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The PMS Monster

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The PMS Monster

We’re all familiar with it. One day, you wake up with tears in your eyes, you go straight to the fridge, and you decide that demolishing a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast is a very good idea, then you get in an argument with your boyfriend — “Do you love me? You do? Well maybe you love me too much!!!” (tears) and you’re off to a great start for the day (or week, or ten days) of your dreams, thanks a lot PMS monster.

For years, I’ve been managing my PMS like a ship in a storm. There are times when it goes unnoticed, the sea is fairly calm, and other times when it’s a real disaster and I’m a walking emotional catastrophe (and I’m not even talking about the physical symptoms like sore breasts, shiny skin, and everything else…).

But this morning I woke up right in the middle of a PMS crisis once again, and I told myself it was getting to be too much.
My life can’t be controlled by my hormones!!!

So I decided to try meditation (apparently, it has a really positive effect on mood swings) and I downloaded an app, Clue, which will send me alerts when I’m about to start PMSing, so I can warn everyone around me to shield themselves, haha.

I wonder if I should also have my hormones tested, and I’d like to explore natural remedies too.

Do you have any advice for me?

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  • I would suggest seeking out a Naturopathic doctor for hormone testing. Also the herb vitex (chaste tree) is really good for hormone management. Good luck!

  • Apparently, there are Ayurvedic methods to balance out your hormones, which will also deal with PMS, as well as improve your energy level throughout the month.
    I am on the same page as you, I am tired of letting my hormones reign my life. The tears, the insecurity, the crazy days, when I put my keys in the sock drawer and can’t organise my own thoughts; I want to be able to count on myself. Every day, not just the few superwoman days after my period.
    So, I am going to go to an Ayurvedic therapist to get all this sorted out. Let me know if you want to hear if I am getting results.

  • Amandine August, 25 2015, 12:39 / Reply

    Geranium essential oil is an incredibly effective regulator for mood PMS swings. You can dab a little of it neat on your skin (do a patch test first) or on a handkerchief and sniff it now and then. It provides an immediate sense of calm (as much as that is possible during PMS!) and really works. Or put a few drops in a bath and enjoy a good soak with your favourite book or magazine. Aromatherapy Associates also do a blend, called Support Equilibrium, which includes geranium, and it’s wonderful. Their Inner Strength bland is also fantastic.

  • Actually, research indicated PMS is not a physical condition and we can’t blame mood swings on PMS ;)

    But I personally find it hard to believe… Anyway, Clue & that pack of Ben&Jerry’s help!

  • Yes! I have advice that has worked great for me. I told my doctor how depressed I get during ovulation and during my period and she suggested that I start taking the pill to keep my hormones steady. She said I’d have to meet with my obgyn to get the prescription. Once I did and explained the reason why I was interested in getting on the pill she said “well, I’m going to make those periods disappear !” What a relief it has been. She advised me to continue to take the active pills straight through to skip my periods and it has been a blessing. I feel normal for a change. I will have to take the non-active pills four times a year to have my period so we will see how that goes.

  • I am a firm believer in natural remedies. I noticed my cycle changing as I get older, so I changed up my PMS coping strategies. I have found that Wish Garden Herbal Remedies are my life saver! They have different tinctures based on different lady-needs. I also drink Raspberry Leaf tea (tones the uterine lining). Shatavari herb is great for balancing female hormones as well; Organic India sells the capsules. I avoid yoga at this time to let the body do it’s thing, but hiking in our Colorado mountains helps! As does meditating. I also keep chocolate on hand so I don’t murder anyone.


  • See your gynecologist. There is special treatment for PMS, some includes your birth control. I’ve been insufferable myself. The worst part is apologizing for being an emotional wreck.

  • Acupuncture! My acupuncturist has me on Chinese herbs that I swear are helping! I didn’t even notice the mood swings last month and the physical issues were less severe. Good luck!

  • Clue c’est genial! Surtout quand on a des cycles un peu différent de 30 jours et que du coup ca tombe jamais au même moment dans le mois!

  • I never fail to recognize the day before my period by a.) tears shed because I was looking at the moon and thinking how beautiful it is, the dullness of my redundant car commute, the text with my sister that seemed short but in reality was FINE and b.) eating a cookie, ice cream, (insert name of nearest sweet here) after a completely satiating meal. I’d love if someone could just put me in a closet or give me a sympathy card with a list of instructions that I will be OK if I can make it through the next 24 hours.

