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What About Kris?

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What About Kris?

It’s so funny. Everyone’s got something to say about this month’s Vanity Fair cover — even me.

God knows I’m only barely interested in the Kardashians. I don’t really have an opinion about them, for the plain and simple reason that I don’t have a TV. I’ve never seen their show. So, no judgment.

Despite all that, I think it’s great how their family supported Bruce Jenner throughout his transformation into Caitlyn. It’s beautiful to see, even if, on the inside, it probably wasn’t easy. Not for Caitlyn or for her children.

It was fun to see the perfect orchestration of the media around her transformation. Beautiful work on the publicist’s part – it couldn’t have been handled any better. And I understand that every possible detail was carefully planned – including keeping the first name secret until the Vanity Fair cover came out.

Really, Jenner couldn’t do it any other way. She’d been followed by tabloids for months and months. Throughout this process, I found her to be very sweet, very humble, firm in her resolve, but accepting of her circumstances at the same time.


That’s not my point.

I’m thinking of Kris. (No, seriously, I almost can’t believe it but I’m thinking about Kris Jenner!!)

No, I’m thinking of Kris because she’s been getting it from all sides for days now. She’s got people online talking about how her ex-husband is “more beautiful than she is”.
And I just don’t think that’s funny — not funny at all.

I imagine the questions a woman might ask herself when her husband changes gender. That kind of change could only make waves in your mind.

Was our story real? Did he love me? What does this mean for my femininity? Was I not enough for him? Was I in love with a woman?

I can only imagine the millions of questions, and I can’t believe, even with all the cynicism (or incredible innocence) of a powerful business woman who’s made her personal life, her children, and her grandchildren into a real industry, that she’s not deeply affected by these attacks that are in very poor taste.

To me, the attacks are diminishing the incredible and amazing welcome Caitlyn received.

What do you think?
Come on, let’s all have an opinion about the Kardashians – that’s what they expect from us, anyway ;)

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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  • I think we should all let them be and never talk about them again.

    So so sick of reading about it.

  • Pour une femme qui a si bien géré son image cela doit être terrible car c’est publiquement la négation de 25 annees de sa vie. Se dire qu’elle n’a pas vu-compris celui qui partageait sa vie et avec qui elle a fait une famille c’est hard

  • If you are really interested, I would recommend reading Jennifer Finney Boylan’s memoir, “She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders.” Boylan is a university professor and an outstanding writer. She is also the parent of two sons and I think she has remained with her spouse post-transformation.

  • Tiffany June, 8 2015, 4:23 / Reply

    Hey Garance! I really do appreciate your perspective on the situation and I completely agree. I have watched the Kardashian’s, and particularly abhor how Kris Jenner has made an industry on the backs of her family BUT I do respect her as a human being and a woman; and my heart goes out to her, truly. Specifically for the reasons you mentioned. She has to be questioning everything that has been real to her for the past 25 years and that has to be one of the hardest things imaginable. Then doing it in the public limelight has to be 10x harder. Where there is this beautifully articulated PR plan around making this a glorious occasion for Caitlyn but does not take Kris or their children into consideration at all. It’s tough and my heart truly goes out to her.

  • Benedicte June, 8 2015, 4:26 / Reply

    Moi, je me suis demandé comment les enfants allaient l’appeler (Papa ?). Pour moi, ça serait vraiment super traumatisant que mon père devienne une femme.

  • Very interesting questions – I do believe with society’s acceptance this will be more common for families and men and women. We must practice tolerance and empathy!

    Warm Regards,

  • Sophie June, 8 2015, 4:46 / Reply

    Je trouve l’article très pertinent mais attention : “Au fond, Jenner ne pouvait pas faire autrement. Des mois et des mois qu’il était poursuivi par les tabloids. Je l’ai trouvé très doux, très humble, à la fois résolu et résigné dans sa démarche.” – je crois que cette phrase devrait être au féminin, comme elle l’est dans la traduction anglaise, par respect pour Caitlyn (il y a d’ailleurs une erreur dans l’article : “Caytlin”) et son choix.

    Ceci étant dit, j’ai moi aussi été choquée du traitement réservé à Kris Jenner, qui doit souffrir énormément de la situation.

