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What is sexy?

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When it comes to beauty, what makes you feel sexy?

I read something in a magazine over the weekend that mascara makes a woman feel the sexiest (they did a poll, so it was very scientific). I was really surprised by this. Not a red lip? Or a sultry smokey eye?

For me, mascara is just a normal part of my routine, it’s not super special and I would be okay going without it (even though I do envy super long lashes, as you know).

Do you think mascara is the sexiest? Or is it something else?


Add yours
  • Camilla Rose December, 3 2013, 12:24 / Reply

    Mascara and blush! I feel self conscious with heavy makeup, especially the kind looks ultra sexy like red lips, who wants to kiss a lot of makeup? Not my man and I don’t blame him. To me sexy has to be really versatile and now maintenance I want to feel like I could do anything and still be beautiful. I also find heavy makeup distracting, its like the way a woman presents herself is more important than her body, I just end up staring at the makeup and not the woman. So for me, fresh faced and doe eyed!

  • me too! i often go for mascara + blush and just some clear gloss. more rarely, i do the red lip :)

  • waltersteph December, 3 2013, 12:25 / Reply

    le rouge à lèvre bien rouge, le verni à ongle bien rouge, l’œil charbonneux
    comme toi le mascara c’est la base quotidienne

  • Léopoldine December, 3 2013, 12:27 / Reply

    Ouais, le rouge, ça donne un truc en plus. Le mascara plus pour tout les jours… C’est con leur étude !

  • je suis d’accord avec toi! pour moi le mascara est une routine :) ce qui me fait me sentir sexy c’est effectivement un beau rouge à lèvres!!

    bonne soirée :)

    xo tiphaine

  • les yeux charbonneux,sans doute,car le sexy c’est dans le regard

  • je n’ai rien à ajouter à tes propos Garance, je suis tout à fait de ton avis. des yeux de biche c’est notre rêve à toutes mais tout le monde porte du mascara (ou presque) alors qu’une belle bouche rouge on la remarque. pour moi rien de plus sexy, c’est l’outil de séduction par excellence !

  • Léopoldine December, 3 2013, 3:36

    LOL c’est pas Garance !

  • I use mascara every day.. Soo.. I feeel sexii with.. xa

  • For me the very high heel feels sexy.

  • Ditto! Nothing like a nice heel…

  • For me eyeshadow is sexy. I love blending shadows to create sexy come hither eyes.

  • I think it depends on the woman and her type. Some people just look best without too much makeup and some can take a lot of makeup without looking fake. In the summer I like too use bronzer and a gloss/dramatic bright lipstick and no mascara. In the winter I like more on the eyes with bare lips or dark red lips with simple eyes, but always blush in the wintertime. Sometimes I feel the most sexy with only a tinted moisturiser and some lip balm. I think it’s sexy when you can see the person feel confident with their choice!

  • une étude… aux US peut-être ? ;-)
    des bises Alex


  • For me mascara is something basic… Is concealer sexy? For me they are at the same level of basic/ essential on a daily basis. So if concealer is sexy, mascara is sexy too.
    I would go for a sultry smoky eye or a sophisticated cat eye. The eyes are always the sexiest part. But I think dark red nails are quite sexy too (not long nails please!) .

  • Katniss Everdine December, 3 2013, 1:18 / Reply

    Hi Al- I think I am the sexiest. Love, Katniss

  • Clear skin and happy face are the sexiest. And funny – I’d never think of a mascara either. :)


  • So true !

  • J’aurais pensé comme toi, lèvres rouges, ou yeux charbonneux, …

  • j’ai lu que les hommes n’aiment pas quand le maquillage est trop voyant. En fait ils trouvent le rouge à lèvre rouge pas forcément sexy.
    Pour être sexy, il suffit je pense d’avoir une belle peau, d’avoir l’air en forme et un maquillage qui te mets en valeur sans vraiment se voir!

