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Things We Slacked / To Blonde or Not to Blonde

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Things We Slacked / To Blonde or Not to Blonde

Welcome to new spin on our beloved Things We Slacked posts. We don’t just slack links between each other all day. We also slack about very important topics, such as natural deodorant. So we’ve decided to re-produce some of our most important slack debates as minis for you all!

Vanessa: By popular demand, I’m moving this convo to slack
Should I go blond? Does blond take an “e” in English? Should I go blond-er? Will it damage my hair? Help.

Christina: I think it will damage your hair but I also think you should do it.

Carie: DO IT so I can live vicariously through you.

Christina: Agree with Carie.

Veronica: I think you need to define what you mean by blonde. There are many variations and I know you just want to be your 12-year-old self again, which was BLONDE.

Carie: Also, be prepared to spend $$$ if you want to maintain it. This is the sole reason I never did it because I’m cheap and was afraid I’d have to alter how much money I spend on food, which I wasn’t willing to do.

Christina: You get to use that fun looking silver shampoo! I have blonde envy.

Vanessa: Yes, Veronica exactly. I wanted to do something drastic like this:
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 1.11.16 PM

Vanessa: Especially since 50% of my hair is now white.

Veronica: 50% of MY hair is white. We have cool twin skunk streaks! You’re going to lose the streak!

Vanessa: Mary. Help. I trust you.


Carie: Mary, our blonde goddess!

. . .

Veronica: Vanessa and I just had a grey-off. Christina called it a tie but she’s also too nice of a person.

Christina: I think the grey looks very cool on both of you. @maryleonard please get involved

Vanessa: I may also get two new tattoos in the new future. I don’t want this to be a phase I’ll regret in a week

Veronica: The hair color isn’t permanent, maybe start with that.

Carie: Vanessa! Are you getting these tattoos this week?

Bogdana: Blonde?!

Vanessa: Yes B, Blonde. And Carie, I might get the first one on Monday!

Carie: What is it??

Veronica: Don’t ask. It’s weird and obtuse. She still hasn’t fully explained it to me.

Vanessa: In my defense, Veronica wants to get her parent’s initials tattooed on her arms. Maybe that’s out next slack convo! Tattoos!

Veronica: Only if you finally explain why you want a half circle tattooed around your arm.

Christina: I watched the interaction happen when Vanessa told Veronica the tattoo she wanted and Veronica’s distaste for the tattoo was VERY lightly masked.

Veronica: I don’t have a poker face. I’m okay with that.

Vanessa: Can we get back to me being blonde?

Bogdana: Are we trying to even out our Blondes VS Brunettes situation now?

Mary: BLONDE. Go blonde.

Christina/ Veronica / Carie : Fiiinnnaallly. / THE QUEEN BLONDE BEE. / YAS!

Mary: Use olaplex and you can bleach the shit out of it without damaging it
but it will cost $$$$ to maintain. Being beautiful is expensive tbh.

Vanessa: Ugh.

Mary: You have to decide if you want to do one color or like highlights. And you have to add a protecting treatment to keep it in shape.

Vanessa: I’m not doing it. It sounds like too much work and too much money.

Editor’s Note: We will update you as this story unfolds…


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  • Fabuleuse Kate Blanchett !

  • Lindsey Jacobs July, 30 2018, 1:47 / Reply

    Ladies, I’m SO glad you shared this conversation! I’ve been internally debating going blonde all weekend. (I may or may not have been inspired by Vanessa Kirby’s gorgeous locks in Mission Impossible Fallout). You all have convinced me that I’m too cheap to keep it up right now. Maybe I’ll do it after I get my next promotion.


  • Natalie July, 30 2018, 4:00 / Reply


  • Maybe highlights? I’ve been taking my dark blonde (okay light brown) hair lighter with not quite as much upkeep by asking for a “Lived in Blonde” look – look at Johnny Ramirez’ Instagram for what that looks like. It is still light, but much less upkeep and I still get to use the fun purple shampoo!

  • Olapex all the way. It’s worth the $$. You will never regret it, I promise.
    The tattoos? Maybe you’ll regret that….?!

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