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Waking Up App

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Waking Up App

Fellow meditators on a path to enlightenment, I’ve got a tip for you!

I’ve been using Sam Harris’ Waking Up App in conjunction with the meditation practice Susan taught us at the retreat, and I really like it.

I’ve tried a lot of the other meditating apps, and as Susan said in her post, it’s hard to stick with them, and you want to make sure you have a legitimate teacher. But when I came back from my trip to San Francisco over the holidays, I decided to give Waking Up a try. Tina, who was also with us on the retreat, recommended it and so did Tim Ferriss, whose podcast I’ve been listening to more and more as I continue down my journey of self discovery and consciousness.

There are daily meditations guided by Sam Harris, and lessons that you can listen to that get into the philosophy of meditation. I’ve found Sam’s approach to be not unlike Susan’s at the retreat and the lessons to be good material to feed my philosophical soul. So after I finished the free meditations, I decided, fuck it! I’m paying for the rest of it. Because if there’s anything that’s worth $60, it’s a path to consciousness and a connectedness to the self.

I just received an e-mail today that they are going to be increasing the price of the app on February 1st, so it’s the last week to take advantage of the current pricing. So for any of you who are interested in exploring meditation using an app, I suggest giving Waking Up a try this week, and if you like it, pull the trigger on the subscription before next Friday!

Much more on my self discovery journey to come! Trust me, meditation is only the beginning!


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  • Disappointing. There is a lot of google-able info about how problematic Sam Harris and his ilk have revealed themselves to be.

  • Emily Note January, 29 2019, 1:24


    Thank you so much for bringing this issue to light. I had no idea and it’s very upsetting to read.
    I’ve tried so many of the other meditation apps but have found them to be too purpose based–meditation for sleep, meditation for stress reduction–yes, these things can happen when you meditate, but I find them not to be the point of meditating. It’s very focused on the result, rather than on the meditating itself, and I liked Waking Up for it’s more philosophical approach. I’ve actually never listened to his podcast, and just focus on the meditation practice. But this exchange in the Vox story certainly sheds a light on something I also find deeply upsetting–I completely disagree with Harris’ argument in this instance, and find his approach to giving Murray a platform to be disingenuous. As a student of journalism and philosophy, I’m always open to hearing every aspect of an argument, but promoting pseudoscience is not something I’m interested in, and giving these fake-fact pushers a place to share their claims does all of us a disservice. Thanks again Kyle for your comment, and for creating a discussion around this!


  • I totally agree with Kyle. I recommend the Calm app. Lebron James uses it, so you know it must be good!

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