  • CLEMENCE December, 3 2013, 1:53 / Reply

    Pour moi ce qui rend vraiment sexy est sans hésiter un vrai bon rouge à lèvres!!
    Je ne porte pas de mascara, mais j’aime mettre une petite touche de couleur sur mes lèvres

  • Moi je dirais plutot un bon soutien gorge me donne l’impression d’être sexy, ainsi qu’une belle chevelure en pleine forme.

  • Elizaveta December, 3 2013, 1:55 / Reply

    Even skin tone, lush brows and a bit of blush.

  • I think that humour paired with selfconfidence and a strong character are sexiest or when a woman can dance, when she has the certain attitude/bodylanguage…. Mascara and red lip beauty vise, are just a surplus ;-) xxx

  • Comme Aemi, j’avais lu et entendu que les hommes trouvaient le rouge-rouge “vulgaire” etc. des propos plutôt raccords avec ton enquête… maintenant tout ça reste des paroles… Tout peut être sexy, c’est comme le chic, on l’est ou pas…

  • The simplicity of going without.

  • I agree with that very scientific poll. As far as makeup goes, mascara is the highlights the windows to the soul. I recently found one that I never leave home without.

  • Mathilde December, 3 2013, 2:19 / Reply

    Je rejoins Camilla Rose, je me sens ‘sexy’ quand je suis en confiance, et trop de maquillage (rouge à lèvres, smoky eye,..) à moins que je sois vraiment au top, ça m’insécurise. Donc avec du mascara et de la poudre libre (indispensables) j’ai l’impression que je peux tout faire et toujours être jolie. Savoir que j’ai un teint parfait et de longs cils me rassurent et je sais que je n’en fais pas trop, je me sens alors plus sexy (puisque sexy c’est une attitude).

  • Bringing out some feature of yourself that you genuinely have – great eyes, great lip shape, great bone structure. “Sexy” to me is bringing out a quality of yourself, vs. painting something on your face to fit some kind of objective criterion of “attractive” or “sexy.” Being really sexy I think involves tapping into something within and i think it’s important that make-up brings that out rather than just creates a layer of artifice.

  • Mascara and a good color of lipstick! xx

  • A peu près comme beaucoup de filles ici apparemment, le rouge à lèvres est ce qui me fait sentir le plus sexy , je n’en porte pas tous les jours et plus en hiver, mais je me sens indéniablement plus sexy avec :)
    Mon mascara ne me fait pas cet effet là mais sans nul doute je ne suis pas du tout sexy sans ahah! Mais comme plusieurs le disent, le mascara c’est vraiment le seul maquillage que je porte quand je veux faire un minimum d’effort (style quand je sors pas trop de chez moi mais que j’ai envie d’offrir un visage potable au reste du monde pour mes courses)

  • mascara and eyeliner

  • What’s sexy? That drawing, that’s what’s sexy! (Seriously. Love it.)

    I feel invisible without mascara, so it’s a necessity for me, not a luxury. A red lip, though. A red lip is sexy! It can be accompanied by more makeup, or it can stand alone, but it always stands out and gets you noticed.

    Shani x

  • If it’s contrived, it’s not sexy. Sexy is when you laugh uncontrollably with a mouthful of coffee. Or when your eyes reveal exactly what you’re feeling when you look at someone you painfully desire. It’s when your hair falls across your mouth as you’re turning over in bed. Or when you’re sitting quietly on the couch absorbed in a good book with your hair in a messy up-do, glasses on your nose, no make-up and wearing thick, wooly socks that were stolen from his drawer. It’s springtime when you’re both pottering around in the vegetable patch and the afternoon sun hits your squinting eyes. It’s your distinguishable giggle from across the table at a noisy dinner party. It’s the tear glistening in the corner of your eye when you’re trying to be strong. It’s coming back from a run with pink cheeks and sweat at your temples. It’s responding to your lover’s passion with equal fervour. That, is damn sexy.