  • I work a lot all month. I take the time out and relax for the 3 days of the month. Make sure I dont stress myself more. Helps.

  • As a fellow sufferer of disruptive PMS (mood swings and getting depressed), I spoke with a local vitamin specialist (very holistic) and she recommended I start taking B-6 (100 mg every day or two), a B-12 supplement, and magnesium citrate (400 mg every day or two). After a few months of this regimen, I noticed that my symptoms really calmed down, combined with running & yoga. My symptoms are not completely gone, but they are certainly not as severe as they used to be. I don’t dread that time of the month anymore like I used to and I avoided birth control pills, which was my doctor’s first suggestion, but I’m skeptical of those things. Good luck!

  • I love Clue! That app becomes more accurate as you use it. As for the PMS, I mostly get weepy and introspective which I welcome with as much grace as I can muster. Sometimes that stuff really just needs to get out. Plus I feel a lot better afterwards.

  • Oh dear… I completely relate to that! I was fine for years, apart from some physical impacts (skin, breast, etc.) but recently…. Being absolutely depressed, feeling like no one likes me, craving sugar as I had never experienced before….
    I think mindfulness is a good idea, it helped me notice what was going on and taking some distance: “oh, you’re not feeling good today. (Think) oh, you might have painful period tomorrow.” That helps. I also try to trick my brain, forcing myself to smile, and things like that. From the comments I’ve read so far, I would probably keep on going natural and look into teas, herbal essences etc. Also trying to eat “healthy” food during the month. I think it helped me, when I managed to do that for a longer period of time.
    Thanks for that post, helps feeling not isolated!
    Let us know how it goes!

  • I second the recommendation of raspberry leaf tea. I just started drinking it, so can’t say if it has truly had any effect, but I like it; I usually am wary of any possible hormone disruptors, but enjoy drinking it for it’s mild flavor a la black tea, without the caffeine.

    Also, in general, I’ve been much happier since listening to my body and avoiding certain foods that make me feel like garbage. I’m severely allergic to dairy, so the hardest elimination is actually necessary for me, but I also cut out most grains and all nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes — anything with a little “elf hat” on the top of it). Sounds crazy, I know, but after just two weeks of cleaner eating, I felt psychotically good. Like, unshakably positive and full of energy. Whenever I forget why I’m avoiding my beloved chips and salsa and stray, I get noticeably bloaty, moody, and sick, so much so that I remember it’s just not worth it. I still enjoy steel cut oats in the AM, and the occasional piece of really good bread or beer, but I’m not making a habit of eating what I know makes me a less fun, healthy person.

    Granted, I’m more sensitive to environmental factors that others, for sure, but food and how you fuel your body is important every day of the month, no matter who you are. Just listen to your body and eat accordingly. Getting tired after a meal does not have to be the norm!

  • Thank you for “elf hat”. Best thing I’ve read all day.

  • Fernanda August, 25 2015, 3:07 / Reply

    that Ted Talk that says it’s not physical…hmmmm not buying it either. I am a wreck while PMSing and I used to be so confused before recognizing it was that…now whenever tears are streaming I ask myself why and if I can’t come up with an answer in one brief sentence and in less than 3 seconds (and rather i come up with 1001 answers all very questionable) I know it’s PMS and I stop myself and tell myself “this is not you, chill” so at least I feel more in control about it now. I also the first day of my period, could fall flat asleep anywhere, my hair and skin lose all glow and every feeling is multiplied by 1000, even tweezing my eyebrows is out of the question – so painful!
    Thank you for bringing this up and thanks to the ladies for the recommendations!

  • yes, how can a rush of hormones NOT have an effect on your mood? Study must have been done by men.

  • Chinese medicine. Thats it, go see your acupuncturist. Its the best medicine for women, effective, non invasive and beautiful! Go!

  • I’m on the other side, now in the menopausal years but I found Holy Basil and Raspberry Leaf tea to be a life saver. Raspberry balances out the cramps and nausea too. Basil is a great hormone balancer. Get a good Maca supplement and a good vitamin supplement too. I found yoga and meditation where the best and still are for those emotional swings that come with the all the hormonal waves. Watch for trigger foods too. If you can get it in line now your peri-menopausal years will be easier. Good Luck.

