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What your Scandal crush says about you

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Fitz? Jake Ballard? Harrison? Huck? Eli Pope?

Here at the Studio we are a little torn over our Scandal crushes…okay actually everyone except me really likes Fitz (TEAM JAKE BALLARD!).

So I’ve spent a bit of my valuable time to asses the characteristics of each man and determine what a crush on them says about you. Oh come on…

Fitz: You are drawn to authority with a bit of vulnerability. You have the temperament of a heroic victim. You like power but you are also ready to be in the shadows. You never really want to be First Lady.

Jake Ballard: You are up for a challenge, dedicated and probably have a lot of spy gadgets in your home. You like the all-American guy you can take home to your parents (but he could also kill them). (And maybe you just never got over your crush on Noel Crane…because seriously, Noel!)

Harrison: You like to show off. You always dress sharp (banker collar shirts are your kryptonite) and can sweet talk your way in to and out of just about anything. You don’t mind that he is always going to care about his mom (= Olivia Pope) more than you.

Huck: You watch(ed) too much Dexter and spend a lot of time on the internet (but you didn’t buy any shares of Facebook). You are always looking for someone to “save”. You might want to consider getting a puppy instead. More stable, and less chance that he’s gonna get addicted to “whiskey”.

Eli Pope: You’ve got some Daddy issues. You like confrontation but have problems with authority. You may or may not have a secret identity. You’re never on time to watch Homeland.

But really, we are mega fans of the show! Thank you Shonda Rhimes!

PS: Who is your crush?


Add yours

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