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Which Resort Girl Are You?

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Which Resort Girl Are You?

Which resort girl are you? Take the quiz. Really, we made a quiz.

1. You’re heading on vacation to:
A. Brooklyn
B. Dubai
C. Monaco

2. You never leave home without your:
A. Statement earring
B. Matching wrist cuffs
C. Spiked belt

3. You can’t stop listening to:
A. St. Vincent
B. Janelle Monáe
C. La Femme

4. If you were a shoe, you would be a:
A. A laced-up peep toe bootie
B. A slipper
C. A double strap Mary-Jane

5. Your style icon is:
A. Caroline Issa
B. Dolly Parton
C. Charlotte Gainsbourg

6. Your signature beauty look is:
A. A retro meets futuristic cat eye and sleek hair
B. Big (and you mean really big) hair
C. A hint of eyeliner and au naturel hair

7. You don’t walk you take:
A. The Metro/Subway
B. A boat
C. A Formula 1 race car

8. On a job interview you wear:
A. Skinny black pants and a tailored black jacket
B. A tweed jacket, a tweed skirt AND tweed pants
C. A pale pink suit

Mostly A’s… You are Dior! You are sharp, in control and living in the city. You put a modern twist on everything around you, like your vast collection of carrés. You know what you want and how to get it.

Mostly B’s…You are Chanel! You are the international woman. You all about the mix– you wear your costume jewelry with your fine jewelry. When it comes to making a statement, the flashier, the better.

Mostly C’s…You are Louis Vuitton! You are not afraid to embrace the past while living the present. You love strong feminine silhouettes but you try to keep things low maintenance (you have a lot of tiny handbags).


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