  • Just drink through it.

  • Ha! Sound advice…

  • If you are taking contraceptives, and you´ve been taking the same for too long that could also be worsening your pms. Hormones are the worst to mess up with your mood swings. Natural stuff may help and yoga, etc., but sometimes it is something else that worsens your pms. You could always do a check up.

  • This is funny but also so true! I’m starting to pms too, this time I’ve been feeling just a little drained!

  • I have been using Clue for about 6 months now and really love it, it lets me know exactly where I am in my cycle. As for PMS, I find fish oils help, as do herbal combinations for balancing hormones.

  • 1 tablet d’isomex et 2 gélules de primrose, c’est des compléments alimentaires… Si tu le fais sérieusement ça marche autant sur le mental que le physique … En vente sur les sites types santé pharma etc en France

  • what about seed cycling?
    on the first day of your cycle you start taking pumpkin and flax, 1-2 tablespoons each, do this
    for 14 days.
    on day 15 you hop over to sesame and sunflower.
    that’s it.

    (I’m trying this at the moment, but I’m on day 3, so no long term results yet)

  • PMS is the worst! I get it so bad with the worst mood swings


  • Je suis passée par là et j’en arrivais à appréhender cette période quelque jours avant. Au final ça faisait beaucoup de jours de prise de tête où je te passe les détails de mes humeurs venues droit de l’espace. Et j’ai entendu parler des gélules d’huile d’onagre à prendre 10 jours avant les r et je ne sais pas si c’est ça mais je n’ai plus de pms. Au pire so ça ne dégomme pas ton pms c’est bon pour la peau ;)

  • Start simple – b6+ magnesium … Then add evening primrose oil if you need it

  • Valentina August, 25 2015, 5:53 / Reply

    OMG, this is so funny, i’m with my pms too!, and yesss, sometimes my period are so normal and not painful but this is not the case. I’m feeling very support with this post, your cycle are synchronized with your readers hahaha

  • This necklace could be a good warning for those around you :)

  • Powered magnesium twice a day. And get yourself into Chinese medicine. I had the worst PMS for years – crying, bloated (I felt like I was 5 months pregnant every month), emotional psycho and earlier this year I decided it needed to stop. I went to see a Chinese medicine specialist who gave me herbs for three months and it has changed my life! No more crazy bloating and my emotions are more balanced. I could not recommend it more.

  • I am having PMS right now so thank you for this post. I can’t stop feeling hungry, stuffing my face with foods I know I shouldn’t have ( like cheese – I am allergic to dairy) and my breasts get increasingly more painful ( like an over pumped basketball) until my period arrives.

    Lately I have tried to just rest more and sleep a lot. I slept for 12 hours the other night. It has really helped.

    Best of luck. XX

  • Eh eh! Moi je dirais NE CHANGE RIEN. En tout cas c’est ce que je fais… C’est pénible ces journées d’avant (brr surtout quand on a une forte poitrine) mais j’ai réalisé que c’était comme un “temps mort”. En tout cas pour mon amoureux et mes proches. Une sorte de période où mes crises comptent moitié (comme le scrabble mais à l’envers) et comme j’ai l’excuse parfaite, je peux vivre mon hystérie à fond.
    Ca me soulage et mon chéri trouve que ça rajoute à ma weirdness (d’après lui, un des socles de nos 6 ans de vie commune quand même lol); bref tout le monde est gagnant. Sauf mes seins. Pour ça j’ai pas encore trouvé :/

  • Acupuncture. It has changed my life in just three months. A fantastic acupuncturist can target your symptoms and if they do Chinese medicine, compliment the treatment with herbs. The pain and bloating and awfulness has been reduced by 90 per cent in a few months. It may not be the cheapest option but it works.

  • I’m moving to the other side – menopause – and the women’s health “bible” (The Wisdom of Menopause/Christine Northrop) recommends acupuncture, REST, Dong Quai, soy products (women from Japan have few to no symptoms of PMS or menopause).
    This bible also says that learning to care for your PMS will help you LOTS when entering menopause. And with all physical symptoms, it is directly correlated to how deal with your emotional life. Wish I been willing to look at all this in my early 40’s. By the way, menopause is a gift to every woman if she’s willing to take it…PMS is the precursor.

