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“There’s something in your teeth…”

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“There’s something in your teeth…”

I’m never sure if this is more awkward to hear, or to say.

How close do you need to be to someone to tell them that there’s something a little off, like they’re fly’s undone or their shirt button came undone (ahem)? And is there ever a good way to break the news?

Personally, I would rather someone just tell me if I have lipstick smeared on my front teeth than let me walk around smiling like a dope all day, even if they are a stranger. I appreciate that little bit of help in making my life a little easier. But I’m not sure that everyone else feels that way, so I try my best to hint and get the message across that way. (Unless you happen to be a good friend and then I can easily say it straight, to be blunt.)

And what are the worst times to have someone say that to you? First date? Your wedding day? Job interview? Eeeesh.


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  • This just makes me laugh. I always just come right out with it. I suspect it might be less embarrassing to get the news from someone like me whose old enough to have seen it all. But the reason this makes me laugh — aside from the totally adorable photo — is because my 29 year old son always lets me know when I have food on my face. He never just tells me, though. Instead, he kind of points his chin in my direction and starts fingering the spot on his face where the detritus is located on mine.

    Oh, and if you have seen the latest Tig Notaro HBO special, she has a whole bit about doing a show with a chocolate ice cream mustache that no one alerts her about.

  • I’d rather have someone tell than walk around. I’d also rather tell someone than have them walk around with something in their teeth


  • Moi j’ai deux anecdotes à ce sujet, la 1êre, un jour je rencontre un gars très mignon assis avec des amis à moi, moi avec un beau sourire et devant tout le monde, on me dit que j’ai de la salade entre les dents, loose absolu. Et la 2ème, je travaillais dans un café, la cliente à la caisse avait du rouge à lèvre plein les dents, discrètement je lui dis, elle a été super vexé. Je me dis que si entre femmes on ne peut pas se dire ce genre de chose

  • This made me laugh! SO…I ALWAYS tell people and I do it because I sincerely hope the karma will come back and people will tell me. I am mortified to realize after x amount of hours I am walking around, talking and interacting, to find something in my teeth!
    – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

  • Errare humanum est, I’d just say it… there are more grave things in this world to be embarrassed about (like being a douche, or racist, or sexist, or mean) than to have some teeny thing off in your appearance. It happens to everyone! Like, if you can’t laugh off a thing like that, how are you EVER gonna survive this life? :D

  • Je crois que le pire de tout, c’est lorsqu’une personne, pas aussi proche qu’un ami, non, disons plutôt un collègue de travail, vous dit que vous avez un truc qui dépasse du nez… Arff… Je crois que c’est l’humiliation suprême. Alors si c’est à un premier rencard, là, autant se faire hara-kiri à la petite cuillère!!
    Mais honnêtement, je préfère 100 fois subir cette petite humiliation, cette petite bassesse de notre condition humaine, plutôt que de me trimbaler toute la journée avec (pardonnez-moi) un mickey qui dépasse…


  • On my wedding day my right eye makeup was completely smudged and no one thought that I should knew it so in every single picture after the ceremony I look like a panda. It was a nine guest wedding so they were all of our dearest friends, we were very very closed, that’s why I didn’t understand why nobody said nothing. When we saw the pictures all together no one seemed to remember that my makeup was a disaster. So I guess it didn’t matter: we were so happy that it went unnoticed! But the wedding pictures… well, they are fun! A panda in a wedding gown!

  • I know a beautifull girl with an amazing smile and amazing teeth who bumped into an ex-boyfriend she still very much fancied, in secret. After talking to him for a while, proud of how ‘cool’ she talked to him, she noticed he was looking at her mouth a lot. Later she discovered that in every gab between her teeth she had poppy seeds from a sandwich she at before meeting him, making her look like an old wench! Poor girl;0

  • I want to know BUT with conditions. If I am on the metro with some deeply trapped spinach in my teeth I don’t want to have to put my fingers in my mouth to dig it out.

  • I agree on the teeth and face but what about zippers. I have had male clients with their zippers down and have always been on the fence as whether to say something or not. I can totally say it to a woman. It seems so much more invasive for the opposite sex. Like yes I was looking down there. Too funny. We have teeth check here at my shop after lunch.

  • I don’t wear bright color lipsticks very often so finding lipsticks stained on my teeth has never been a problem. But yeah I would appreciate it if someone tell me directly, regardless of how well they know me, and I would do the same to my friends too.

  • Je pense toujours à une anecdote qui m’est arrivée à l’école primaire. Notre instituteur arrive en jour en classe avec… la braguette ouverte. On était quelques uns à s’en apercevoir au premier rang alors, pour partager notre fou rire intérieur, on décide de faire passer un petit papier avec écrit dessus “le maître a la braguette ouverte” (oui, parce que franchement quand on a 8 ans, c’est drôle quoi). Heureusement il n’y avait que ça d’écrit dessus et pas de grossièretés, on était trop jeunes je pense pour savoir quoi que ce soit du sexe ou en tout cas pour avoir l’esprit mal tourné. Vous imaginez la suite, le papier passe de mains en mains, jusqu’à ce que l’instit’ intercepte le papier… Je crois qu’on avait plus honte que lui! Il a eu une super réaction, il a lu le billet, il a souri, puis il s’est tourné, a fermé sa braguette et a continué la classe comme si de rien n’était. Depuis je suis toujours la première à faire remarquer si quelque chose cloche car j’apprécie qu’on le fasse pour moi aussi et je ne vois pas quelle honte il y a à avoir à dire à quelqu’un que sa braguette est ouverte, qu’il a de la salade entre les dents ou qu’il a une feuille dans les cheveux.

  • Kettmann Carole August, 31 2015, 2:19 / Reply

    I told a colleague that she had yoghurt around her mouth and she replied that she wasn’t finished with the yoghurt…and left it there. I was proud that I actually said something, since I tend not to and I know I should….but here it wasn’t asked for at all;)

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