  • I totally agree with this post! I love the Kardashians! I watch their show, follow them, and tuned into the interview with Bruce as well. I often think about Kris and how she is dealing with everything. The family has reacted with such grace in this situation! Great post
    xo, Lauren-lee
    Lauren-lee Grace Beauty & Fashion

  • c’est “marrant”… Sans regarder l’émission (en France ça doit passer sur une chaîne du câble), je me suis posée la même question ! Et je pense que le fait de se terrer un peu est pour elle pas une stratégie de com’ mais ça prouve que malgré la marketing/business momager qu’elle est montre qu’elle est humaine (même si je pense qu’on aura droit aussi à sa version comme les super americains arrivent à le faire). Mais… ce que je ne comprends vraiment pas c’est pourquoi la naissance/révelation de Caitlyn Jenner soit liée avec autant de commentaires négatifs qui retombent sur Kris Jenner. Je veux dire, c’est la décision de Bruce d’être devenu femme et Kris Jenner n’a (d’après ce qu’il dit) rien avoir avec ça.

  • Victoire June, 8 2015, 6:21 / Reply

    Comme Sophie, je pense qu’il faut employer le féminin maintenant, pronoms et adjectifs… Et quand tu dis “son mari change de sexualité” il me semble qu’il faut parler en particulier d’identité sexuelle, ce qui est différent.
    C’est certainement une honnête erreur de ta part mais justement, la médiatisation de Caitlyn nous permet au moins d’être plus informés sur les problématiques que vivent les transsexuels.
    Moi aussi je pense bien à Kris et à toute sa famille qui malgré l’image hyper lisse et maîtrisée qu’ils nous donnent doivent beaucoup se questionner.

  • My philosophy is a borrowed one, it is “do as you will, but harm none.” I am glad that Caitlin found her way. But what I do not agree with is exactly the same thing. The media comparing her to Kris Jenner. The saying that Caitlyn looks better than Kris. This angers me. You see, just recently Amy Poller and Tina Fey did a video skit on women being too old for Hollywood, in their words they were “un-fuckable.” But this is not just in Hollywood it is also in real life. Garance, Europe is so different – you hold your different body types, women of different ages, etc. in high regard. We do not do that in the United States. Getting older in our Youth Culture is an interesting thing – worse if you happen to be a bit heavier. You become invisible even if you feel like you are still 22 years old. That is why I love “Advanced Style” blog (check it out – there is a documentary too).

    Kris Jenner is beautiful, complete with all of her lines. We need to stop comparing who is younger, more beautiful, sexier, hotter and just celebrate all of us for what we are (and our choice of fashion ;). Diana from San Francisco

  • Kris knew all along and she tried to change him — it obviously didn’t work.


  • Lauren June, 8 2015, 7:35 / Reply

    Like how you have a different perspective. But as far as I know, one can identified herself as a woman while being attracted to women. So being transgender does not (directly) deny her love for Kris or for her other wives/marriages. I mean, there could be other reasons led to the break-up. Link some of those questions (like “did he love me?”) to Bruce-being-Caitlin may be a little rash?

  • I think any time you compare women’s appearances, it’s damaging to all of us. And it completely misses the point of celebrating the transgender community. You shouldn’t have to be “passing” by mainstream society’s standards to be applauded. That’s just not the reality for a lot of trans folk due to restricted resources or even personal choice. And it was just absolutely cruel to Kris for people to say things like that. You’re trying to lift up one woman (Caitlyn) by tearing down another? It’s very hypocritical. So I appreciate this post!

  • Great post, and good luck to Caitlin (and thank goodness not “Kaitlin”!).

    On a totally different topic, I do think you might want to cover this recent development about Zara if you haven’t:


  • Caroline June, 8 2015, 8:36 / Reply

    Thank you, Garance. This means a lot to me.

  • Jennifer June, 8 2015, 8:57 / Reply

    I don’t know enough to really judge them. I saw maybe two episodes and I felt as if I was watching a prelude to a train wreck but that is not fair I really don’t know the family or what they go through verses what we see.
    I did wonder after the amazing cover and story broke what is Kris going through. I’m sure she’ll take the heaviest of the load. Which isn’t right.
    In the end I hope they are happy and figure out what works best for their family.

  • Oonagh June, 8 2015, 9:02 / Reply

    I am uncomfortable with the media orchestration around this and the way it appears to be being played for maximum $$$$.
    I have no sympathy for Kris Jenner at all, she should be hardened to personal remarks by now.