  • Some great quotes about PMS (from The Wisdom of Menopause/Christine Northrup)…

    The menstral period is a natural time for rest and renewal.

    In an ideal world, every girl and woman would be taught the value of her pelvic organs from an early age; their benefits would be as well studied as those of the male organs.

    If I just slow down, take a long bath, and take care of myself, I rarely suffer during my cycle. But when I try to bull my way through and ignore my needs, my body – and my cramps – really try to get my attention.

    Intuition is at an all-time high during your cycle.

    Whenever the majority of a population – in this case, the majority of women – suffers around a perfectly normal function like menstruation – you can be sure that there is a cultural blindspot in operation. Waking up and seeing the blind spot – and how it might be related to your cramps – is part of embracing your woman’s wisdom.

    My cramps respond to acupuncture and dietary change(keeping blood sugar stable).

    Women are lunar.

    Your period is nature’s way of slowing you down so that you can replenish your body for the next lunar cycle.

  • Yes to all this! Brilliant. Cutting out gluten and sugar really helped relieve my physical symptoms. When I just learned to honor myself and go with it, it all evened out. The ridiculous pressure we put on ourselves to be sweet and docile and happy and likeable all the goddamn time is when it goes wrong :-)

  • Raspberry leaf tea contains a plant alkaloid called frangine that tones the pelvic muscles. Tastes somewhat unpleasant but a cup per day means periods go from nightmare to – well, not nothing, but so much better. Other recommendation that I haven’t read here yet is potato. Yes, the humble spud. Slice and nuke in microwave or oven, maybe add a little salt, and you will find your hormones much more balanced.
    The other important point – always remember you are loved.

  • A trip to a naturopathic doctor might be a really good idea. DIM (Diindolylmethane) was recommended to me by my ND to help with my absurdly terrible PMS which I’ve been dealing with since my teen years. I’m now 43. It has been more helpful than anything any gynecologist, endocrinologist, or MD has ever suggested.

  • Read “Moody Bitches” by Dr. Julie Holland and look on the bright side of PMS, or “Woman Code” by Alisa Vitti to perfect your cycle! And always remember all your sisters out here feel ya, G! ;-)

  • Regular exercise is key. My emotions are still up and down but the physical symptoms (sore boobs, cramps) are gone.

  • Je suis acupuncteure et je t’assure que c’est quelque chose qui se traite facilement avec l’acupuncture. D’ailleurs, ce genre de symptôme est normalement associé au foie! À essayer c’est certain! J’ai changé la vie de plusieurs patientes (et de leur conjoint aussi…;)

  • Oh Garance, I’ve been experiencing this since the beginning of this week. Real bad moods. I still don’t know how to deal with it. My back hurts, too. I’m glad you brought it up.

  • Check in to see a professional before taking any supplements — always good to be monitored :) Although Naturopaths are great for seeking alternative care, it’s best not to spend a few hundred dollars on hormone testing as it isn’t possible to get an accurate reading (through saliva or blood test). I have endometriosis and always thought my GP and Gyno should do hormone testing until they explained that your hormones are constantly in flux and it would be impossible to get a correct reading of your hormone levels through either test. Personally, I love getting acupuncture around my time of the month, it can be incredibly therapeutic for cramps and mood swings :) Avoiding foods with added hormones, like some red meats and dairy can also help. xo

  • Clotilde August, 26 2015, 1:55 / Reply

    Je n’ai jamais eu de PMS grave dans mes plus jeunes années, mais je suis en PMS permanent depuis l’arrivée de ma préménopause, pour cause d’effondrement de la progestérone, ce qui est exactement ce qui se passe pendant le PMS, n’en déplaise à cet im…cile de “docteur” qui dit que le PMS n’existe pas sur le plan physique (ça, ça donne des envies de meurtre !).

    Depuis que je prends de la progestérone, qui sert de contraceptif en plus, finis les soucis, j’ai toujours mon caractère “fort” mais plus de crises d’énervement, plus de fatigue, plus de jambes lourdes, de fourmillements, de kystes ovariens ou de douleurs au sein, toutes choses qui sont causées par un trop plein d’oestrogènes. Même mon mari, quand je suis un peu énervée, me demande si je n’ai pas oublié ma progestérone ! :D
    Donc voilà, ce n’est pas naturel à proprement parler comme solution, mais ça a changé ma vie ! C’est aussi utilisé pour les PMS handicapants.

