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Who Wears Short Shorts?

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Does anyone else have trouble with the idea of shorts? Sometimes I feel a bit silly in them, especially jean shorts, like I belong at Coachella with a bikini top, headdress, tassels…

Maybe I haven’t mastered the perfect jean shorts outfit or found that perfect pair. I just don’t know! There are some women who have it DOWN, like Alexa Chung. She looks so damn cute in hers and I don’t know why I can’t seem to get it right!

Have you conquered the short? If so, which ones do you like?

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  • You need a lot more natural beauty to get away with short shorts or yoga pants.

    Ofcourse Alexa can pull off anything. She could wear a jute bag and look cute !

  • Même souci par ici ! J’ai essayé un petit short jaune et bleu à volants chez Zara, trop mignon mais beaucoup trop court … et trop fiflle ? Je sais pas y’a un truc qui cloche. Peut-être que je me suis trop habituée à porter du sous le genou.

  • Laura May, 5 2016, 5:39 / Reply

    I use it like “boyfriend jeans”, I mean, a bit oversized, and I’ve learnt to match with more covered top and shoes, with scarpins, for instance! So unbalanced, in theorie, that works!

  • Denim shorts can definitely be hard to style but pairing them with a button down shirt is a safe option!


  • Martine May, 5 2016, 11:10 / Reply

    I wear short shorts. I love them. Nothing as gratifying in the Summer as putting on a pair of cut off Levi’s, always high waisted, a white t shirt( sometimes with no bra (OOOH!) and a pair of tennsi shoes, and out the door you go. Just sunscreen, no make up needed. And everyone looks excellent that way!!!!! And i am not even tan! I am a red head! A nice t back is good with jean cut offs too. My new favorite are slightly longer vintage Calvin Kleins cut off a few inches longer then I usually like, which is pretty short. I do HATE it when girls do not cover their back cheeks. WHAT is that? I never got the cheeky thing. But short is OK.

  • Josiesephine May, 5 2016, 11:22 / Reply

    I wouldn’t wear those low rise things like you have pictured, low rise is just too trendy, and an old trend at that. Normal vintage rise pretty much like Alexa Chung wears is good enough for me.

  • My body rejects shorts…or maybe shorts reject my body. Either way, I just don’t wear them.

  • Ca depend…parce que moi jai des hanches, et des jambes longues.. Par example la jupe droite ca marche pas du tout, mais alors pas du tout sur moi, les mini jupes pas trop non plus, mais les shorts ca va. Par contre pas ceux ou on te voit la moitié du popotin, ca fait trop vulgaire a mon gout!

  • I’d love to wear denim shorts but I just don’t look good in them right now.
    I still love them very much – something like the ones in the photo – cool!


  • Shorts to tend to cut your leg in an unflattering way. It’s important to avoid sandals with an ankle strap because then you have two horizontal lines shortening your leg.
    And they can’t be too short to sit comfortably. I don’t like them in public too much because the seats feel so sticky on the back of your legs!
    I just bought a few casual dresses instead for this year.

  • I love denim shorts! :)


  • It rarely feels “correct” to wear short shorts in NYC, which makes me sad as my legs are one of my favorite features. I have several pair of denim boyfriend ones by Current/Elliott, as well as two identical pair of tailored, high-waisted black crepe shorts which I keep in heavy rotation during the summer. I love them with a big sweater for a weekend away, or a tank and leather sandals for those extra-special cesspit city days – you just have to avoid sitting down on the train. ;)

  • Head to the L train vintage, specially the Bushwick location, you’ll find almost literally hundreds of options!

  • Cecilija May, 8 2016, 8:32 / Reply

    Oh, I love love love shorts! If I had to choose one outfit to wear every day, I’d go with dark jeans cut offs, black t shirt and flat sandals or ballet flats. For winter, I just add opaque thights, leather jackets and boots.

