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Wet Winter Curls

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Wet Winter Curls

If you have curly or thick hair, you know that waiting for it to dry can feel like watching cement harden.

In the hot summer months, the sun naturally does the work of a hair dryer, but as it gets colder, walking outside with wet hair means ending up with frozen icicles on your head.

It seems like a lose-lose situation. Blow dryers are the enemy!

And the constant use of hot air can really dry out your hair over time. But would you rather have wet hair or the flu?

I use a diffuser made specifically for curly hair from Deva Chan Salon. It’s a bright green and a little funny looking (my college roommate made me hide it when we had friends over), but it does the trick. It’s shaped like a hand, so it cups your hair, rather than blowing it all over the place. And by drying from the inside out, you get all the volume but no frizz.

You can’t lose if you diffuse!

Shop it here.


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  • Le sèche cheveux avec un spray protecteur pour se donner bonne conscience, c’est indispenssable, je ne me vois pas mettre le bout du nez dehors les cheveux humides!
    Pour moi l’hiver est synonyme de frisottis plein la tête, avec mes cheveux fins qui ondulent à la moindre goutte! Je compatis à la détresse capilaire :p Il ne reste plus qu’à adopter le bonnet et à prier pour que l’été revienne plus vite ;)


  • i haven’t used hot air to dry my hair in at least 10 years. a solution would be to wash it before you get to bed at night! :)


  • yes, If I leave my hair to dry, it will be 8 hours or more and underneath will still be really damp. Suffice to say, I have never felt the concept of gorgeous beach hair! I’m sitting poolside with a fuzzy dry top layer and cold wet clumps. Glamour !

    But as for blowdrying, it is essential, and I use a Conair pancake dryer hopelessly old and unavailable. Does anyone else use this DEVA dryer, and does it work nicely?

  • In the (German) winter I blow dry my hair straight once a week (or even less often), after treating it with oil and a deep moisturising mask. If I used a diffuser I’d have to wash and dry much more often, so I think in the end keeping it straight is less damaging. It’s also less trouble to style it in the morning, when I’m very sleepy, very cold, and it’s still dark outside…

  • Bonjour,
    Petite précision scientifique: le froid ne rend pas malade! (vivre en Antarctique n’est pas plus risqué pour attraper un rhume). L’alternance entre des environnements chauds et froid fait que nos muqueuses se fragilisent et fréquenter les espaces confinés aident les microbes à se propager (d’humain à humain). Se balader seul sans contact avec autrui et sans écharpe ne vous fera pas tomber malade (ce sera juste peu agréable mais c’est tout).

  • That post was for me, thank you x


  • I always leave my hair tips wet, even in the winter, which is really not healthy. Especially if you have to go out in few minutes.

  • Will definitely be trying that, English weather humidity is doing nothing for my hair (although the frizz will come in handy for Halloween) ^.^


  • I have half curly half frizzy hair which on a good day makes me look “I just rolled out of bed” and on the bad day (there are more bad than good days) like a bird’s nest. Yet, I don’t know use the diffuser! I’ve tried and the bottom part of my hair seems to go all messy and the top is flat…

  • yea I need that! my hair is so thick and wavy. Lucky for me I live in LA so it’s not that cold in the winter but still!


  • Emilia! But crunching hair icicles is SO MUCH FUN.

  • I let my curly mop of hair air-dry in the winter. I know, I know, it takes 8-10 hours to dry and it gets frozen into icicles in the meantime, but I just put on earmuffs (warm ears = warm head!) and go. I figure that when I get to the office, it will dry in the over-heated office anyway, so it’s a win-win.

  • Je les lave toujours le soir comme ça c’est 1) juste après ma séance de sport (ou pas) 2) ils ont le temps de sécher devant le film du soir 3) mes frisottis s’aplatissent au contact de l’oreiller
    Je serais incapable de sortir les cheveux mouillés, j’ai l’impression d’être négligée et j’aurais des cheveux de mouton fou

  • So funny my college roommate also made me hide mine!! Diffuser users unite!

  • The heat in my apartment is rather inconsistent, so we have a large space heater in the bathroom and it works well as a gentle source of warm air for my curls.

  • Marianne October, 28 2014, 2:37 / Reply

    Très très belle illustration !

  • My hair either gets washed at night or it gets towel dried as much as possible, put in a braid , into a bun and under a hat. I am not brave enough to use a hair dryer or diffuser ……. is it time to start? XO sojustnice.com

  • I recommend the Aquis hair towel (from Amazon) which gets my curly hair dried really quickly with no-frizz.

  • In the winter I’ve taken to washing my hair at night, I don’t like using a blow dryer and there’s no way it will dry if I wash it in the morning!

  • This is my hair situation.. Pinning this thing right away, I need this in my life.

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