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Things We Slacked / New Year’s Resolutions

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Things We Slacked / New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes you got resolutions, and sometimes you don’t…can’t say that we’re the most resolution oriented group around here this year…

Carie: What are everyone’s thoughts on resolutions for the new year? I hate them and never make them, but think about it for like 1.5 days each December.
Also, I typed “resolutions for the new year” because I never remember if I should capitalize and put an apostrophe in New Years Resolutions and have to google it every single time

There’s an apostrophe.

Veronica: I’m just impressed you care enough to check apostrophe grammar for slack

Carie: I like to stay consistent otherwise I’ll become a person that uses acronyms for everything and that’s the downfall of civilizations

Veronica: lol. aka me?

Carie: Linne, I know you love the OC!
which I appreciate

Veronica: the “OC?”

Linne: the OC?

Veronica: like the tv show?

Carie: of course!

Veronica: ohhhhhh

Carie: that’s Linne’s reply when I thank her for everything

Linne: oooh hahahah
i do the “ofc”

Carie: rihhhhht
right. my bad

Veronica: i thought you were talking about the thrilling tv show of the early aughts

Linne: i thought so too lol

Carie: I honestly have never watched an episode of that show

Linne: i was like i mean i do love me some seth cohen buuuut haha

Sarah: I’m rewatching the OC right now, it’s so good


Carie: but, wait, resolutions??

Linne: oh right

Carie: should i watch the OC as my resolution/goal for 2019?

Veronica: hahaha
yes, especially b/c you’re in LA now

Carie: true

Mary: i speak in acronyms on a daily basis, so i guess i’m guilty of our downfall

Carie: But that is honestly part of your charm, Mary

Mary: tysm
lol see!!!

Carie: that’s my favorite one!

Linne: ilysm

Veronica: i constantly ask mare for an explanation of what the hell she is saying to me

Carie: I google most of hers

Veronica: i sometimes dont even know if it’s good or bad

Mary: vanessa didn’t even understand me when i would speak to her on slack for the first 6 months that i worked here

Veronica: LOLZ

Carie: Soooo, no one has resolutions?

Veronica: i do wonder if emojis are screwing with are ability to express emotions

Carie: they are

Veronica: sometimes i can’t figure out what i want to say, but i do know the emoji i want to use
and i search for five mins for it instead of searching my own brain for the word / emotion

Carie: they are a crutch in so many ways…

Veronica: you know what they are doing? people can’t read sarcasm in texts any more

Mary: linne lives for emojis

Veronica: LIVES

Mary: so much so that our client asked her to remove them from our social previews

Veronica: DYING

Linne: coooool guys

Emily: this is literally an LOL moment

Veronica: it’s an endearing quality

Linne: [insert eye roll emoji]


Veronica: we’re including Carie!

Mary: carie i wish you were here so we could talk in person

Carie: me too, mary, me too

Emily: CARIE i have a resolution

Carie: lay it on us

E: i have a few actually

Mary: carie i wish you could’ve just been here to see everyone giggling at their screens and no one speaking out loud

Emily: 1. to go back to pilates because right now i am paying them like $250 a month and i’m just getting fat
it’s the biggest waste of money in my life

Carie: fair and motivating

Veronica: yeah, it’s cliche but that should be my resolution too — sweating more

Emily: 2. i want to start engaging with some kind of addiction support group either via something we do with the studio or alanon or something like that
i know that’s heavy, but it’s the truth! and it’s something i took away from the retreat

Carie: those are good ones!

Veronica: that’s a great take away
i might try to do dry january
but that’s really it
and i also try every year
and fail

Carie: oh god

Bogdana: My resolution, or more like a dream (bc I can’t influence it) is to get a Green Card
Oh la la
And go to Pariiiiiii

Carie: Excellent resolution
I really love that no one said lose weight

Linne: i was gonna say my resolution is usually to start actually working out, but let’s be real i just ate mac and cheese and an entire chocolate bar for lunch, so…

Carie: Emily’s not getting fat, so her comment doesn’t count

Linne: ooh but my actual real resolution is to make time to work on my art more!

Bogdana: My other dream is to live in a world where women don’t measure calories they eat every god damn day. Why don’t men do it? ever? (well, maybe 5% do)

Carie: I agree with you, Bogdana

Bogdana: Anyway, moving off the subject. Anyone else has any resolutions?

Emily: no i am! my jeans are all starting to not fit!

Mary: i needto think long and hard
because i never stick to mine

Carie: I like to give myself like a 5 lb. gain for the winter. it’s good for keeping warm
Veronica – do you try to do a dry January alone or with Tyler?
You need some kind of support
Maybe Mary will do it with you!

mary: hell no

carie: haha

Linne: but then i’ll miss all the “over-served” stories

Mary: thats setting myself up for failure
so true

Bogdana: LOL

Carie: that’s why I don’t do resolutions, I set the bar real low
and just do it all in moderation

Bogdana: Veronica, you’re traveling to Paris in January! C’mon

Carie: oh yeah, definitely gonna fail

Veronica: oh shit. i forgot about that. next year.


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