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The Perfect Primer?

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The Perfect Primer?

We’ve all had the primer debate.

Face primer is one of those divisive products. For some, it’s an essential, while others view it as an unnecessary addition to their makeup bag. It’s generally one of the first things to be discarded when a handbag’s too small, and one of the last items to be replaced when it runs low.

But it shouldn’t be! This little tube of magic has a double effect that makes it double as good for you (at least!): it protects the skin and ensures your makeup stays on for longer.

One issue I’ve found is that, as the seasons change, my skin changes and has different needs — so my primer should accommodate, right? Well, Laura Mercier‘s range of foundation primers has thought of just that!

For the winter (when my skin gets a whole lot drier) they have a hydrating face primer, and for the summer there is their protect foundation primer with SPF 30 sunscreen.

So, all bases covered…

Do you prime your skin? What primer do you use??


Add yours
  • I love my primer – especially in my 40s! Smashbox Color Correcting – it’s amazing!

  • The Primed Skin Developer – Kevin Aucoin. Hands down the best!

  • Katherine November, 28 2014, 8:50

    Ah, good point – RIP K.A.

  • I know this is bad…but I rarely use primer! But, laura mercier is one of my favorite cosmetic lines! They have a great face wash

  • Laura Mercier hydrating primer is my go to choice. I also like the estee lauder primer that works well in conjunction with my estee lauder double wear light foundation. I don’t consider primer an absolute makeup essential, but if I need my makep to look flawless later in the day or evening i always wear it. I do like that a lot of them have spf, i find it a little annoying that the foundation I adore has spf missing.

  • i love all Laura Mercier primers! I also use the radiant primer alone, without foundation and it gives skin a lovely glow!

  • I’Ve used the Laura Mercier radiance primer and liked it a lot. I would love to try the hydrating one. I do worry about clogging my pores. But I do adore the idea of this type of product and do plan to keep testing it. Thanks!

  • I absolutely love the Chanel Le Blanc base.

  • I love primers, so thank you for this suggestion! I really like the Dior Pore Minimazer. It really makes a difference. Getting older I’ve noticed that my pores are tnot, ehem, aging well, so that primer is my lifesavior!
    I’ve nevcer tried any Laura Mercier products because the ladies at the counter in my city are terribly rude. But I guess I have to overcome my fear and fight for this primer! ;)

  • Cute! love me a good primer and I have never heard of this one before! shall be looking out for it on my next haul!

  • J’en ai une, mais à vrai dire je ne sais pas si c’est superutile ou superflu !

  • J’utilse ce primer depuis deux hiver, il laisse la paux douce comme une peche, il est bluffant! J’ajoute ensuite par dessus la crème teintee et cela me donne un teint frais et naturel. 10/10 pour ces produist Laura Mercier!!!!

    merci a toi Neada de viser juste en en parlant !!!


  • J’en utilise toujours un également, mais moi c’est Les Météorites de Guerlain… C’est vrai que ça fixe bien mieux le makeup, et surtout qu’est-ce qu’il sent bon !

  • Indirect Libre November, 27 2014, 7:52 / Reply

    How timely! I use the oil-free tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier (it’s theee bessst), but my skin has gotten so dry! I will have to try this. But the idea of primer under tinted moisturizer weirds me out – anyone else have that? Is that a normal thing?

  • I’m a bit of a primer novice. I’ve always thought its just another hyped up product designed to get you to spend the money. So I’ve recently ventured into primer land (got L’Oreal first so not to waste too much money in case I wasn’t happy) and I cannot believe that I’ve been missing on such beautiful effect the whole of my adult life!

  • I used Laura Mercier products for a while, but my skin became so dry and flaky. Now using Chanel foundation (the light one) and Caudie’s all-in-one skin care, which is phenomenal.

  • Oh believe you me that I prime…but only when going out in the evening. Otherwise I am a bit of a Lazeeeee.
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  • Primer suspect. I thought I was the one to discover primers eons ago when I started using Clarins “Lisse Minute” not realizing it was a primer (as it doesn’t say so) and became addicted when I noticed how good it matified my oily T-Zone area without drying it out. Of course there are now many other good ones on the market but here are two unbelievable choices. You can trust me on this.
    SUMMER: La Roche-Posay Broad Spectrum (SPF 50) and WINTER: Time Balm Primer. If you use a moisturizer with a high SPF in the summer you don’t want to use a primer also with a high SPF (they cancel each other out). You would use the Time Balm or another kind. Happy Thanksgiving!

    My blog:

  • I use Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum. It’s moisturizing with skincare benefits and makes makeup application super smooth!

  • I use Laura Mercier radiant primer, only for for special occasions and when the mood to make a full make-up =). I really like it and happy to found the post on your blog about this product, especially Laura Mercier!

  • Dagmar Becker November, 28 2014, 3:45 / Reply

    I also really Laura Mercier products. However, I find the primers superfluous, as a good facial moisturizer does the same job for me. Before using a foundation or tinted moisturizer on my face, I apply moisturizer first which seems to do the same job as a primer does, i.e. my pores don’t get clogged, and the foundation doesn’t cake and looks dewy.

  • This is my favorite primer that I use on all my photo shoots. They also have one that is oil free for oily skin. It really does make a difference to the duration of the makeup.
    I also love their tinted moisturizers!

  • Skin flash primer de Dior of course!

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