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The Red Slipper

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The Red Slipper

My family has always been big believers of shoes off at the door.

A clean home was a happy home so outside dirt was definitely not welcome. This meant a basket of slippers to wear around the house that was filled to the brim with ones just like these!

While these slippers will always remind me of my grandmother running around the kitchen, lately I’ve been thinking about how they can be reworked into my wardrobe around the house or even on the street. A bright red slip-on might be the next best thing for summer foot wear.

I managed to swipe this pair at Pearl River on the last day it was open, for practical and nostalgic purposes. While that store is no longer, any Chinatown emporium sells these for less than 20 bucks!

Are there any items like these that you’ve rediscovered and reworked?

– By Nicole, Intern at the Studio


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  • Love that! Bring your clean home outside on your slipper’s souls! We have the same rule, home is sacred and clean. I recently rekindled my love of Jelly Bracelets, the ones we wore TONS of in 4th grade… Remember? They are now part of my wrist wardrobe along side my Uno de 50 collection. Little shots of color and metal, so fun.

  • i have been wearing my mother’s rings: does it count? :)


  • In Estonia we always take shoes off at home (anybody’s home).

    But I don’t like slippers. I don’t even like to have socks on at home. I am often barefoot at home. :)


  • Love that! :)


  • Emily Doyle April, 12 2016, 9:41 / Reply

    Love this! I used to buy these 6 at a time and get them fixed up with a light rubber sole at the cobbler on 7th avenue…. Then wear them EVERYWHERE! My favorite pair were navy velvet with traditional beading…. Would love to find these again next time I am in the city. So cute.

  • Morfula Axipolitou April, 13 2016, 1:21 / Reply

    My husbants aunt (my favoutite one) gave me a pair of this exactly same slippers years ago! Love them!

  • A smart pigeon April, 13 2016, 3:01 / Reply

    Je porte de l’éponge l’été… Exactement comme ma Mère quand j’étais gamine. Elle avait une robe qu’elle ne portait qu’à la maison. Moi, ma robe, je la porte en ville et ceinturée avec de compensées.
    Ma Mère portait également ces chaussons…

  • I ALWAYS wear slippers or flip flops in the house because you just NEVER KNOW what’s on the floor (also, what if you break a glass)?
    My house is clean but I just prefer wearing flip flops or slippers because… slippers.

  • Are those wedding slippers?

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