    (j’ai essayé tout un tas de trucs “naturels” avant ça, rien n’a marché, parfois la chimie a du bon)

  • in those days I wanna kill myself or everyone around me, so hard..painfull….

  • GLA (which can be found in e.g. borage oil, evening primrose oil and starflower oil). Take one capsule the first two weeks of your cysclus and two capsules the last two weeks. Scientifiy proven method and also prescribed by holistic therapists.

  • téphanie August, 26 2015, 2:18 / Reply


    Il s’avère que moi aussi, je deviens hypersensible en période de PMS, tout devient tragico-tragique !!
    Je suis en train de tester, sur les conseils d’une excellente pharmacienne l’huile d’onagre en gélules (et en plus c’est bon pour la peau) associé à Griffonia (c’est une plante, le nom complet est griffonia simplicifolia).
    Et bien ça a l’air d’être efficace.
    Affaire à suivre car ça ne fait que peu de temps que j’ai commencé.

    Bonne journée.

  • cel_ine77 August, 26 2015, 2:25 / Reply

    Une proche est suivie par cette gynécologue et en 1 mois, son PMS ultra douloureux a changé du tout ou tout.
    Bref, tu devrais lire ce livre: http://www.berengere-arnal.fr/actualite/mon-nouveau-livre-sur-le-syndrome-premenstruel/

  • GLA (which can be found in e.g. borage oil, evening primrose oil and starflower oil). Take one capsule the first two weeks of your cysclus and two capsules the last two weeks. Scientifically proven method and also prescribed by holistic therapists.

    But you might want to dive a little deeper into this as PMS is often joined by ‘her friends’ Candida and Diabetes/Hypoglycemia.

    Best of luck fighting the monster!

  • Géraldine August, 26 2015, 3:21 / Reply


    bon c’est sûr c’est pas hyper naturel mais depuis que je me suis fait poser un implant je n’ai plus mes règles. donc plus de pms. bon ça n’évite pas TOUS les sautes d’humeur ;-) mais ça a changé ma vie!!!


  • Thanks to my boyfriend (bless him really), poor guy couldn’t stand any more my PMSing and being a “natural remedy” wizard himself, he bought me some Ginkgo biloba and some Maca Root, I take both of them in the morning, the maca I put it in my cereal or smoothies (but you can also find it in tablets). I must say that my mood swings have calmed down, I dont feel like I want to punch everyone, I dont cry for no reason, I dont feel any more that nobody loves me, and my energy levels have gone up. I feel normal!!

  • Charikleia August, 26 2015, 4:04 / Reply

    I was nagging to my boyfriend almost all night long, for reasons I do not remember and I hope he will soon forget. It’s crazy and creepy and I hate it. Taking the pill has helped a lot but I am afraid it took it some time to work and -let’s face it- it is better to not stuff yourself with chemicals, even prescribed. Working out regularly and doing cardio exercise to release tension I think helps, running, dancing, but then, when you’re PMSing you just want to curl in your bed for ever. Vicious circle girls…

  • Ah… Oui… C’est la merde cette période là… Et c’est vrai qu’elle peut varier de 1 à 2 jours à parfois 10!!! :-s Je n’ai pas encore trouvé ma recette miracle alors, comme toi, je cherche et je bricole des trucs à droite et à gauche en homéo et herboristerie. Je ne connaissais pas Clue, merci du tuyau! Je viens de télécharger ça a l’air très utile, surtout pour moi qui vient d’arrêter la pilule il y a deux mois pour retrouver un cycle normal et arrêter de prendre des hormones de synthèses, du coup au début c’est un peu le bordel…

  • Emma Louise August, 26 2015, 4:32 / Reply

    I just downloaded Clue…as I’d been meaning to get an app to track mine too. My naturopath just put me on a supplement called Premular. Each tablet has vitex angnus-castus fruit 180mg. I’m going to see how that goes. My main issue is that every time I get my period, just before, during and after, my immune system plummets. It’s so annoying. It’s like my whole body goes into trauma.

