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The World of Be

Even for those unplugged from the world of alternative medicine, the presence of crystals (at your yoga class, on your co-worker’s desk, in Victoria Beckham’s purse) may have piqued your interest. But where to start? For any newbie, the world of crystals and their healing powers can be overwhelming. Where do you get them? What do you use them for? It is believed that crystals hold the power to store and transform energy in the pursuit of health, wellness and spirituality. So while it might be tempting to just buy some crystals off Amazon to leave on your nightstand, why not try a different approach: reaping the benefits of them on directly your skin.

After an injury, fashion designer Jessica Barkley took to crystals and essential oils to learn more about the power of healing oneself without the use of pharmaceuticals or chemicals. She was shocked at how quickly the combination of meditation, oils, crystals, and Reiki began to mend her. Fast-forward to today, and Jessica along with her daughter Tamara, co-founded World of Be—a line of specialty beauty products designed to raise your vibration by pairing powerful crystals with all-natural essential oils. (Plus, who doesn’t love a mother/daughter duo?!)

Their four signature blends were born from the idea of enhancing different areas of your life and each contains a specific crystal that focuses on certain qualities. BE: Love uses Rose Quartz focuses on the energy of unconditional love and relationships. BE: Abundant uses Citrine Crystals for abundance, prosperity, and opportunity. BE: Full of Life uses Amethysts which is the energy of physical well-being and balance. Lastly, BE: Enlightened uses Clear Quarts which is the crystal with the highest level of energy that connects us to our inner being and connection to the Universe. Each blend houses an assortment of products within it, from face balms to bath salts, so you can shop according to the quality you need most.

As one would expect, the process of crafting these unique products is an elaborate one. Their crystals are imported primarily from mines in Brazil and Madagascar and then subsequently rinsed and sorted. After energizing their crystals, World of Be also applies Reiki to each batch separately depending on the energy of each crystal. Their oils come from France to ensure they are using the highest, Therapeutic-grade quality. The oils and crystals are then mixed to form a perfect harmony. Products that heal and beautify all-in-one? Yes, please!

Next time you’re manifesting your future, why not look good while doing it?

Written by Zoe Coles

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