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Things We Slacked / Natural Deodorant

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Things We Slacked / Natural Deodorant

Welcome to new spin on our beloved Things We Slacked posts. We don’t just slack links between each other all day. We also slack about very important topics, such as natural deodorant. So we’ve decided to re-produce some of our most important slack debates as minis for you all! First up, good ‘ol natural deodorant.

Carie: I need help! Specifically I need any and all natural deodorant recs if any of you have them! Clearly no rush needed on this

Vanessa: Malin + Goetz (not during the summer months) but I personally don’t think natural deodorants work. I’m back to good old Dove.

Carie: ok, duly noted. thank you!

Mary: @Sarah Fischer feel free to chime in on the natural deodorant

Caitlin: I use the spray deodorant in our bathroom here – the Dove. I love it. Well, not that exact one. I bought my own.

Carie: Ok! This is helpful. Thanks, guys. SARAH….I need your thoughts!

Sarah: Hahah wait I’ve tried so many, I’ll get you the names tomorrow, can’t remember off the top of my head but they DO NOT work during the summer :( (Mary can attest to that lol)

Sarah: Also! Malin + Goetz is not all natural!!

Christina: I have used Schmidt’s natural deodorant and agree with the above that it doesn’t always work. But the scents are nice

Carie: I’ve heard really good things about Schmidt’s. I think I’m just going to go to Whole Foods and wing it. They apparently will take anything back that doesn’t work or satisfy. Just an FYI for anyone who doesn’t already know that.

Sarah: Schmidt’s is good, but the texture hurts my armpits. Like it’s not soft.

Carie: hmmm

Sarah: v rough..

Carie: This is such an overwhelming topic. It’s like choosing the right birth control. You never know how the side effects are going to impact you.

Sarah: SO TRUE. I was using a men’s 99% all natural Burts Bees deo that worked pretty well (found it at Whole Foods).

Carie: ah, thats a very good option to consider

Mary: I use Dove. If anyone was wondering.

Vanessa: I was.

Bogdana: @Sarah Native Deodorant has a probiotic base and it’s good

Caitlin: That’s three for Dove!

Sarah: I use Dove now too :(

Caitlin: Should we call Dove?

Vanessa: LOVE DOVE. Tell them I found their new slogan

Sarah: @Bogdana thank youuu I’m going to look into Native Deodorant

Carie: Someone send me the exact dove that Caitlin’s been swiping from the studio bathroom!

Caitlin: I swear I bought my own!

Vanessa: mmmhmm sure

Emily: I use Dove too!

Emily: Just chiming in.

Carie: Where are Jane and Veronica? Maybe they don’t wear any…?

Veronica: I’m here! I just don’t have slack notifications on so I don’t have a panic attack when I see 2374617 new slacks. If I didn’t wear deodorant I wouldn’t have friends. Y’all, Dove’s not natural is it?

Emily: No it’s not. super chemicals

Carie: shit I thought you’d found the unicorn of natural Dove spray

Veronica: To go all the way back, I usually use Malin + Goetz but right now I’m cheating on it with Native. When you switch to natural deodorant you need three months minimum for your body to adjust. It’s a winter time commitment. Like laser hair removal.

Carie: whoa.

Veronica: I brave summer months with natural but always reapply at least twice during the day w/o shame. On the street. In a cab.

Carie: Well, this was fun and so helpful while I eat my sad lunch salad. Thanks, buds!


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  • Lindsay Reichart July, 23 2018, 12:55 / Reply

    Deodorant and toiletries are one of those things that really up our use of unnecessary plastics. I recommend Meow Meow Tweet for an all natural deodorant that really works AND is offered in bulk or in compostable paper packaging. Would love to see all natural considerations incorporate consideration of a product’s after-life :)

    Also, keep in mind it takes time to adjust away from conventional deodorants but if you find the right one and give it a month you will be smelling fresh!

  • I have heard of Meow Meow! Thanks for the reminder! x Carie

  • Adèle July, 23 2018, 3:11 / Reply

    Huile de coco + bicarbonate de soude. Tout simplement :) Ça a changé ma vie !

  • therese July, 23 2018, 3:50 / Reply

    This is a perfect opportunity for you to get natural samples sent from all the companies to see what works and review them. There are so many out there from Crystal deordant to Schmidts. I love Takesumi Detox deoderant . Agent Natuer is supposed to be amazing.

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestion. The armpits have a large number of lymph nodes are very sensitive to chemicals. It was the first thing I went clean on. I was so worried about cel mutations around my girls.