  • I really like your definition of sexy! I agree with it.

  • Aleksandra December, 6 2013, 4:17

    this is just beautiful

  • Mascara is part of my beauty routine, too. I would probably pick perfume, even if I thin sexy is a state of mind (ok, wearing beautiful lingerie makes me feel sexy, too).

  • Selon une (autre) étude sans doute (très très) scientifique, le mascara est l’outil maquillage le plus vendu dans le monde, toute femme a un mascara dans ses tiroirs. Personnellement, j’ai ai beaucoup mais n’en mets pas au quotidien. Parce que ça abîme mes cils fragiles. Une manucure parfaite mais discrète, une peau nette et des cheveux propres sont quand même une base pour se sentir bien, avant de se précipiter sur le premier rouge à lèvres venu et s’en tartiner les lèvres. Aucun homme ne vous a jamais dit que vous étiez la plus belle et la plus féline ( = sexy) au réveil, quand l’innocence n’a pas encore été entamée voire dévorée par les dizaines d’outils maquillage ? Bref, c’est avant tout une question d’allure et d’attitude plutôt qu’une question de couches de mascara ou de couleur de rouge à lèvres, selon moi. PS : (interlude fairy tale) j’ai rencontré mon amoureux en faisant mes courses au monop’ en bas de chez moi, ni apprêtée, ni préparée, et vous savez quoi, apparemment, un regard naturel et un air nonchalant suffit à plaire et à rendre un homme amoureux. Recette pour être attirante = LESS IS MORE + LIGHT IS RIGHT

  • Bonsoir,

    J aime beaucoup le dessin de ce post, comptez -vous le mettre en.vente prochainement ?

  • Un beau trait d’eye liner bien réussi, rien de plus sexy

  • Mascara and healthy glow! With a big smile ;)

  • Tan.

  • Betrice Marta December, 3 2013, 3:39 / Reply

    Me thinks a dewy, healthy looking skin and a beautiful neck line is really sexy:)

  • Well, if I had to think about it I would say a bold lip for sure. But, Alex, the survey is right! Because I cannot even imagine myself without mascara! Every time I happened to step out without it, even while have the rest of the make-up routine on my face, I felt naked, unattractive and totally nervous! I had to find the closest cosmetics store and step inside for a second just to apply some mascara and feel confident again! So maybe it is not what makes me sexy, but it is what makes me, me!

  • Le Mascara! Quand on est blonde, le regard change du tout au tout!!!

  • For me, mascara is everyday. I don’t feel too sexy without it, but it’s not special either.
    For me, the sexiest is a super dewy-glowy skin that reflects light off the cheekbones. I rarely achieve it due to my dry skin, though. A dark red lip is sexy, too, but only when I don’t actually kiss anyone (rarely) and when I don’t drink or eat. So basically when I’m walking on the street or going shopping and I want to feel special doing it.

  • Melanie Yan December, 3 2013, 4:18 / Reply

    I use to glob on the mascara, and was addicted to trying every style of brush (skinny, fat, wide, comb) and every brand. Then one day, I decided to forgo it completely. My lashes have never looked better IMO! I am Chinese, so they are straight and quite sort, but I feel that by crimping them and covering them every day, it was really doing them a disservice.

  • For me is concealer. May seem weird but I guess is because I have horribles dark circles, so cover it makes me feel confident. I think what makes me feel like me, but better is the sexiest.

  • Moi, c’est surtout lorsque j’applique du rouge à lèvre, c’est l’élément qui fait le tout!


