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It took me about five years to decide if I wanted bangs.

Yes, five years. I’m not necessarily proud to admit that fact, but it’s the truth.

And since (finally) getting bangs last year I don’t think anyone will ever see my forehead again.

Okay, except for this past summer when I had a broken wrist and I gave up all vanity and my bangs grew out accidentally because there was no way I could lift a blowdryer, let alone swivel it to get the bangs just right.

Well, now that the wrist is healed the bangs are back. And I feel so much more like me. It’s so strange how a little fringe can completely shift how you view yourself.

And even luckier, I’ve found my go-to salon because as I am writing this, since re-cutting my bangs three weeks ago, I have been stopped in the street no less than five times asking where I go to cut my hair.

The answer? WHITEROOM in Brooklyn.

WHITEROOM is helmed by the husband and wife duo Tommy and Elisabeth Lovell and if you can’t tell by this rad photo of them, trust me, they are rad.

Tommy cuts, Elisabeth colors, and they both contribute to the overall chill vibe at WHITEROOM.

Not to mention their selection of beauty goods for sale is basically a curated selection of the coolest products in the beauty space right now.


YES, while sitting at your desk right now you can book an appoint via [email protected] Even offering this as a service makes me believe that Tommy and Elisabeth understand not only what you want in a haircut and hair color, but what you want from a salon.

Seriously, it took me four years to find a salon I love in New York, and now I’m never leaving them.


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