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The Routine

Oh, the beauty routine, my old friend! I have come to rely on you so heavily in the hazy early mornings when I just switch to autopilot and somehow my teeth are brushed, face is washed, concealer applied.

Then one in the bathroom became two, and suddenly my boyfriend and I are battling for the sink each morning — and the routine went to s#*t haywire. But I’ve been working on the compromise, trying to adapt! Someone can totally just brush their teeth over the kitchen sink, right? That’s twenty-first century living! Be dynamic! Ha, but really, I think this might have contributed to my severe lack of makeup over the past few months… I can’t ever get enough time in front of the mirror to put on more than a quick swipe of mascara (if that).

How do you compromise when it comes to your morning ritual? Any good tips for those who, so far, have been a little slow to adapt?!! So far, the best resolution I’ve come to is to just wake up a whole lot earlier, which is not my favorite thing to do…


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  • De mon côté ce sont nos deux enfants qui ont grappillé le temps de préparation matinale…Du coup si j’arrive à appliquer mon eau florale et ma crème, déjà, je suis contente! Et autant dire que je me suis habituée à mon visage sans make-up….

  • Bonjour Neada~! I hear you! First, separate bathrooms really helps…..then if you don’t have that, have your husband take his shower at night and you in the am! Or visa versa! Or just feel the coziness….lol

    Love, Ingrid from California

  • Hi Ingrid! I wish! In New York, it’s now always so easy… And yes, it gets veeery cozy at times!! I suppose that’s love in the Big Apple!

  • Set up a vanity area for makeup and skincare that’s out of the bathroom.

    Pluses: peace; room to spread out (possibly); plus you can pick the brightest spot with best/natural light. Minuses: no sink access, so cleansing still has to happen off-site. (But then, if you’re on the no-water process like Garance these days, this just makes it easier to resist washing temptation!)

  • My husband and I share a small bathroom too. He tends to get up a little earlier so I get a little alone time in there but we just try to mange. Maybe I’ll do my make up with a compact mirror or move to the big mirror in the bedroom. We make it work even if I have to kick him out of the bathroom haha!

  • It’s like doing a sleepy, early morning dance around each other, no? Love your take…

  • no-
    sleep is non-negotiable–better to come in without concealer or whatever, than to lose an hour of sleep because you have to get up earlier!

    the separate area for make-up and perfume, etc works well for me; i shower and/or wash my face (without soap, but always warm-cold-warm-cold water) in the bathroom, even while my partner shaves, and then go to the vanity area in bedroom..works well. these completely natural and awesome RMS beauty wipes help with any makeup mistakes needing H2O: http://www.rmsbeauty.com/products/ultimate-makeup-remover-wipe and for those needing oil solvent, i use plain jojoba oil or argon oil. no bathroom sink needed-easy!
    (q: why does he get to shave, but you don’t get to do your routine?;)

  • I know! Ok, so right now I use the sink as I need and then any makeup is applied at the kitchen counter using… A compact mirror!! I mean, come on… No, but really — I wouldn’t trade him for the extra bathroom time, I suppose ;)

  • Je suis assez simple. Je ne mets pas de maquillage du tout. Je me lave bien le visage, mes dents sont brossées et j’y vais. Je suis étudiante alors mon habit est assez simple legging + sweater + Ugg boots durant les journees d’automne/hiver. Je peux me lever 30 minutes avant de partir et ça me va. :)

  • Très intelligent !

  • I feel your struggle as I have the same problem. :) Luckily (well, actually not), I have to get up earlier than my boyfriend during the week so that buys me more time in the morning. But it makes getting out of the warm bed so much harder. In the weekend, it’s really a problem as I just can’t do my make-up when he’s using the mirror as well. So he ends up teasing me by standing there a little longer and then I move to another mirror. :)

  • Get a second mirror outside the bathroom or get used to your face nude. Really like your refreshing style of writing by the way.

  • Hey! Thanks so much! I am definitely getting used to my face nude… Lucky for me, it’s winter now and I pretty much give up for that entire season each year. Great timing.

  • Mirrors all around the apartment! Helps with getting different types of light too for makeup application ;)

  • Nuria Henderson November, 24 2015, 12:33 / Reply

    I get ready in my bedroom ,a small hand mirror,good light and can apply my make up stress free.The challenge comes the moment you have a baby,try to find the time.

  • Le truc imparable: 2 salles de bain, LOL :-)

  • I hit the jackpot by marrying a man who needs approximately 7 minutes in the bathroom, so my routine is unchanged! He sometimes has trouble getting his 7 minutes in , though…

  • You won the jackpot and then you. Locked. It. Down. What a find — congrats, both of you! Sounds like an amazing man ;)

  • If you have room in your apartment, get a vanity table! I also live with my boyfriend in a veerrrrry small space with one bathroom, and it improved my mornings/routine by about 10,000%. You’ll still have to duck around each other for tooth-brushing/face washing, but then you can do your moisturizer/makeup/hair at the vanity in peace. Having a vanity makes the whole thing feel special, too–less of a chore and more of a self-pampering “me time” every morning! I just got a sleek white desk from Target and a vanity mirror, and a cute tray that holds all my creams and potions (makeup goes in the slide-out desk drawer).

  • Haha Neada, moi mon truc c’est deux lavabos dans la salle de bains !!! Imparable !

  • I live with my boyfriend and we also have a very small bathroom. But I found a very practical solution, all my make up is in a furniture in my living room. The basis things like cleaning my face, applying my jojoba oil and brushing my teeth are done in the bathroom and for the make up part, its in the living room, under a natural light coming from the window (very good to avoid the cakey face)! And I avoid the #occupybathroom every morning

  • I share my bathroom with roomates for years now, and our solution is : only water things in the bathroom (shower, teeth ect). For the hair, makeup and so on: everyone in his room. So I have a cosy small corner with a mirror and my product that I use with music, good light like said Flo, and no stress :)

  • Personnellement me lever plus tôt que toute la maisonnée est la seule façon que j’ai trouvée pour avoir le temps de faire ma petite beauté… Désolée… ;)

  • Hey! Just think about a flat with a bathroom with two sinks :)

  • Get up earlier or later than your partner to use the bathroom. Or make another space in the home for putting your face together. (Or put your make up on at work, which is what I do as the restroom at office has great lighting!)
    Love from a native New Yorker, M.

  • What great comments!!!!! I once had neighbor who shared 6 people with one bathroom! Yikes. We need to be thankful we even have a bathroom!

    Blessings to all reading this!

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