  • truth! I’m sure that past will be nicely packed in Jenner memoirs for more $$$$$.

  • Kim Lemay June, 8 2015, 10:49 / Reply

    I never watch their show but I happened to catch a few minutes of Kris and Caitlyn (still Bruce then) talking about how Kris feels. I feel badly for her. She said that she lived with a man who was angry and distant for 25 years and she always thought it was her fault, that it was something she was or wasn’t doing. How much better would their lives have been if he’d been able to own who he really is sooner?

  • “Sing, sing in the face of your enemy.” That’s a line from a song I appreciate. To be supportive of a change that creates inevitable, brutal, self-reflection is such a powerful, beautiful gesture. In this instance, I’ve known the hard questions and pain to be softened by the armor of acting with generosity and love.

    It reminds me of the Kate Moss cocaine scandal. I never once wavered in my bizarre, yet intuitive respect for her. The way she handled it, the support from her friends (that was the moment I could see what a lovely heart Alexander McQueen had- the We Love You Kate shirt!), how it blew over. I have a framed tear sheet of her in VOGUE Paris, leaving rehab, with her head sticking out of a moving SUV window, the Arizona desert in the background.

    So, the Kardashians, the Jenners. Their support of Caitlyn is badass. And I have to think to myself, if they are badass in this regard, it must translate into other aspects of who they are. It makes me want to look a little closer, and definitely not with judgement.

  • I just don’t care.

    As always, how anyone can ” love the Kardashians” is way beyond me.

    Great blog :)

  • moi j’adore les Kardashian ! Je les suis depuis hyper longtemps je trouve qu’ils ont un sens du business incroyable mais qu’il ne faut pas croire qu’on les connaît ou qu’on sait ce qu’il se passe dans leur vie sous prétexte qu’on les voit partout ! Personne ne peut savoir ce qui se passe dans l’intimité des familles…
    Par contre c’est sûr que de se faire insulter ça fait toujours mal ! Et elle s’en prend plein la tronche la pauvre ! Allez, soutenons TOUTES les femmes !

  • Aucune opinion pour les Kardashian…ou bien si, c’est juste que c’était une famille ordinaire qui a osé quelque chose et qui est défini comme “star” par nous, le public…c’est nous qui ont fait des stars d’elles.
    Pour la femme de Kaitlyn, il faut passer à autre chose, pas facile mais rien à faire. Et bien sûr que cela ne remet en aucun moment sa féminité en question ou sa beauté, c’est juste une question de circonstances.

    Just my opinion.
    Loves, from Paris

  • Melissa Slattery June, 9 2015, 7:21

    Thanks for getting this link into the mix. It’s a very complex situation. I tend to agree with the NYTimes opinion piece author. Surface does not the woman make. Mxx

  • I couldn’t agree with you more! She’s the one who ‘s spent so many years with him and now has to show the world how supportive she is when inside I’m sure she’s not that calm. Thanks for the text.


  • Pour ma part, je trouve formidable que ce que vit “Caitlin” soit possible aujourd’hui, que ce type de parcours soit rendu possible… et ceux pour tous les hommes et les femmes qui vivent ou aspirent à vivre cela.
    Ce sentiment d’ouverture des mentalités, c’est une bouffée d’air dans nos sociétés un peu trop conservatrices.
    Accepter l’autre quel qu’il soit, ça c’est important… primordial même!

    Ce qui me dérange en revanche c’est toute cette folie médiatique autour des Kardashians.
    Qui sont ces gens? Qu’ont ils concrètement fait? Rien…. (Si, ils sont les enfants d’un feu célèbre avocat qui lui pour le coup avait réalisé quelque chose….et Kim a fait une sextape, passe droit important pour la planète people).
    Je n’ai rien contre eux, j’avoue même suivre les looks de Kim ou les catwalk de Kendall mais tout cela me dérange dans le fond…
    Je ne vis pas dans une bulle, je sais bien que Rien peut faire Tout de vous aujourd’hui… surtout avec un bon entourage (agents, com, etc…), et je ne suis pas sans cœur mais je ne peux pas me lamenter sur le sort de Kris, je suis désolée.
    On ne peut pas avoir une main de fer sur tout, et gérer un empire sans soucis.
    Il y a des choses vraies et profondes qui échappent au business…. en voici la preuve.

    Pour résumé, je dirais: “Changer le naturel….. il revient au galop!”