  • With red lips and messy ‘just had sex’ hair, I still feel like a sex kitten – even at 50 ;)

  • Oui pour moi le mascara joue un rôle important quand même!! il étoffe mon regard et le rend plus glamour (il faut dire que j’aime les cils épais aussi ^^)

  • black eyeliner – i have heavy black eyebrows and blue/green eyes. i think that black eyeliner builds a great contrast and makes my eyes look more like …eh.. mysterious diamonds? … anyways, i like to believe that this makes my look more intense and sexy ;)

  • Je suis une inconditionnelle du duo eye liber + mascara, ma routine beauté! Mais pour moi le plus sexy c’est le rouge à lèvre. Peut-être parce que c’est la bouche tout simplement, je ne sais pas, ou alors parce que c’est plus exceptionnel chez moi.

  • Mascara is not sexy.. I have to use it every it’s a necessity, it’s boring… high heels are sexy!

  • A light tan makes my eyes pop, so I would prefer that to mascara. In general, clear glowing skin and killer dance moves are the sexiest. But if we have to pick an “item,” I would pick white shorts or a leather bomber jacket over makeup :)

  • all about the lipstick!

  • I think a rosy flush with mostly natural (read: approachable, touchable) skin is most appealing. Maybe a bit of bronzer for a healthy glow.

  • Michelle December, 3 2013, 9:08 / Reply

    I love a perfect cat eye with very little else. To me that is super sexy. It shows you take care but are carefree enough not to cake yourself in make up. I’m not a master at it but when it works, it works!

    And if it’s night throw a red lip in too x

  • I’m with Camilla, mascara yes and colour in the cheeks absolutely/definitely. For me looking really healthy = sexy.
    I don’t find red lipstick at all sexy to wear as I feel if its not perfect every second it can look absolutely tragic. Also in my experience, guys tend to hate being in close contact with full on red lips – the negotiation can be difficult re kissing, etc. B

  • I am naked without my mascara. But if I could only have one beauty item, it would be a fabulous sense of humor!

  • For me, it’s red lips. I really don’t like putting on mascara as my eyes are easily irritated.

  • Perhaps it is the absence of mascara that makes a woman feel the LEAST sexy? A woman may still feel sexy without a pouty lip or a smoky eye, but without the added volume when she bats her eyes, she may feel she has lost some of her allure. It depends on how the question was asked, I suppose!

  • Sans conteste, c’est la peau parfaite, les dents blanches, le cheveu brillant, les joues rosies par le rire ou l’émotion, la sensation d’un corps délié qui me font sentir très sexy : au quotidien, plus souvent la sensation de me traîner un teint terne, des cernes et l’air l’as de celle qui travaille trop. Donc, le meilleur artifice beauté, pour moi, l’amour et la joie qui font briller les yeux mieux que n’importe quel mascara.

  • Ah, et j’oubliais, j’aime les filles au teint nude, je trouve qu’il faut une sacrée dose de confiance en soi et ça, c’est terriblement sexy pour moi.

  • C’est avec un blush qui affine les joues, des yeux bien maquillés c’est à dire avec du fard bleu foncé et du khôl noir que je me sens le plus sexy.
    Je trouve que le rouge à lèvres rouge est la touche too much et est trop provoquant.
    Après c’est mon avis !

    Bises à toute l’équipe !

  • I think a mascara makes the whole difference. It opens up the eyes, gives them a deeper look and basically makes a face. Yes, it’s kind of the first step, but even when I don’t wear any more make up, just by curling my eyelashes and putting on a little of mascara on the tips, my face looks a lot better. So maybe yea, I vote for mascara.

  • J’avoue que je me sens plus sexy avec de longs cils noirs (grâce à mon éternel Volume de Chanel) mais le must reste la bouche rouge :)
    Le fard à paupière foncé est top également et au quotidien, j’aime retravailler légèrement mes sourcils pour les étoffer et avoir un regard plus prononcé.
    J’ai de petits yeux à la base mais j’aime les mettre en valeur quand même :)

    Bises Garance !


  • Red lips x cat’s eye is the sexiest beauty combo! ?

  • Alyson L December, 4 2013, 4:22 / Reply

    Eyeshadow! A little light brown and pink under the eyes to create that “just woke up” pout underneath.

