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Trend Tardy

Why am I behind the ball on every trend??

For example…

Soul cycle
I have recently developed a deep obsession with Soul Cycle… All of my friends, and more notably my 15 year old sister, swear that the glory days of SoulCycle have come to an end, but I disagree. Powering (and hellishly struggling) through my first class made me feel empowered, inspired and inappropriately sweaty. Leaving with weak, but well-worked limbs, a fulfilled mind and a full heart. Since my first class (all of one week ago) I’ve already returned three times… and it’s not even a New Years resolution (but definitely breaking the bank).

The Crop Flared Jean
All of my friends, roommates, and the rest of NYC sported this trendy crop flared jean last spring. It is nearly 7 months later and I am finally in my own pair. It only took me 3 failed purchases followed by their obvious returns for me to find my perfect fit… and boy did I find ever! This pair of Mother jeans have not only left me feeling like a million bucks but also “on trend,” which is so clearly not the norm for me. Thanks, Mother!

I finally appreciate a good juice. A few weeks ago, hungover and weak, I asked my friends what we should get for brunch, to which one of them suggested we all get a juice… I’m sorry, a juice? I want a bagel (or five), not a liquid meal. She swore it would make me feel better and remove the banging thump in my head, so with a semi-open (in pain) mind, I dragged my feet to the nearest Juice Press and ordered my first pressed juice… Ok it was fantastic and yes, worked wonders. I take back every bad thing I once said about juicing as I now am a very loyal customer to any juice shop I pass on the street.

And voila! I am no longer just Mary – I am a kick-flared jean wearing, soul cycle fanatic, juice drinking trendsetter. Albeit a late one.


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