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Time Capsule

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Time Capsule

Remember in elementary or primary school when you assuredly were asked to participate in a “time capsule”?

Something that in 10, 20 years children would get to dig up (or more likely taken out of a storage) to see what kids, just like them had put in – things that seemed indispensable, or important, or just a popular trinket?

I’ve always loved that idea and these little vessels from Anna Sheffield remind me of just that. Each one (and there is only 30!) is unique, filled with an assortment of crystals, minerals and a fragrance meant to be a sort of prescription to help manifest greatness defined by the individual who makes it theirs.

Not to get too hippy about it all – but I love any little gem or token that might help you manifest what you want in life (as I previously mentioned – and I swear its worked btw!) . And having a little jar to hold on to mementos or keepsakes makes it all the more easy.

We haven’t come so far as to forget those little things that make us remember the good ol’ days have we? Do you think its ever too late to start a time capsule?

Anna Sheffield Mindful Care Packages , $125 – $300 available at The Gift Shop x AllDayEveryDay


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  • I’ve always wanted to time capsule

  • I really love time capsules, but aren’t they generally comprised of objects of personal meaning, specifically chosen to reflect an individual experience? Not an assortment of random objects curated by a stranger? Or do I just not have enough money that I don’t know how to spend?

  • lol exactly what I was thinking. I love this blog but a few of the posts I feel are “here’s how to spend that huge excess of money you have lying around, especially if you could have achieved something similar for way less”

  • Francesca August, 4 2015, 2:47 / Reply

    Loved reading this post! It reminds me of the “time capsule” game I used to play in my childhood! Great to know a gel can do this as well…

  • Brie I love your styling posts, but I’m with Tammy on this one. $300 for rocks — oh sorry, minerals — picked out by a stranger seems to run totally counter to the point of a) time capsules and b) mementos and keepsakes, all of which are supposed to be personal and priceless.

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