    Merci pour ton blog Garance, un allié de chaque jour ;-)

  • CarolineVilaine June, 9 2015, 3:18 / Reply

    Et bien, je respecte l’être humain à part entière et j’éprouve aujourd’hui de l’empathie pour Kris, pour Caitlyn et pour tout leurs proches… Quand à leur show, il m’indiffère tout simplement.

  • Moi non plus je n’ai pas la télévision … et ce que je vois me semble être un déballage indécent … ce qui relève de la vie privée doit rester dans la sphère privée. L’exhibition semble être ici un challenge familial … ce n’est pas très souhaitable,
    et – bien que je n’achète plus aucun magazine / qui ne véhiculent plus des valeurs stériles et principalement monétaires – la saturation à leur niveau est complète. Suis-je la seule ?

  • Miss Y. June, 9 2015, 4:49 / Reply

    I feel sorry for Kris. She must feel like she has been lied to for so long. Also, I watch the Kardashians and in the last seasons before their official split, Kris was always made out to be the “bad guy” with the way she treated Bruce.
    However, Bruce/Caitlyn’s transformation shines a whole new light on the ending of their relationship and the way they interacted. People are both unnecessary mean and rude in the way they make fun of Kris in this whole situation. Sure Caitlyn is brave, but Kris must feel awful and I feel for her.

  • Quiconque a regardé au moins une fois le show des Kardashians a remarqué le cynisme sans fond et sans fin de Kris (et de toute la famille, Bruce/Caitlin compris). Cette famille me fascine, dans son rapport au réel: qu’est ce qui fait partir du show, qu’est ce qui fait partie de la “vraie” vie, des sentiments, de la comédie, pour eux? En tout cas vu la manière dont Kris traitait Bruce, je pense que ce n’est qu’un juste retour des choses… Cette femme ne m’inspire pas vraiment de pitié, navrée.

  • Daniela June, 9 2015, 5:15 / Reply

    Caitlyn will always be a man, because he has the biography of a man. He always had more opportunities than born females have. He never went through struggles women go through. He had left his wifes and all of his children, because he could not fullfill his duties as a male father figure, escaping responsibility, though using opportunities. Like most men, he is selfish. Kris, a real woman, had struggles from the beginning of her life, being mother and father to her children, making a business on her own. I know who the hero of the story is, it is the heroine Kris, like all women are, never complaining, but moving on, for the sake of the family.

  • Linda June, 9 2015, 8:48

    Daniela what you have said is so true!

  • Seconded

  • louise June, 9 2015, 10:59

    This is very very transphobic and messed up.

  • Michelle June, 10 2015, 3:05

    Kris Jenner sold a sex tape of her daughter, her son won’t speak to her. Her youngest daughter, at 17, has already had plastic surgery. Kris Jenner is no hero. They are selling a bizarre version of reality which unfortunately people are buying into. Only Kris and Bruce only know what has gone down, and it must be difficult to go through all this in the public eye but they have continually chosen the public eye for many years now. So they only have themselves to blame.

    The family politically is Republican which is no friend to those who question their gender or sexuality.

    Save your empathy for the average transgender person that does not have the money and access to the doctors etc that Caitlin has.

  • Sandra June, 9 2015, 5:36 / Reply


    Je crois que la situation n’est facile pour personne…si vous regardez l’interview de Bruce Jenner avec Diane Sawyer, vous pouvez y entendre que Kris savait que Bruce s’habillait parfois en femme de là à savoir qu’il se sentait femme c’est une autre question. Elle doit effectivement se poser beaucoup de questions qui sont certainement justifiées…ce qui m’a dérangé c’est le fait que Kris ait attaqué Bruce en disant pourquoi s’est-t-il marié et pourquoi avoir des enfants…Je crois que c’est un peu plus compliqué que ça…Déjà dans la vie de tous les jours nous ne pouvons vraiment pas être nous même car nous devons nous adaptes à la société…Bruce a du se sentir pris au piège…ne sachant que faire, c’était une autre époque…Je crois aussi qu’elle aime ces enfants…elle a attendu tout de même 65 ans… La seule chose que Caitlyne aurait pu mieux faire c’est d’expliquer étape par étape l’évolution de sa transformation…mais encore une fois elle a du être soulagée d’enfin pourvoir être elle-même et n’a pas pu attendre plus longtemps…