  • Agnus Castus (same as Vitex) + Evening Primrose Oil + Maca ==> PMS life savers!

  • As much clean food as possible, no alcohol and no sleepless nights before and during the bad week!..
    And magnesium, and b6 vitamins a few days before…
    And green smoothies before and during as well. Works wonders for me when i really stick to it.

  • Maca! I use them as supplements, not powder, and it’s amazing. I balances your hormones, gives you more energy. And the best thing: no more mood swings :)

  • Mon truc qui marche super mais qui nécessite un vrai coup de pied au cul mental : le sport ! Moi je me branche sur ballet beautiful et j’en fait au moins quinze minutes. De toute façon active ou pas tu souffres et tu es de mauvaise humeur alors autant se bouger ;-)
    Et franchement après ça va super tu seras pleine d’énergie et en plus tu seras vachement fière de toi ! Courage !

  • ammmm, oui, à vrai dire, vivre cela une fois par mois, c’est tellement injuste….ooo les pauvres hommes qui doivent nous supporter dans un tel état 12 fois par an….pour moi la solution est là: #icecreamaddicted mais plutôt avec Haagen Dazs :)

  • J’ai le même souci et c’est parfois très difficile pour mon entourage et pour moi…
    Sautes d’humeur, fatigue, énervement, changement d’avis, prise de décision précipitée (qui n’est pas toujours justifiée et qui peut avoir de grosses conséquences), et j’en passe !
    Très honnêtement, il m’est parfois arrivé d’avoir des idées noires pendant ce foutu SPM…
    Donc je doute qu’une appli me fera du bien, je pense même que ça risque de m’alarmer et de m’angoisser encore plus.
    Pour moi qui suis d’un naturel calme, optimiste et souriante, cette période du mois est vraiment un supplice car j’ai l’impression de ne pas être moi ;)

    Mais bon, on fait avec et dans ces cas-là, merci les glaces et les films à la Bridget Jones !


  • Nutrition is a fact! Eating more fish in the second half of the cycle helped me a lot.

  • A Y U R V E D A
    An Ayurvedic doctor will check your pulse and for any imbalances. Using natural/herbal remedies and healing practices, he/she will help you find balance in a way that helps nurture and promote physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological well being.

  • Read a book called WomanCode by Alisa Vitti.

    It has some amazing intel on female hormones and how instead of 24h hour cycle we should be eating, sleeping and drinking in a monthly cycle.
    Listen to her podcast on the Lively Show, episode 85 – it opened my eyes!

  • melissaleehealing August, 26 2015, 1:05 / Reply

    If your over 40, you are now in Peri-menopause, that is often when PMS get’s really nasty and/or it is the first time PMS show’s up in your life… Please Google the 35 symptoms of Peri-menopause and read. I have ridden this roller coaster for over 10 years now, and the only thing that has helped me is the health forums I go on to get support from other women..I know that some take HRT, or Bio-identicals… It is a very difficult time to get thru, but reading about the symptoms and getting on those health boards has really helped me more than every thing, else including all that that has been listed by others here…. good luck, and know if you ever want to talk in private please feel free to e-mail me…….. Melissa Lee

  • I’ve been reading Womancode by Alisa Vitti. It’s revolutionary. I have a much better understanding of my body and cycles. I cannot recommend it enough. She would say for PMS with breast pain and tenderness that you should try to increase fennel (tincture or tea), greens, and water. Also decrease dairy, caffeine, sugar (ben & jerry’s).

    I have also used Clue for 7 cycles. I love it.

  • MAGNESIUM! Drink it every night for a week leading up to your period and once a twice a week per month. It changes lives. Not only for PMS sufferers but for all of us. It is called the ‘miracle mineral’ and most of us are completely depleted of it, which is NOT good as it controls over 300 processes in our body!!!! Most notably it relaxes muscles, reduces and even eliminates anxiety, promotes peaceful sleep, increases energy, etc, etc…. It changed my life really and when I get clients on it they noticed after just one cycle a major difference in their week leading up to their periods and the period itself. CALM by Natural Vitality is the best brand out there! It’s also a lovely nightly ritual. Run a bath, sip some magnesium, light a candle and read a good book. SELF-LOVE during this period is just as important. We have to love our bodies and not rebel against PMS. Thank it for all that it can and has done! love & light x Lisa

