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Wide Open Road

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Wide Open Road

Living in New York City, I’m constantly inspired by people who spend their lives in completely different environments than I do. Most of this inspiration comes in the form on Instagram accounts, which I can scroll through for hours, day dreaming about taking an adventure of my own. With a long weekend ahead of us (at least here in the US), it seems like the perfect time to grasp the inspiration and get out of the city for a little bit. Here are three photographers I’m following that are making me want to run into the wild:

1. Molly Steele / @moristeele – She makes me want to trade my apartment in for a tent.

wide open road garance dore photo

2. Foster Huntington / @fosterhunting – How does he make living in a treehouse look SO GOOD?

wide open road garance dore photo

3. Lon Webb / @lonnie.webb – I mean…come on.

wide open road garance dore photo

Does anyone else have a serious itch to hit the open road??


Add yours
  • i’m hesitating between the mountains and the seaside! :)


  • Well, I know somebody who does! :) And this person has been persuading me to hit the road for years now!


  • When I was 24 and a couple of years into working, I found myself finally at a job that paid enough to live on and got promoted twice in six months. I also met the coolest person in the place, who dressed and acted differently, who just had a different attitude. Not bad, not like she was above the corporate scene but like she was BEYOND it. She had been in the Peace Corps and I was inspired. I wanted to travel but had no money. I could have stayed with the golden handcuffs and after a few years saved up enough to spend my two-week vacation someplace exotic. Instead, I, too, joined the Peace Corps. The best thing I ever did. I saw the world, but in a completely different way. I would still be in the same corporate office in the Midwest instead of living in France and having been to 50-some countries, if I hadn’t taken that plunge.

  • Anonymous May, 30 2016, 6:02

    Nice story! I would like add to the other side of the coin. Peace corps has a very positive message. I would caution that some places that the Peace corps navigate are unsafe. Women should use some caution, especially. Not trying to discount your experience doing it. Just take heed. Have a lovely day. =)

  • You should have a look to this wild family, truly inspiring : http://instagram.com/ouropenroad


  • Haha, I also spend my whole commute-time scrolling through Instagram and day-dreaming about hitting the open road :-$

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