitely want to get a pair! I just donated 4 pairs cause they were a half size to small for me. So I need a new pair!

  • Je n’ai jamais encore fait le pas d’en acheter :( peut-être que ce soit le bon moment :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • my nephew wears converse …i love Gisele….how beautiful is she…i love TB….his good looks…got me interested in football..crazy lol

  • the new shoes are really great. and they really do make any outfit so much better. but a 36% price increase is not “just a bump.”

  • There were shoes in that ad as well? I only saw the naked person, which led me to believe this was an ad for….skin I guess?

  • The increase in price makes me not want them, somehow.
    And although I hate uncomfortable shoes I have to say that I have not been able to adjust to the sneakers with everything trend. Shoes with a reasonable heel look so much better. Especially if you don’t have sky-high legs.
    My teen-age daughter does wear second-hand Converse, though.

  • I’ve only own one pair that I wore to my prom with a custom made silk skirt. They were uncomfortable and not worth the money I paid for them. I much prefer skate shoes – the simple ones look better and are a lot more comfortable. I think the old Vans models are just as classic (I wish I could get a green pair, those shoes would probably last me 15 years of everyday wear if my feet hadn’t grown a size since my puberty… ).

  • I wasn’t aware there was a new Converse. Will have to check it out.
    I love me a good pair of Chuck’s All Stars though. I used to get the high shoes, but over the last few years, I’ve turned to the low ones.
    In any case, Converse are always handy and cool in my book.

    My favorite these last few years: the laceless low All Stars. Not always easy to come by, but I somehow find them classier (less of a ‘sneaker’ look). I have two pairs (off-white and olive) and would love to find another cool color.

  • I agree with some of the other comments : a 50% jump in the price of the shoes disguised as a “new” shoe is a joke. Adidas did the same with the Stan Smith.
    Let’s not forget that these shoes cost almost nothing to produce and that the conditions of production (the brand belongs to Nike) aren’t acceptable.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Converse stink (literally)?
    I love them though, but I often feel uncomfortable wearing them, especially at the office!

  • Got white high tops, the biggest difference for me is comfort. After going a week with the new versions and then revisiting the first generations, you can instantly tell how much of a difference the new support is. The old ones feel like cardboard.

    When I first got them, I wasn’t quite sure comfort wise but then I realized the difference only afterwards. I think the comfort alone justifies the price increase, it feels like they’re actually using quality materials.

  • Ça y est! Il y a des semelles dans les converses !! Alléluia !!!

  • Converse girl in the house! I love wearing Converse high tops, and am getting a new pair this week. I do think the price bump is big, but if it means a finer product, then why not? I’m with you, I think they can look very cool with most any outfit.

  • I just bought a pair in the black. As someone who’s always admired the iconic look of converse, but not the feel, I was overjoyed. The Nike insole makes them super comfy. Totally worth the price increase in my book!

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