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True Botanicals

I genuinely can’t wait to be a crotchety old lady who plays bridge most afternoons, drinks white wine spritzers at 3pm, and wears a green plastic visor for the hell of it (where did those come from?! what purpose do they serve?!). But on the road to my ideal, leisure driven lifestyle involving green visors, I’m losing something. Well, yes, collagen in my skin. Duh. And pigment in my haIr. Also my eyesight. (You start to realize you have an expiration date when you get in the habit of moving the candle closer to yourself at dinner to read the fish of the day while complaining about how loud the music is.)

Okay, I’m losing a lot of things. But mostly, I’m losing my patience. I don’t know what it is about getting older but you start to want things to work when they say they’re going to work. Maybe it has something to do with knowing that your expiration date is creepin’ closer and closer!

But when things do work like they promise they will and if they smell good at the same time, well damn.

Enter True Botanicals.

I would bathe in this stuff if I could. Not just because I would be the personification of the fountain of youth, but because I would smell like a wood nymph.

Starting in February I decided to try a different line of a skin each month. (Prior to this I was slathering on 89 different products a day and my skin was screaming at me to stop by way of an awful break out.)

So come February 1st it was True Botanicals and nothing else. Not only was I sad to see February end (said no one ever in winterized New York) I also kicked myself for choosing the shortest month to test possibly some of the best skin care I’ve had the pleasure of generously slathering on my epidermis.

I love that you can choose a product line from True Botanicals that targets something specific you want to work on with your skin. Obviously I chose the Clear Collection because obviously I have problems with that.

Not only did the Pure Radiance Oil hydrate my skin during one of the worst winters, but paired with the Nutrient Toner, Resurfacing Moisture Mask, and Cellular Repair Serum, my skin got back on track to a once a month hormonal zit, as opposed to a constant constellation of bumps on my chin.

Less zits + more moisture = just enough patience for this crotchety old lady to get through her week.

See ya at the bridge table!

– Photo by Gabby Rubino

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