  • i have constantly, to some degree, dark rings under my eyes. my mom got it too, its like its part of us regardless of how much i sleep, because i consider myself having good sleeping routines. but i have always been quite ashamed about my dark rings under my eyes – but taken in account i look awake and healthy in all other ways, a friend of mine once told me that my dark rings are really something, and that i shouldn’t be ashamed of them, in the same way as short and childish nails could be nice too, sexy in a more subtile way.

  • Le rouge a levres rouge fort!

  • Mascara is a total basic for me… can’t be anyone in my day without mascara, so I don’t feel is the thing that makes me feel sexy… well, I’ve been staying home for some time now, so I’m not really using any make-up, and when I do, you can see the difference, and I feel prettier, but not sexy. I would choose a cat or smokey eye. I feel very sexy when I put the focus on my eyes, because I’m confident about them, more than my lips (which are very thin, so its rare that lipstick looks nice on me). Oh, and nails. Yes! If I have my nails nicely done, no matter the colour, I feel super sexy and feminine.

  • Je pense que c’est les levres bien rouge avec du eyeliner noir sur les yeux qui nous rendent sexy !
    bonne journee


  • Dominika December, 4 2013, 6:57 / Reply

    Blush and good highlighting, definitely! I like to go very pink with my cheeks, it’s my absolutely favourite thing in the make-up arsenal. So girly and fresh and cute, and I smile whenever I see my reflection in the mirror. So that kind of feel is what makes me think “sexy”, it’s the confidence and ease.
    Saving up for Armani Blushing Fabrics #9 right now, it’s my holy grail, it looks just like your natural blushing would. I mean, identical. If I woke up and somebody had just put it on my cheeks as I was sleeping, I could only tell once I wiped my face with a cotton wipe. Sooo great.
    So yeah, that kind of make-up happiness is kind of what makes me feel sexy :) throw in some healthy natural glow and I completely am in love with myself.

  • Le rouge à lèvre, complètement d’accord !
    Le mascara fait parti du maquillage élémentaire en tant que sortie ;)

  • I think to me it is more the composition of the face and the make up you apply on that specific face that makes it sexy. When I read the post I instantly had to think of Angelina Jolie in The Tourist where she wears a lot of make up that makes her face look incredible because it emphasizes her lips and eyes, which are very beautiful in themselves. Finding what’s beautiful and special about your face and then playing with it is in my eyes as sexy as it can get. May it be with the help of Mascara or red lipstick or “just” some blush.

  • Polished lids – a neutral shadow just to take the rawness away, curled lashes, natural blush for a little brightness and balm (not gloss) for lips. I think mascara can look too heavy to be everyday sexy – tinted lashes are better.

  • J’aime ce blog … C’est un vrai bonheur de le lire

  • Sérieusement juste du mascara ? C’est la base, non ? Sans en tout cas je me sens nue.
    Bon allez si par fois le weekend si j’ai vraiment beaucoup la flemme je vais juste porter un rouge à lèvres très pigmenté appliqué en 2 secondes, donc 58 de moins qu’il ne m’en faut pour du mascara.
    Ce qui est sexy ? Un beau trait d’eyeliner et/ou un rouge à lèvres pigmenté.

  • Bright matte red lipstick – I can’t leave the house without it, have that on erryday!!

    Micah xx

  • Perso, c’est aussi le mascara, sans lui je me sens nue! J’ai les yeux tellement clairs que sans mascara j’ai le visage vraiment translucide!

    Mais c’est vrai que le rouge à lèvre c’est très joli aussi (sur le autres, car moi, ça ne me va pas trop malheureusement)

  • Red lips..

    The New Art of Fashion
    New Kiss Kiss post Ligabue and Chiara

  • Et si, c’est bien le mascara ! Avec dès lèvres bien rruges mais c’est le regard qui prime ! On accroche un mec avec une bouche rouge et une petite robe noire mais on rend dingue un mec avec un regard de braise !
    Le mascara fait donc partie de mes incontournables allié à l’eyeliner !