  • Hello,
    Merci pour ce post, qui exprimé si bien ce qu’on peut vivre. Pour ma part, j’ai 43 piges et mon pms s’est intensifié depuis un an..je prends des gélules d’onagre, mais c’est un peu tôt pour avoir des résultats. J’espère que ma poitrine sera moins douloureuse même si elle n’a jamais été aussi belle. Sinon je suis d’accord pour le sport et la méditation.. De toute façon l’essentiel est d’avoir de la compassion pour soi-même. Que ce soit par le soin, l’acceptation ou le défoulement. Merci pour ce blog qui reste toujours au top, beau, sensible et plein d’esprit et super agréable à lire.

  • Erin Yee August, 27 2015, 12:03 / Reply

    Acupuncture, herbs, energy work, exercise, meditation.

    I’m partial because I am months away for sitting for my acupuncture license, but in working with mainly women in clinic I see a lot of patterns. One, I feel women are deeply feeling and emotionally responsive beings. We take A LOT in every month and depending on what your lifestyle is, the monthly cycle is like a big purge of whatever you have accumulated in the month. The bi product of living in a highly charged and active world where settling down, tuning in and going at your own pace are not necessarily encouraged, but critical to living sustainably is sometimes dealing with the discomfort of the alarm systems (i.e pain and discomfort) that go off in your being physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc.
    I often find whatever people have been ignoring whether its their emotions, diet, something not quite right in the life, etc. comes out in the cycle. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything ” wrong” per say, just that the demands placed on us in daily living can be a lot and the body releases accordingly.
    All that being said, getting regular energy work, acupuncture, massage, meditation, along with good herbal supplementation can all but totally eradicate your symptoms. Also, the above treatments and practices are really a way for us (women and men!) to get in touch with the subtler aspects of our systems and help inform on an individual level what will keep you more in alignment generally. I liken it to doing daily cleaning versus a big, exhaustive clean that takes two days ( or in this case 5-7) once a month. Overall you get to live in a tidier and more pleasant space, aka your body and life! :)
    Good luck and enjoy the process of discovery…

  • katarina August, 27 2015, 3:50 / Reply

    Sadly no advice Garance, but I am SO PISSED today. Expecting my period very soon….

  • Florence August, 27 2015, 7:04 / Reply


    Apparement l’huile de primevere marche bien. Serrer les dents et attendre que la journée passe?
    Je note mon cycle pour pas avoir de surprises mais parfois je me dis que c’est encore pire, la date fatidique se rapprochant, je deviens obséde et commence a tout a analyser. La par exemple tout va bien, je suis au boulo, fait pas beau mais pas de quoi en faire un drame, et bien je vais bientôt me mettre a sangloter… Oui mes règles commencent demain.

  • Oh boy, do I relate to all these comments! Even though I know most women suffer from PMS, it’s nice to know that we experience pretty much all the same thing. Damn these hormones!

    I agree that when the tension and moodiness come around, plus the bloating, etc., it’s just hell. I try to tell myself that it’ll pass. Like you, Garance, sometimes, there are months where the PMS goes almost unnoticed. Hormones are weird that way. It’s not easy being a woman (sigh). ;)

    So, yeah, I try to give myself a break and relax. Not always possible, but one tries.

    Anyhoo, a year ago, while discussing the unpleasant, if not painful, physical symptoms of PMS with my obgyn, she recommended I take primrose oil (huile d’onagre – sold in capsules – 3 a day) during the second half of my cycle. Let me tell you, I was very impressed by the results : 9 times out of 10, my PMS is greatly subdued. I hardly get the swelling in my breasts, which is a definite relief cuz they get so painful… The bloating is lesser, even if still present (unavoidable, I suppose), and I do feel calmer. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it definitely helps and is by far the best solution I’ve found so far.

  • Bourgeons de framboisier du 10e au 24e jour du cycle (Gemmotherapie) ou gélules de Gattilier (Vitex Agnus Castus) + exercice physique doux régulier et rythme de vie le plus régulier possible (le plus difficile!!)