    I like mine really short ( they looks best on me somehow) and for some reason, I fell my most powerful, free and beautiful when I am in shorts. I have a huge collection – printed, leather, luxe, white jeans…. i have been loving shorts all my life and I don’t see this love fading any time soon (I am 39 now).

    I work in creative business, so they are even fine for work, except when I have some client presentation.

  • JACKIE May, 9 2016, 11:57 / Reply

    no no no shorts. The last time I wore them was when I was about 11. And I wish most of the people I see wearing them just would not. Aren’t they always one of the things on those lists of “How to Spot an American” lists.. along with huge white sneakers and baseball caps?

  • As a 35 year old resident of Bondi Beach in Sydney you can’t not own a pair of denim shorts but as a i inch ever closer to 40 I’m definitely less comfortable with what can only be described as the hot pants of my 20s. My saviour has come courtesy of One Teaspoon – I live in my outlaws. They’re short enough to be short shorts but stop mid thigh – no butt cheek and no weird pseudo Bermuda length here. And they’re loose around the leg so they’re much more flattering. The denim softens with wear too and they do a number of washes and finishes. They’re my holy grail shorts – which sounds a little nuts maybe but makes perfect sense for where I live.

  • Ai-Ch'ng May, 10 2016, 1:12 / Reply

    Can’t ever do short shorts- not even high waisted. I feel I’m just too old at nearly forty eight, despite all the years of yoga. More than that, having a seventeen year old son makes me very conscious of how he feels having a mum wear certain lengths (as free spirited and relaxed as I am about what I wear, how much my legs are exposed does affect him- has so, ever since he was six years old – in sanely modest and protective despite my shirts not being overly short at all: “mum- your shorts are a bit short”).

    So, I buy men’s shorts in lightweight denim and a really nice olive cotton (from Zara Men) in really big sizes and then make them high-waisted and paper-bag gathered with a string leather belt, and roll the legs, which are baggy and almost tulip-shaped at my knees at that size-increase up higher to just below mid thigh, and it looks and feels super comfortable with a baggy old t half tucked, or a thin Indian cotton gauze shirt Equipment-cut and style with breast pockets (so I can “can the bra”). Thin leather sneakers, or my grey, old beat-up, very flat ankle boots, help protect my feet from being stubbed (I’m a careless walker, or the surfaces I choose to walk on tend to be terribly uneven).

    Wearing volume on top to continue the volume on my bottom above knees height, and keeping it really simple and masculine (although nowadays, what’s really masculine or feminine these days? – Gucci’s latest designer, norm core and many Japanese designers turn that on its head) works best for me if I’m wearing shorts.

  • I would love to look as cool as Alexa Chung when I wear shorts ! Unfortunately it doesn’t always work. I am a fan of floral, light shorts but I feel I am too “old” to wear them.

  • Jennifer May, 12 2016, 9:33 / Reply

    I haven’t found any denim ones that work for me but I’m not upset about it I don’t want too look like the teenagers at the beach.

    I do like Jcrew’s cotton chino or linen shorts. Especially white which I love for Summer. Ann Taylor’s metro or city shorts are nice.
    And I love my Michael Kors shorts suit, so much fun.

  • I love short shorts. Not so much Jean shorts but other meterials i love. I pritty much live in my white cotton booty shorts. And they are so short my ass comes out the bottom a couple of inches, then i fold them at the top so they go tight against my ass. I deffenetly have pritty wide hips for a white girl so they look wayyyy to small for me but there so comfortable i dont care. I swear to god it feels like i have nothing on. Im after killing a few pairs in the past cause my ass stretches them to shit and they rip at the crotch. Its because i love to sit on the window sill with my legs squat in different positions and every morning as soon as i wake up i do this and i press my naked legs hard up against the glass while crouched on the window sill, as the morning sun heats up the glass it feels amazing on my legs but the only bad thing is that my legs smear up the glass sooo bad its never clean…. Anyway the shorter the better for me.

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