Why We Vote!

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Why We Vote!

I registered to vote way later in my life than I like to admit at a casual dinner party.

I didn’t see the weight or importance of my vote. I was living in Los Angeles and made the excuse, my voice wouldn’t matter one way or another in that sea of blue.

I was careless with my civic duty for way too long and I really regret that. What makes a democracy work is having its constituents actively participate in it.

On that note, I asked fellow Atelier Doré colleagues why they vote because no matter who you vote for, it’s exercising your civic duty that counts!

Veronica: I vote to honor the people that fought for my right to do so.

Linne: I vote to do my part to rid our country of fascism and hatred! I hope to elect leaders who reflect my values of empathy and inclusion!

Bogdana: I’m not able to vote in the US just yet. And that’s just another reminder that it’s a privilege to be able to vote for your future and have your voice heard. I hope enough people with the voice that echoes mine turn up to the polls!

Caitlin: I vote because we know our country’s history, live in the present, and realize that one vote (or one person), affects the future.

Emily: I vote because you can’t complain, praise, change what’s happening in government unless you do so.

Vanessa: I have never voted. I’m almost 30, and I have never voted. I have never voted because my government is plagued with rampant corruption, incompetence and greed. Abuse of power has become the national sport. Olympic champions. But that’s another story. I can’t vote in America, but I urge you to exercise your civic duty and vote. Vote if you’re happy with the current state of things. Vote if you want change. Voting is having a say. It’s exercising a right that was denied to SO MANY PEOPLE. SO GO VOTE!

Carie: Voting is a privilege I never want to take for granted. I vote for the future. Not just the future of democracy, but my individual future and for those who come after me so they can also have the privilege to vote someday.

Christina: I vote because I care! If you don’t vote, you really can’t complain.

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