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Don’t go throwing out all of your beauty products…

I know the post today might have you jumping to clean up your bathroom counter (the first time I met Tata, I went home and read the labels on everything I used in a semi-state of panic) but before you toss anything, download this app, Think Dirty.

The app allows you to scan the barcodes of your beauty and personal care products to get a breakdown of the ingredients and how they impact your health. The app also suggests other “cleaner” products to replace items you have that get a dirty rating.

If you need me, I’ll be at Duane Reade…scanning…everything.


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  • Interesting. I’m not an eco-maniac, but it could be curious to know more about some products I use on a daily basis. I choose them carefully, but still. Wish this app was available for Android..

  • this sounds like such a great idea! :)

  • I only use almond oil as day cream, and it is perfect.

  • Trop bien ça! et tout à fait d’accord sur le principe des produits bio, qui rentrent dans notre peau.. mieux vaut ne pas attendre d’être bourrés de produit chimiques pour le regretter quand c’est trop tard!

  • clementine November, 26 2013, 4:22 / Reply

    app sucks, i scanned about 9 things and they didn’t have the info for any of the items

  • Hi Clementine! The app is fairly new so not every product has been listed yet. Another resource is

    Hope this helps!



  • This sounds really interesting! Must try it out! :)

  • I also LIVE by these two resource websites:

    I first copy and paste my ingredients list here: COSDNA:
    Then anything that comes up red or yellow, I learn about it more here: EWG:

    Beauty Counter’s The Never List is also really helpful

    All of these resources helped me make smart decisions about what to chuck and what to keep!

    hope that helps!

    In pursuit of wonder.

  • Comme j’imagine que Think Dirty est plutôt destiné au marché américain, je me permets de signaler une application française sur le même principe : Noteo ( )

    Avantage : on peut aussi recenser des produits et contribuer soi-même à l’agrandissement de la base de données qui sera analysée par les experts, et ça vaut aussi pour l’alimentaire et les produits d’entretien.

  • Bonjour,

    En tant qu utilisatrice récente de Noteo je confirme; c est super et tres instructif ( des marques étiquetées ” nature” ne le sont en fait pas tant que ça.
    Je vais aussi tester cette nouvelle app.
    Merci pour ce post sur un sujet qui a l air de toucher pas mal d entre nous .
    En tout cas je ne me vois plus revenir en arrière et acheter toutes les nouveautés sans réfléchir,

  • Oh GÉNIAL : vraiment l’appli que je cherchais! Je bénis son inventeur! Et merci à vous les filles!

  • This app seems like it has the potential to be amazing … once it’s fully functional.

    I wasn’t able to find any of my beauty products in its database (including common items like Dove deodorant and Burt’s Bees cleanser), and each time I tried to type a product name into the search bar, the app crashed.

    I also wasn’t able to sign up because it kept asking me to fill in my first and last name, but there wasn’t a place to do so.

    I hope they can fix it soon, because it’s truly an amazing mission and would be so helpful for conscientious shoppers!

  • Really people?? this is news? EWG has been around forever, let’s not pretend you’ve got your finger on the pulse—-OLD INFO

  • That’s a bit strong. This isn’t a newspaper that claims to receive and relay information before others, or a blog that speaks only about the latest and greatest.

    Think Dirty is a very good idea for consumers who want to make informed decisions. Best of luck to them!

  • Whenever I see EWG being cited I just cringe. Big time.

    What EWG does is distract people from the main purpose of the cosmetics (cleaning, caring, perfuming) and point out to “facts” that have no scientific basis to scare the sh*t out of women. In the end women end up with crappy products that perform poorly and not worth the price tag.

    Not cool.

  • eastvillagesiren November, 27 2013, 1:20

    Lysine, I agree on many points with you. EWG started out with good intentions, but how they rate ingredients is based on scanning research citing often industrial level usage that has not real correlation to actual, human usage. And their scoring is inconsistent. In terms of usage, water and salt can be fatal in a high enough dosage, oxalic acid in spinach is toxic at large doees, and ethyl alcohol can be used medically, and safely, topically, but shouldn’t be ingested. Toxicity, if any, depends on the organism being exposed to a chemical, level of exposure, length of exposure, and potential contaminants and reactions among ingredients. The EU is doing a very good job evaluating individual ingredients, and is now looking to do studies on long-term exposure. I rely on the EU and peer-reviewed research to decide what products I will/won’t use. That’s why I don’t use products with arnica for everyday, but I will use it for bruises; I love sunflower, grapeseed or almond oil for my body, but I use a La Roche Posay moisturizer and sunscreen for my face.

    What disturbs me most is the aura of self-righteousness that sometimes infects the conversation of those who disdain “toxic” “chemicals” but don’t both to understand what a “chemical” is in the fist place.

  • Sur le même principe, permet aussi de voir la compo

  • ? what products in your makeup bag did u find

  • Séverine November, 27 2013, 8:52 / Reply

    Hi Alex, for the French, there is Noteo…The same in French for the French products ! That’s it …

  • Is there an equivalent UK for the app? I just tried it but it is explained that its only in the states and Canada.

  • thegoodversion November, 27 2013, 11:06 / Reply

    Pour les Françaises, il y a aussi ce lien :

  • It sounds great but if can’t find many reviews of products is quite useless. I downloaded GoodGuide which is supposed to do the same with many other products, but only few have been reviewed, I scanned Dove and Nivea which are supposed to be very very popular but… nothing.

  • Oh…dear. I know so many germaphobes already! This might turn me into one, too. :)

    Shani x

  • I agree with Clementine and others, none of my products are on their database :C.
    I am in the uk but it didn’t recognise any of my american products either. Is there a similar uk app?

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