    Also your hormones will often dictate body oder so you may notice less need for strong deoderants as you get older. It can also take a week or two for the deoderant to adjust to your system.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, Therese! x Carie

  • Ah, I relate to this, having tried a BUNCH unsuccessfully (and with painful underarm irritation in many cases) and kept going back to Degree and feeling gross about it. (Plus staining all my shirts yellow–that is something natural deodorants will not do!) The secret to Schmidt’s re: the texture is to place the applicator under your armpit for like 10-20 seconds and let the stick warm up to your skin. Then it goes on WAY smoother and doesn’t drag. You’re also not supposed to coat it on too heavily. No natural deodorant will keep you from sweating, since that’s what a chemical antiperspirant does and it’s apparently really bad for your body not to let sweat out. So you may have some wetness on really hot days, which takes some getting used to when you’re used to not sweating at all, but my experience has been that Schmidt’s works the best in keeping you from smelling bad. I also had to switch to the sensitive skin formula because it’s baking soda-free–that’s an ingredient in a LOT of natural deodorants that also irritates a lot of people’s skin. It’s been a game changer for me! Good luck!

  • I will definitely keep that in mind for if/when I try Schmidt’s. Thanks for the tip! x Carie

  • Bravo Adèle!
    Pour moi, bicarbonate en poudre sur les aisselles encore humides après la douche.
    Il n’y a pas mieux!

  • Ayesha Tellis July, 23 2018, 7:24 / Reply

    This was seriously so fun to read and super informative! Love “Things We Slacked” old and new editions. Can we have both? :)

  • Veronica July, 24 2018, 8:51

    Yes! There will definitely be both kinds of “Things We Slacked” from here on out! xx

  • Native > Schmidts
    Native has a sample pack of little guys so try that before you commit to a scent, they fit nicely in your purse because yes, you have to reapply. Once mid-day/afternoon is good. Or after you eat like a spicy ramen in the summer for lunch or something.

    I found that the one from Simply Fair has a weird texture (soft solid, gooey??) but it worked the best so far on warm days.
    Re: all natural deo’s: You still sweat and smell a bit as your body adjusts – but stick with it. DO NOT give up and go back to regular if you decide to go with it. It’ll be worth the transition.

    I have also saved AER to my list and Rosy Pits.
    Good luck and free those pits! xo

  • In France we have Cosi which is great !
    Works very well for me !

  • Rachael July, 24 2018, 6:46 / Reply


  • Morgan July, 24 2018, 9:55 / Reply

    I have tried so. many. natural. deodorants. EVERYTHING. Meow Meow Tweet, Native, Agent Natuer, Kopari, practically everything from the shelves of Whole Foods and only one has withstood the test of time (and major sweat – I live in Florida). TYPE A!!!!!!!!!! ( It’s a paste that you squeeze from a tube directly onto your pits (no using your fingers!) and it actually works. As with any natural deodorant, it takes a few weeks to actually become effective, but if you stick with it I PROMISE you’ll get results you want. I use the scented version and prefer the subtle citrusy smell. It’s divine.

  • cass estes July, 24 2018, 11:45 / Reply

    Oh man, hot topic…no pun intended. I have tried so many and now I make my own, it works well but does need to be reapplied on a hot sweaty day. Want the recipe? I like that I can make the scent my own!

  • I’ve not had the best luck with natural deodorants but I have found a few that work well for me. Only the lavender- sage variety of Schmidt’s seems to work really well, and they do have a new sensitive line w/o the irritating baking soda that uses magnesium instead of baking soda that I’m curious about. I know a lot of people who swear by People’s Pharmacy milk of magnesia deodorant, so I think there’s something to the magnesium thing.

    There is a Dead Sea mineral spray called Dr. Mist that’s really effective (it’s endorsed by body odor support groups, haha!). I just got tired of having to order it online.

  • I use Schmidt’s currently. And yes, ideally you should apply a few times during the day, as it doesn’t last as long as the chemical deodorants. Sometimes it causes irritation and breakouts if I’ve just shaved. So use it on dry, non-irritated skin.
    Piper Wai is another natural deodorant that some people like. I’ve been meaning to try Piper Wai and Native.

  • M Ruth July, 24 2018, 3:26 / Reply


  • I’m particular to a homemade variety that uses magnesium oil and witch hazel (full recipe here:
    Super easy to make and has definitely felt like a great chem-free alternative.

  • Georgia July, 31 2018, 10:41 / Reply

    I HIGHLY recommend Truly’s – – it’s amazing and totally works, even in the summer!

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