    Tout cela ne doit être facile pour personne…j’ai aimé lorsque Khloé a dit qu’elle avait le droit de s’exprimer même si elle pourrait blesser Bruce avec ces propos…Elle était en colère pas parce qu’il voulait être une femme mais parce que il ne leur avait pas dit la vérité….Encore une fois, chapeau à ces personnes qui ont fait ce qu’ils ont pu…

  • Francesca June, 9 2015, 5:51 / Reply

    Je suis d’accord avec toi.
    Maintenant Bruce peut sentir tout le soutien du monde. Mais, elle, la famme qui était avec lui pendant toutes cettes années?
    J’ai un ami qui s’habille y maquille comme une famme quand il est chez lui. C’est un vrai besoin pour lui mais,maintenant qu’il sort avec une nana, il fait toujours ça mais en secret.
    Il a même un profile secret instagram ou il est une “femme”mais au même temps il sort avec elle que comme garçon.
    Bref, c’est l’idée d’un secret entre deux personnes qui partagent leur vie que je trouve triste.
    Oui pour lui c’était dificile. Mais pour elle aussi.

  • Caroline June, 9 2015, 6:28 / Reply

    Il y a un article intéressant là-dessus dans le NYT, sur comment l’affirmation de la féminité de Caitlyn Jenner est pleine de stéréotypes sur les femmes et finalement violente envers les femmes elles-mêmes (attention, article très féministe) :

  • Renata de Rabakoz June, 9 2015, 7:46 / Reply

    je trouve que c’était très audacieuse de ta part de penser à la femme dans cet histoire. Bravo!

  • I don’t know anything about the Kardashians apart from Caitlyn’s transformation but honestly, the biggest burden had been on Bruce’s shoulders for lord knows how long. If Kris is worrying about what this does to her ‘femininity’ she needs to calm down. This isn’t about her. It must be a great difference in their life from some points and it must be absolutely difficult to adjust to, but I can’t really bring myself to worry about her self esteem after such a huge change. Sorry.

  • Pareil, j’ai presque de la compassion, même si ça me paraît étrange à dire… La pauvre, ça ne doit pas être évident, un tel bouleversement. Pourtant Dieu sait que Kris Jenner, je m’en fous un peu :)


  • I am not impressed. Seems he did it to stay in the media spotlight

  • anonyme June, 9 2015, 9:02 / Reply

    If anything, shouldn’t Kris be feeling some sense of relief? The spotlight has finally shown on what Bruce/Caitlyn’s struggle was really all about, and Kris should not be faulted by anyone.

    She is by now probably indeed used to taking criticism in the public eye and knows how to deal with negative publicity — that doesn’t make such a personal issue that has affected so many years of her life any easier to handle. I never follow KUWTK and don’t really like reality TV shows in general (TMI in my opinion, but that’s just me). BBut kudos to her for keeping up with her goals and being strong and resilient. Whatever our varied personal views are on her business and making her family’s personal lives an industry, the bottom line is she has been through so much as a wife and mother, and found her own ways to break barriers, reinvent herself, set and achieve certain goals for herself and her kids, and be strong and independent of the men she had lived with and had disappointments or setbacks with. For a wife and mother of several children to break free and push beyond that is really no easy feat.

  • I have mixed feelings about the Kardashians … If Kris hadn’t put so much effort into turning their private life into an industry she wouldn’t receive so much hate. Privacy is something important, I don’t really understand why and how a mother can make it profitable like she does. Every aspect of the lives of her children has become a business. When I think Kendall and Kylie have lived for more than 10 years with a camera filming everything in their home, I feel bad for them. But still, I have to agree with you. She must feel awkward about Bruce’s tranformation, and as a woman I guess she has a hard time dealing with that. I don’t think those mockeries are of any help for her, it’s really not necessary to make fun of her.


  • Belinda June, 9 2015, 10:06 / Reply

    I have been struggling with my thoughts on the matter and you explained exactly what I thought. Yes, it’s a media coup but they are people and Kris must feel like something in her life died. While
    I’m sure they will all be ok as they put their lives out on display for a reason…it’s still a sad and sensitive matter. Well said!

