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I feel like I’m in on a dirty little secret when I talk about Tulura, a natural skin care company founded by Eileen Feighny and her partner, Frédéric della Faille. Upon walking into their studio space in Tribeca I was handed the most delicious tea one could possibly drink — oh and Eileen just happens to make it herself and swears it’s super simple to make (for her, probably not for me). I wanted to take home a gallon of it, but I demurely (as demurely as possible for clumsy me) sipped the cup while watching Eileen’s eyes light up while talking about her skincare journey.

A former model who breezed through much of her early life with the kind of skin we all dream of until, at the height of her modeling career her skin turned on her and she started to experience cystic acne (preach, sister!). Eileen and I bonded over how it feels to not want to leave your house because the state of your face.

Eileen decided to take matters into her own hands and thus, Tulura was born. What I love about Tulura is they developed a set of products for the Warm Season Duo and the Cold Season Duo. These past few winters have been my first real winters and I’ve had to adjust my skincare as such but never really knew exactly how to go about it. I just kinda, used heavier creams, ya know?

Well, now I just use Tulura‘s Cold Season Duo :) Voila!

I like that Eileen (and her partner, Fred) are focused on developing slowly and with intention.

And the best part is the story of how (if one can believe!) Fred was manifested by Eileen. Before even meeting him she wrote down all the characteristics she wanted in a partner and stuck the paper in her wallet. Years after they had cemented their relationship she found the piece of paper and Fred was an exact match to the partner of her dreams.

Watching Fred watch Eileen, you really believe in the power of a partnership (and Tulura!).

OH! And how could I forget, Eileen just also happens to be an indemand esthetician with a waitlist of clients vying for an hour of her healing powers.

Follow Eileen on Instagram here, and find out more about Tulura here!


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  • catherine October, 30 2018, 2:19 / Reply

    love this brand so much! the botanical facial oil transformed my skin this summer and i fully intend on switching to the cold season duo very soon.

  • Ruth Kallens October, 30 2018, 2:38 / Reply

    Tulura is so insanely amazing. The duo is so nourishing for my skin and is a miracle healer.

  • Haven’t tried them yet, but so excited to. Love their story!

  • I’ve finally found a moisturizer that leaves me feeling light and not clogged up. I want to bathe in the oil, can’t get enough! X

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