  • gabriella December, 4 2013, 2:05 / Reply

    quello che mi sembra renda più sexy è il nero intorno agli occhi!

  • I feel great when i am freshly bathed and scrubbed. Well rested and my skin is happy.
    Funny i just checked my makeup bag and it is all lipstick. i think will tuck some mascara in there asap.
    I don’t usually wear eye makeup as i have a bad habit of touching my face when its on and raccoon face is not sexy at all.

  • I’d say mascara sounds pretty correct. Often, not wearing makeup at all feels sexy to me. The “I don’t give a fuck” aspect, the confidence, means that the person not wearing makeup feels no need to hide their imperfections, and really let others see an imperfect being. My boyfriend sees no difference when I wear makeup and when I don’t, except for the lipstick. It just somehow turns him off, and of course, when the person you are attracted to is repulsed, you cannot help but feel slightly insecure.When wearing no makeup, it means you’ve overcome your insecurities about your outer appearance- which, is so, so sexy!

  • A tanned summer glow.

  • Whatever I am wearing is sexy. I’m possibly delusional.

  • a well tweezed eyebrow!

  • Un regard charbonneux ou un trait d’eye-liner + les cheveux savamment désordonnés. Rien de plus efficace.

  • De passage December, 5 2013, 3:04 / Reply

    Surprenant en effet! Je vois plus le mascara comme un indispensable, comme un parapluie un jour de pluie ^_^ Une belle bouche rouge, un beau vernis, un trait d’eye-liner…

  • For me, makeup is a normal routine. Maybe a red lipstick…But I think that i feel sexiest when my hair is in good shape :)

  • Soraya LL December, 5 2013, 6:38 / Reply

    Sexy is the shape of the mouth, the eyes, the back or the arms, sexy is a kind of a smile, or a movement in a second, or a gesture, or the way somebody looks at, or the face she/he features when they listen to…
    I mean sexy is something else, make up, concretely make up (not even cloths) is just a complement, if you are not very good-looking… make up just can make a small difference…

  • Never thought about mascara making me look sexy as I have small eyes, so it is just essential… ;-)
    I am 51 and I certainly don’t say “sexy” has to do with age! But I don’t have to reveal my upper legs or wear cropped shirts or cutout dresses any longer… I feel very comfortable in a wrap dress that creates an amazing hourglass figure and shows a nice cleavage, heels, a “good hair day” and makeup – that’s what makes me feel sexy.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  • Know what men think is sexy? A black eye! I got one playing basketball and never had so many men saying “hi” !!Otherwise, flirting after maybe one drink is sexy, cause youre not drunk but you inhibitions are lowered.

  • Kissing a man and tasting the scotch he just drank is sexy.

    A man in a tux at the end of the night with his tie undone is sexy.

    A man in a kilt is sexy.

  • Je crois qu’avoir de la confiance envers sois-même est déjà sexy. Concernant le maquillage appart le fond de teint, j’aime beaucoup le blush… quand j’en mets je me sens vraiment sexy.

  • Le mascara ? C’est quoi cette étude ?!

    D’après les commentaires que j’ai pu lire, le rouge à lèvres l’emporte haut la main.
    Le mascara et l’eye-liner sont plus une routine beauté pour moi.
    Quand je veux me sentir “pimpante” et sexy je mise sur un beau rouge, le rouge d’Armani (le 400) par exemple est génialissime !!

  • Definitely red lipstick. On some days I literally wear nothing but a plush robe, and red lips.

  • Définitivement un rouge à lèvre… un rouge classique ou un bordeaux très sombre et sensuel.
    Ce maquillage est un accessoire qui donne un volume extra afin de combler la confiance féminine.

  • Sexy is that nonchalant attitude that Kate Moss has.

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