  • The whole flow of this He to She Transgender process of Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner story totally surprises me. I can not imagine the fact that 99% of the media entirely embracing the story. The story is just too faultless. Meanwhile, it is a bit too fake for me. Media stated that Kris didn’t say anything regarding this. Come on, why should she give comment on it? Just leave her alone.
    Imagine your husband saying ” Babe, I think I was born to be a girl. I have to accept this fact” . What do you feel? Give some time to Kris and this family.


  • Lisa Walker June, 9 2015, 11:12 / Reply

    I agree with so much of what was said here. Caitlin does look incredible! And she is a modern-day hero. And I applaud her all the way to finish line. But I would imagine The Kardashians accept ALL of the press that goes along with making money from showcasing your family on television. What impressed me was how supportive they are, especially the children from his earlier marriage. Caitlyn has a wonderful family.

  • Marjolaine June, 9 2015, 11:45 / Reply

    Sincèrement et sans méchanceté, je n’en n’ai rien à faire. Mais même sans regarder leur émission ou la télé je ne peux pas échapper à toutes ces histoires sur cette famille. Faut arrêter, moi je me sens limite polluée par eux.

  • FABIOLA June, 11 2015, 3:35


  • Annie Tran June, 9 2015, 11:53 / Reply


    Can I first say that I admire your thoughtfulness and consideration for all parties involved? We need more people like you in this world.

    Second, I thought it was so great that you exposed the humanity of Kris for us to ponder through the questions that you think she may have asked herself. What a stark contrast from the society that tries to demonize or idolize her and her family. My final sentiments is: “Gosh, sometimes I forget that these powerful, strong business women such as the Kardashians are just humans like us with deep emotional wounds, insecurities, a need for love and acceptance.”

    The conflicts involved in being in a relationship with a transgender is a nebulous arena which sociologists and psychologists are just starting to break open. I hope that this will spark educational opportunities for us from people in these kinds of situations.

  • I didn’t even think about it like this until now. You are such a nice/sweet person Garance :)

  • Salut Garance,

    je voulais juste dire qu’en parle de “transition” et pas de “transformation”, et qu’on utilise le pronom que la personne souhaite, ici “elle” et pas “il”. je sais que ça n’est pas forcément évident, mais les trans sont une minorité opprimée et beaucoup d’entre eux souffrent de leur situation … ce qui peut les amener à la dépression et même parfois jusqu’au suicide. si tu pouvais te sensibiliser un peu à tout ceci et faire attention ce serait super !

    belle journée à toi

  • Nancy Jochimek June, 10 2015, 8:09 / Reply


    I agree with you Garance. People can be cruel and we see this often in the online world regardless what the issue is. People just love to get a good laugh at the expense of others…many people don’t stop and think how their words negatively affect people’s lives. Also, few people try to understand the challenges people face in their lives…as you pointed out about Kris.

    That said, I think there is a more important issue to look at in regards to the Jenner story. This story seems to emphasize how women are objectified by society and how our value is based on what we look like. I have yet to see the Diane Sawyer video or read the Vanity Fair article, but I intend to. Personally, I would like to understand what it means for a person to feel like the opposite sex, and to the point that they want to be that sex. It seems like a very difficult and possibly painful journey.

    While I highly respect Caitlyn’s courage and a person’s right to pursue their dreams, the reality is Caitlyn is a man who decided to have very significant cosmetic surgery and hormone treatment to become what appears to be a woman. To me, this means Caitlyn is a transgender woman, but not a woman like myself. Does Caitlyn share with women the same life experiences? The fact that Caitlyn is being compared to other women is a bit odd to me, since she is not really a woman unless being a woman is all about appearances. Plus, lets be realistic, I think any woman can look fabulous when being photographed after cosmetic surgery, make up, hair and with Annie Liebowitz behind the camera. Reacting over how one looks on the cover of a magazine is nonsense, but talking about what the person did to look like that on the cover of a magazine is valuable.

    By accepting Caitlyn as a woman, I feel is like erasing the lifetime of experiences I have had as a woman and that have molded me. This whole transformation seems to have spiraled away from the reality of the Jenner story and towards the superficial. It’s as if being a woman is just about what I look like and not much more than that? I can tell you, as a woman, my womanhood is far more complicated than what I look like. Dont get me wrong, I love getting dressed up, looking me best, keeping my body in shape, taking care of my nails, etc., but these things are not what make me a woman. There is a great NYT article that touches on the issue of Caitlyn’s effect on the definition and perception of women that I highly recommend. The author may be a bit extreme at times, but she makes a valid point.

