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Ultimate Costume Pressure

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Ultimate Costume Pressure

This weekend is Halloween, and that means… I’m leaving town!

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s Playboy bunny or sexy nurse costume parade (and I have definitely celebrated multiple Halloweens in my time!), but I’m just not the biggest fan. Maybe it’s because I’m Australian and it’s an event we didn’t celebrate as much there growing up, but I think part of it really has to do with what I call ultimate costume pressure.

And, I’m throwing it out there, I think it’s more difficult for women.
You have to tread that fine line, right? The one where you’re not too sexy for fear of being slutty, but also not so tragically awkward in some costume that seemed like a really good idea.. at the time (and that time was definitely before you got to the party). Ideally, the perfect Halloween costume is topical and funny, without being something too disconcerting. 
I was reading Lena Dunham’s recent Lenny newsletter and she talked about all of the awkward outfits she’s worn for Halloween over the years, ending with a recent attempt at being Louis C.K. (her point was: no woman should try to be Louis C.K., no matter how cool we all think he is)(I really love Louis C.K!!).

I feel like my worst attempt (and we all have these) was when I went as a zombie bride. My boyfriend of the time (we hadn’t even been dating for very long) was, ahem, not very impressed. I looked a little more like someone who had rolled around in a pit of white crayon and ketchup then decided to put on an 80s wedding dress. Not chic!

So, this year, I’m going Upstate to see the leaves change color… And my ode to the holiday might just be some subtle skeletal loafers, or just eating an extra serving of chocolate…

Do you love Halloween, or run from it? What’s your worst costume ever?

Shoes, Mara and Mine.


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  • I’m such a Halloween person but it’s not as much fun in my 20s. I don’t do the slut thing, and my boyfriend doesn’t like Halloween so it’s become less fun and more like another day.


  • Oh, I agree. Leave town. Who needs it? I remember when Halloween was for children and it was one evening. Now all the adults get in on it and it goes on for a week. To have to feel pressure is just too much.

    In future, get a beautiful mask and a lovely tri-corner hat and just don those with regular clothes.. (Look at some Venetian paintings for ideas.)

  • Jennifer October, 31 2015, 8:54 / Reply

    I am not the biggest fan. I survive it now for my kids but hate dressing up.

  • Mon mari et moi fuyons Halloween, mais je trouve les petits chaussons blancs imprimes “squelette” trop mignons !


  • Mary Roberts November, 1 2015, 4:16 / Reply

    Even as a child of the 50’s I did not enjoy Halloween and its feeble glow has diminished over the years. I worked in numerous restaurants and was always made to dress up. My last costume, was I thought inspired, but proved to be a nightmare. I had green tights, a green leotard (body) and attached purple balloons to it going as a bunch of grapes. So appropriate for a wine bar! By the end of my shift I was covered in balloon remanents as folks got huge pleasure out of popping the balloons with their cigarettes as I walked past with trays loaded with food. Not to mention the trial of going to the toilet, before they were popped. I never again dressed up and have loved living in England where it’s not been a big deal until the last couple of years. I’m with you Garance!

  • Je suis complètement en désaccord avec ce post! :)

    Pour moi qui adore me déguiser, Halloween est l’occasion de mettre encore plus d’humour dans son costume et de dédramatiser l’impératif sexy du quotidien… Je n’achète rien de “prêt à l’emploi”, je glane des fripes chez Guérissol et je me bricole des tenues de piratesse, Maléfique et encore cette année de la splendide Magenta pour les 40 ans du mythique Rocky Horror Picture Show bien-sûr!

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