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Welcome to the Neighborhood: Mejuri

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Welcome to the Neighborhood: Mejuri

When I was in Chile covering our Art of Self Discovery Retreat, I spotted a signet ring on one of the attendees and gushed, “oh my god, I love your Mejuri ring!”

I think I scared her a bit that I was able to ID the brand of her ring from about five feet away, but that’s just how much I love Mejuri.

You might remember I pontificated on engagement rings here, when they debuted their line of affordable, ethical and beautiful line.

Well, they gave me another reason to pontificate and gush when they recently opened a PERMANENT location just around the corner from our office in Nolita.


This. Is. Dangerous.

Beyond loving the styles and prices, I love that even in the design of their store they are making fine jewelry accessible to the customer. Nothing is under glass, the display tables are custom designed to be higher so you don’t have to bend over to ogle the goods, and there’s ample room to sit, lounge and of course, try on all the jewelry.

And that’s exactly what I did last week with my mom when she was in town to shoot this profile.

If you need to drop a hint to someone about what you want for the holidays, or let’s be honest, just treat yourself, I endorse Mejuri to the moon and back.


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