  • This is a male writing, who would have an opinion about this hormone thing. In the spirit of full disclosure, men have hormones and mood swings too! (‘roid rage being an example, but hormones regulate just about EVERY system in the body, so I can only imagine the emotional topography is far more complex than I’m making it.)

    I heard a funny couple divulging their secrets to one another as he confessed that he could tell when she was PMSing. Her reply? “So I have mood swings because of PMS. What’s your excuse?”
    Men like to think they are being rational at all times, but this is a cognitive bias. Who doesn’t make complete sense to themselves, despite any number of external inconsistencies? Logic in and of itself can often be logical only to the collection of arguments one has stacked on top of another.

    So with that said, I do think it takes a modicum of self-awareness to appreciate when emotions may be undermining trust in our relationships and responsibilities, and there are still 2 sides to that coin. We as loved ones would be well served to observe just how much change exists in others, and to expand our acceptance of a more full spectrum of emotional experience. Why tolerate this? Because in observing that others change over the course of the day we can also learn to give ourselves a break; that our own feelings move like clouds across the sky. To not identify with them.

    This is all a fancy way of saying that I concur with the other contributors who suggest meditation, mindfulness practice, direct experience-however you would like to coin the term. And, yes, for chemical experiences that fall outside the manageable spectrum look for any and all health adjustments you have the patience to incorporate into your daily routine. (knock out that afternoon coffee!)

  • Camille August, 27 2015, 5:22

    Well said!

  • Chaque matin je commence avec de la lecture de ma Bible et un bref moment de méditation. Je suis TELLEMENT plus sereine depuis que j’ai commencé cette habitude. Ça me force à ralentir et ne pas laisser mon cerveau courir à mille à l’heure dès mes premiers moments du matin. Prendre ce temps là me permet de décider si je vais laisser le restant de ma journée être simple ou le chaos. J’apprends à dire non et m’occuper de moi. Je suis une meilleure blonde, copine et collègue à cause de mon temps de méditation/prière le matin. Essaie de commencer tous les matins avec un 5 minute de méditation pour commencer. Tu verras, ça devient une habitude :)

  • Vivement la ménopause ! :-)))

  • Je laisse un commentaire pour la première fois, pour faire part de mon soutien et de mon expérience toute récente. J’ai voulu vivre un peu ma vie “sans” pilule depuis 10 mois, ayant commencé assez jeune. L’expérience est un succès, mais j’ai découvert les délices du SPM, ou plutôt, je soupçonne, certes par auto diagnostic (toujours tentant mais parfois dangereux), du trouble dysphorique prémenstruel : bonjour irritabilité permanente, agacement perpétuel envers tout le monde et n’importe qui, colère, mots qui sortent trop vite de ma bouche et que je regrette deux secondes plus tard, anxiété, paranoïa, problèmes de concentration, troubles du sommeil, dépression, image de soi dégeu, idées noires, et surtout l’impression (très bien décrite par un commentaire plus haut) d’être “hors de soi”, l’expression est parfaite. Je me souviens d’une crise de larmes, une fois, en ville, lorsqu’un bourdon est venu mourir à mes pieds. Depuis un mois, je prends des capsules d’huile d’onagre, 4 capsules par jour, et du magnésium. Et je (ou plutôt mon entourage) respire enfin: mon humeur les fameux jours avant n’a rien à voir avec les mois précédents: plus apaisée, tranquille, calme, de bonne humeur. Les petits problèmes du quotidien (type: un bourbon mourant?) ne sont plus une montagne insurmontable. A creuser ?

  • I take chaste tree, as recommended by my naturopath, too! I find it helps me to balance it out.

    The most important thing that helps me was realizing that PMS or my period wasn’t a burden, but an opportunity to let the Little Girl within me have her voice. We are capable, independent, strong women for so much of the month that that week is a way for ourselves to acknowledge that something about that month was maybe a bit harder to swallow. Some months, my little girl is really sad and some months she is angry– usually corresponds to what I’ve had to be brave or strong or grown up about. Tell her it’s going to be ok, and it’s ok to express herself!

    And! Don’t succumb too much to emotional eating!

  • Stéphane September, 1 2015, 4:20 / Reply

    Moi aussi j’adore m’enfiler un pot de Ben & Jerry’s en guise de p’tit dej’. Tu crois que ça a avoir avec la testostérone ? :D

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