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Things We Slacked / Laser Hair Removal

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Things We Slacked / Laser Hair Removal

Welcome to new spin on our beloved Things We Slacked posts. We don’t just slack links between each other all day. We also slack about very important topics, such as laser hair removal! So we’ve decided to re-produce some of our most important slack debates as minis for you all!

Jane: Has anyone gotten laser hair removal? Going to get it in an hour and i’m getting anxiety

Vanessa: Oh you should be.

Sarah: I’ve gotten it and I highly recommend

Emily: No–and I probably should have before this summer because of the wedding.

Vanessa: You should run while you can

Sarah: You can buy cream that numbs the area prior to your appt

Jane: What cream? my appointment’s at 7:10!!

Emily: Are you going to a derm or just a laser place?

Vanessa: It felt like getting punched by Mike Tyson

Christina: I’ve had it twice

Sarah: Go to cvs, maybe they have it

Jane: The place is called Satori Laser

Bogdana: My friend is doing it and she’s done it for herself and couldn’t be happier

Veronica: If it’s just the first time it won’t be that bad — it gets worse as your appointments progress and they up the laser strength

Jane: ait where did everyone do it? Underarms?

Mary: I havent done it

Sarah: It’s really not that bad

Christina: For me it didn’t hurt very much either time

Jane: Compare it to like a bikini wax??? pain scale?

Vanessa: Traumatized. I need a support group or something, that’s how traumatized I am.

Veronica: I’m concerned about your lack of pain tolerance van, you def need to get laughing gas for your wisdom tooth extraction.

Christina: Less than bikini wax

Bogdana: It doesn’t hurt, unless your hair is too fair to see

Emily: but you have light hair Van! If you have dark hair it doesn’t hurt as much, I’ve heard…

Bogdana: Yes that’s true Van

Jane: ok good

Bogdana: Well, black hair on dark dark skin hurts the most I heard

Christina: I have super black hair and for me it didn’t hurt

Jane: hm okay i will report back tomorrow

Emily: But you’re not supposed to do it on tan skin right?

Sarah: Yeah you can’t have a tan!

Christina: and no sun exposure before or after

Veronica: 100% no tan. Van and i just heard a horror story from Sally about doing it after being in the sun, she had red dots for a year on her legs.

Christina: Although I think you can just wear sunscreen bc it can burn your skin

Vanessa: You def shouldn’t get it if you have light hair. I have dark-ish hair but turns out the roots were light!! All the pain and trauma… for nothing!

Jane: wait

Jane: am i going to be ok?

Vanessa: I have numbing cream in my bag!!

Sarah: omg van, how come

Vanessa: Remember, I was supposed to get a tattoo today??

Sarah: that’s so random

Christina: it hurts less than a tattoo

Bogdana: It hurst less than tattoo IF you have dark hair and light skin

Jane: ok i’ll go sans cream today

Vanessa: Yes it did grow back. And I did electrolysis too. Also grew back. I hate hair, it’s the bane of my existence

Emily: Where are you having it done?

Jane: underarms!

Sarah: I heard electorlysis is really painful

Jane: I’m very ticklish so i’m nervous

Veronica: It’s nothing. you’ll be fine

Christina: I am doing my mustache ( I have no shame) and I’m not even halfway through my sessions and it’s already helped a loooot

Vanessa: Ok Rambo. “It’s nothing”

Emily: Garance had it once and loved it and then went back for her legs and said it was miserable

Jane: oh god haha

Vanessa: You should do it in the winter though

Bogdana: It’s hard to be a woman

Veronica: I have zero pain tolerance and the underarms was the only place i didn’t flinch

Emily: Jane you have to tell me how it is, I think I should do it this winter

Jane: hah you guys will definitely hear all about it

Carie: Em – I’m so glad you said that about G. I’m always envious of how she never looks like she has ANY leg hair. I was beginning to think she was born like that


Emily: I don’t know if she did it enough for it to do anything to her legs
I think she made them stop when she went to have it done
I think her leg hair is just really fine

Carie: I shave, get goose bumps once and it’s over

Emily: I’m trying to decide what to do with my bikini situation before the wedding and it’s giving me a huge amount of anxiety

Christina: I had my bikini done and my psycho hair genes beat the laser soooo

Vanessa: Do you guys know about this myth – I hope it’s a myth – that claims that if you dip a newborn baby in bat’s blood, it won’t grow hair?

Emily: WHAT?!

Carie: Vanessa -WHAT

Emily: That is totally crazy

Veronica: That’s upsetting. myth or not.

Vanessa: I didn’t make it up. Only heard about it

Christina: do people kill bats to accomplish this?

Bogdana: Too bad my parents didn’t dip me

Carie: maybe you can do born again bat blood dip. very american of you

Jane: ok off i go . will report back tomorrow! thank you all for your input

Jane: especially you van

(The Next Day)

Jane: UPDATE: i survived and it was actually not as painful as i thought!!! though the girl in the next room to me was literally screaming as if she was being attacked… i guess it is all relative…. and we’ll see how i feel in a few months, since they amp up the intensity with each visit

Jane: this will be a month long saga to be continued


Add yours
  • Mariana August, 7 2018, 5:23 / Reply

    Listen, I have never ever commented on a blog before. I’m a first timer here! I’m not sure how it works for other people with different types of hair or skin color but for me it was the best thing I could’ve done. Legs, bikini line, underarms, you name it! It does grow back a little but it becomes super thin and I go to a session once a year for “maintenance”. I had super thick hair, it was a nightmare during my teen years. Waxing was also a painful nightmare. Now I have that smooth skin that I had always longed for without the hassle of having to wax every time!

    It’s best if you do it in the winter when your skin is lighter and you shouldn’t do it if you’re pregnant. So, my point is, even if it hurts a little, it’s a small price to pay if you really struggle with body hair. :)

    Best of luck and hope ir works for you!

  • Laser hair removal has been one of my biggest and best self care investments. I started first with my underarms and for the last few years I’ve just had to do a few “maintenance” or top up sessions. It has truly been the best thing ever, as I am a beach bum and hate the constant shaving 2-3 times a week.

    I started my bikini wax last year and I am amazed at the results. Having no hair down there is super amazing. I was a wax girl (super painful) and then started back shaving 2-3 times a month to alleviate all that hair. But since the Laser treatment, it lasts at least 2 months with sparse hair growth. I am on my 5th session and the results are improving.

    The vagina area is most susceptible to pain and the ice pack that they use to numb the area helps at times. Once you communicate with the Technician they can lower the Laser to your pain threshold. Waxing is more painful in my experience. I endured the laser treatment because I see the results and know there will be minimal growth!

    I am black Caribbean/very fair skinned complexion and my hairs are super black. The only negative is that my greys on my vagina region will never disappear. To be honest, I wished that I had done this years ago before the sight of greys.

    It’s easy now to put on a swimsuit and jet off to the beach without needing an emergency quick shave which is so arduous and restricts spontaneity sometimes.

    I would highly recommend if your hairs are super dark as the Laser responds better to that. You will feel super liberated, ie only if you can’t stand hairs in these areas.

    My next investment will be my legs! I can’t wait.

  • This was a very long post however it caught my attention because I’m so happy to have done laser on my legs & bikini. Very low to no maintenance now whatsoever. HOWEVER, the skin on my legs is much drier than before having laser. Nobody addresses this. But still; with dry oil brushing & lots more cream it’s still better. Anyone else notice this??

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