    I’m happy you brought up this topic ;- )

  • Je suis assez embêtée par ce que je lis ! Je trouve ça dommage que les gens soient traités de “transphobic” uniquement parce qu’ils émettent des réserves sur la question. C’est trop simple de déclarer l’autre raciste, homophobe ou transphobe, tout le monde a le droit d’avoir des raisons de penser ce qu’il veut, tout le monde a le droit d’être ébranlé dans ses convictions ou ses émotions sans juger les autres. Si changer de sexe était si simple/normal, pourquoi alors tant de souffrances? Et la souffrance dans ce cas là n’est pas seulement due à des préjugés du reste de la société (et quand bien même!), rendez-vous compte QUELLE VIOLENCE, on s’inflige?! Mais enfin !

    Ces gens sont fous à lier, je regarde leur show avec avidité et incompréhension depuis des années, je ne COMPRENDS PAS, que font-ils? pourquoi? regardez les hommes de cette famille, l’un devient une femme et l’autre est terré chez lui à souffrir de stress et de tas de maux psy (que sais-je encore)….
    Ils sont tous dingues et celui qui semblait être le plus “traditionnel” (je ne sais pas comment dire) et le plus sensé, Bruce, vivait AU FOND, des choses insupportables?
    Allons plus loin, regardez avec quelle maîtrise son “avènement” en femme a été mené, est-ce vraiment l’image qu’une personne qui a tant souffert veut donner de la réalisation de son rêve? J’en viens même à me demander : pourquoi il l’a fait? Au fond, pourquoi? Pour donner le change à toutes ces nanas qui l’entourent ? Pour avoir sa revanche sur elles? Pour le cash uniquement? Vous voyez ce que je veux dire ? Tout ça c’est du déballage, du MARKETING, pire, de la démagogie, je trouve ça ulcérant d’être manipulé par ces gens. Et je ne dis pas qu’ils ne sont pas malheureux. Je pense qu’ils le sont juste tous, et profondément.

  • I don’t watch the Kardashians. I might start now that there’s a story to be told about Caitlyn and her new gender. I admire the Kardashians because they took what would have and has driven most regular and normal people to hide in shame (the Kim sex tape) and re-directed the notoriety into family money-making businesses. From what I’ve gathered, they seem kind to each other, supportive, strong…I like ’em. An added bonus is that they’re all very attractive. And Caitlyn–She must be made of some seriously resilient and strong stuff to do what she’s doing so publicly. I wish her the absolute best.

  • Honestly I’m so sick of the Kardashians and people’s fascination with them. I hold no ill will to the transgendered community but when I saw Caitlyn’s photo on the cover of Vanity Fair my first reaction was “Great, what the world needs is another 65 year-old woman from Los Angeles trying to look 40.” There. I said it.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashians. I watch their show, but in the end often find myself despising them. That being said, for all the haters criticising them for wanting to show their ‘perfect’ lives, they have been surprisingly honest through this experience. The ‘kids’ have been shown with their dad/father figure, yelling at him over it and struggling to accept his choices. It’s amazing, and will help other families going through something similar to recognise that there is no right way to experience this as a child or ex spouse of a transgender person – it’s just hard.

  • Holly Golightly June, 13 2015, 6:52 / Reply

    I used to watch a lot the Kardashians, especially when I lived far away from my family. I come from a pretty crazy dysfunctional family, and we had our fair share of dramas and crisis. Its not something I feel like sharing, even with close friends, because I feel like people dont really understand – that despite the fights and the screams and the tears, we love each other, and at the end of the day we are there for one another. I like watching the Kardashian family because their problems may be different but the conclusion is the same.

  • Catherine June, 15 2015, 9:11 / Reply

    Laurence Anyways by Xavier Dolan is a good film on that topic

  • Jewel S. June, 24 2015, 12:35 / Reply

    “a powerful business woman”..I dis-agree with that statement..however I don’t care about Madame Kris…btw what’s up with Pharrel (in above Channel ad)???….anyway I digress…back to Jenner…..I don’t see a transexual when I see Jenner. I see a member of the Kardashians in the spotlight vying for more fame/ money. I could be wrong. The Kardashians represent how fame has supplanted eminence… how man indulges in vapid and mindless fame and wealth.
    it’s difficult to make any judgments on mass media since it’s studied psychology and uses those methods in how material is presented.

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